Saturday, June 26

U-Pick Profile

If you thought my summer started out a little dry on posts than the middle of strawberry season has become the sierra desert. 'Tis a pity but 12 hour days don't leave time for blogging. Here's a quick profile of the people I'm working with out in the strawberry field out in the U-pick area:

Age: 55

Vehicle: A lite golden brown or silver Buick Century

Buckets picked: 3

Time of visit: 10 o'clock

Personality: Warm, courteous, easy-going--some of the best people on the planet earth!!

Thanks all you U-pick customers!!

Monday, June 21

Stem Cell Research

One of the hottest topics on the Pro-life front is stem cell research and the destruction of the most defenseless in the hope and I repeat the hope that it will finally create a cure for diseases like Alzheimer.

Ethically and scientifically the errors our numerous.

If this were research on human tissue it would be a whole different story, but if we prod the beginnings of humanity it becomes apparent that the embryo that is destroyed in the process of stem cell research is a human. In a hearing before the Senate the scientific community assured the Senate that life begins at conception. There seems to be no two ways around it therefore, and that should settle the question. If this is a life than we must not destroy it, even if we could get a cure for the worst disease. Who would support killing healthy 19 year olds to harvest their heart for those suffering with heart disease? I sure hope no one.

The odds are against embryonic stem cell research. Worse than that, there is no success story yet using embryonic stem cells while adult and cord blood stem cells are proving more and more promising. Many scientists admit that there is no real future in embryonic stem cells. There are really just two reasons why it keeps coming up as the cure for all know diseases. First, creating hype over it translates into grant money for the scientists, therefore they support it. Second, putting the humane facade of possibly releaving the suffering of the terminally sick the pro-death advocates pull another tear-jerker as a covering over the grisly actions. Here for more info

Stem Cells and Reagan:
Finally, the human research/killing group have been falsely using Reagan as a new icon in their debate. Although it is true that Nancy Reagan has gone on record as supporting it (she has always been pro-death), I belief that in doing so she disgraces her husband.
On March 8, 1983, Reagan said,

Abortion on demand now takes the lives of up to and a half million unborn children a year....Unless and until it can be proven that the unborn child is not a living entity, then its right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness must be protected.

I believe I would not be over presumed to say that Reagan would have been one of the first to condemn this act and I do too.

Friday, June 18

We will be pickin' strawberries early next week. Here is a shot of the first of the crop that we picked up well doing some weeding. Come on sun, and polish those berries up! Posted by Hello

Corn's perking up with a bit of warmer weather. It's 4-12 inches high.  Posted by Hello

My giant watermelons are growing well under some buckets to keep them warm and dry. My biz melons are having more troubles... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 15

Al Qeada Mall Bomb Plot Foiled

The Justice Department is reporting that they have .charged a man for planning a bomb attack against a mall in Cincinnati Ohio. This demonstrates once again how Al Qeada is looking at hitting softer targets, targets that have less security than a more high profile one like the 9/11 attacks. I'll be looking to see how much the media will take its eyes off the ever present (for them) prison deal to take a look at how our present administration is doing on our protection back at home. It is an undeniable accomplishment that there has not been a major terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11. For a liberal this is all the more grating since it was accomplished by the Justice Department and John Ashcroft, a man they for some reason hate.

Saturday, June 12

More WMDs Found

The U.N. is reporting that they have found out what happened to those WMDs. (Remember, before the war in Iraq everyone, including European feet-draggers, and Democratic naysayers all agreed that Saddam had WMDs. It was only as the election got closer that they brought up that "none were found".)The U.N. said that Saddam shipped out his missiles before and during the war to place like Turkey and even the Netherlands. Go over the World Tribune to learn more.

The UNMOVIC report said Iraqi missiles were dismantled and exported to such countries as Jordan, the Netherlands and Turkey. In the Dutch city of Rotterdam, an SA-2 surface-to-air missile, one of at least 12, was discovered in a junk yard, replete with UN tags. In Jordan, UN inspectors found 20 SA-2 engines as well as components for solid-fuel for missiles.

(Hat tip: Worldmagblog)

In Loving Memory of...

Lucas E. Pillman

Born: December 30, 1984
Died in his home: July 4, 2059

Survived by his wife Joan; five children; Jonathan, Sarah, Peter, Julie, and Rebecca; 22 grandchildren; 10 great grandchildren; Four brothers, Justo, David, Peter, and Matthew, and one sister, Jessica.

Preceded in death by his parents, two newborn brothers, and one son.

Funeral Service:
11:00 AM Tuesday July 6, 2059
Spring Brook Lutheran Church
Green Bay, WI

Pastor Joshua Mannon

Organist: Courtney Nelson
Soloist: Jonathan Pillman

Casket Bearers:
Justo Pillman
David Pillman
Peter Pillman
Matthew Pillman

Olson Funeral Home

No you didn't miss anything, I haven't died yet. Or for that matter, you didn't become swept into a time machine the minute you clicked on my site.
More, my mind has been focused again on the frailty of life, and a contemplation on what my goals are my time on earth. It's good to think every once and awhile about our final end. Don't take what I said above too seriously though. 'Tis all just interesting speculation. Who's to know if all get married or have five kids? (*nudge, nudge* Family, did you notice that I was the first of us siblings to go?)

Call me morbid if you like, but your funeral is sure too. How will your obits read--your full obits not just the sugar coated funeral style? Will you want to change half of it? Will your path for eternity be certain? By the time your obits is being written it will be too late. It's time today for you to write the best obits through your actions. You'll never regret it!

Update: The comment below is a must read. When it says there was an imaginative mind at work that is a very strong understatement. Regardless, it makes for entertaining reading.

Friday, June 11

Minting Reagan

Nancy Reagan seems to have dismissed the idea of replacing FDR on the dime with Reagan. Too bad, that would have been an appropriate and good replacement. What is the guy that presided over our worst depression doing on our money? Reagan's economic recovery seems more appropriate with a facial money imprentation reward. But there is still talk of putting Reagan on the 10 instead of Hamilton. Again, Hamilton did more than any founder to set our country on a sound finacial basis, leave him on.
 I think that pulling Jackson off the 20 would be a better idea. The best idea yet though was posted as a comment on the Worldmagblog: Let Reagan appear [on a bill] when the nation finally goes back to real money, as he advocated.

Danforth tapped for U.N. post

Danforth looks like an excellent choice for Bush to the seat on the U.N. This appointment could have been fodder for a anti-Iraq onslaught but this careful pick looks like it will avoid that problem. Danforth is well liked on all sides and comes from a noncontroversial and compassionate post as a Sudan peace broker.

Even more importantly Danforth, an Episcopal minister, was a solid record in the Senate on keeping the U.N. from expanding it's power, and most importantly in denying it support for international family planning (i.e. abortion, and brith control). He has been called a man of character and the man who picked him seems to be showing his character again with this choice.

How the Media Gets Those Great Shots

Ever wonder how the media is always at the right place at the right time? This stroy might give an idea:

MOSUL, Iraq - Coalition soldiers questioned two news media cameramen and a reporter after a roadside bomb exploded near a Coalition convoy two kilometers north of Mosul June 3.

The media, who were at the scene prior to the attack, told soldiers at the scene they had received a tip to be at that location prior to the attack and they had witnessed the explosion.

(Hat tip: Opinion Journal)

Thursday, June 10

Update on the Poor Question

I was right. The only other person that responded to the "which is better war or peace" question in our local newspaper naively just put down that peace was the best. Also implied was that we should get out of Iraq. They were nice enough to print mine as well without even editing it. One success.

Private Space Venture

In a goal that has the feel of the challenge that got Lindberg to solo a flight across the Atlantic, a spaceship is attempting to reach space without government funds. Read morehere.

Michigan Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Gets Final Approval.

In one of the most stunning pro-life victories and demonstrations of popular support for the pro-life cause, Michigan has finally approved the a Legal Definition Act that instead of just outlawing the Partial Birth Abortion actually defines birth when any part of the baby is outside of the mothers womb and hence protects babies from a partial-birth abortion.

By a method unique to Michigan this feat was accomplished. Gov. Granholm has constantly vetoed the measure and the legislative branch did not have the votes necessary to override her veto. But by collecting 8% of the number of votes in the last governor race the people of Michigan could and did override her veto. Right to Life describes how historic it was:

"We completed the entire petition drive in half the time allotted by law," Listing explained. "We collected close to twice the number of signatures required by our state Constitution. With 460,034 signatures submitted, we set a new record in Michigan for the most signatures ever collected with volunteers."

The law is set to go into effect in 2005 if it does not get challenged in court.

Conflict of Interest: Government Supported Media

After hearing about Canada's problem with its national TV and radio and after the BBC in Britain has suffered its share of head rolling, I wondered what type of money we were paying for government supported media in our own country. I found that about a third of the funds for public broadcasting for NPR, PBS, etc. comes straight from local or federal taxes. We have the same problem. Why do we need the government to support these types of things? I think it's fine that businesses or individuals support the media like this, but isn't it or couldn't it become a conflict of interest for the media to be paid by the same government that it is attempting to objectively report on?

Furthermore, isn't a company that trying to report for profit going to be more in tune than a government funded and hence directed organization? Even though I do begrudgingly listen to NPR I feel it is time for the government to cut funding them.

Just as the government should not fund or oversee churches, so government must not fund or oversee the media. I call for a separation of media and state.

Strawberry Website

The strawberry fields now have a web site. It's still coming together as my good friend Jonathan has time to get things worked on in between his gallivants with us canoeing and working on the strawberries themselves getting them all set for the season. I think he does a great job on his design and he's looking for input so drop him a line with your suggestions at

Polling Politics North of the Border

You wouldn't have to worry about the polls dropping on you if you're Canada's Prime Minister, at least if you only listen to the major government TV and radio station CBC. That's a good thing too for Paul Martin since his numbers are not looking very good going into the election later this month. You might think that it was offly nice of the CBC not to have those dreaded polls screwed into the public only it doesn't seem that the CBC had it's viewers in mind when it made this new policy, they were looking out for themselves. Since the lagging poll numbers of Paul Martin will be a bad PR for him, and since the government owned CBC wants to be on the good side of government they don't want to let Martin down and help him lose in the next election. Therefore, their brilliant idea was to not report any polls at all. I really wonder why any country has government-funded media. Can't they make enough money on their own?

Saturday, June 5

The Flambeau

Oops! a tip. Actually there were two tips. Both times it was the same canoe and the same driver and both times I was not one of the wet.

Another Canoe trip. This time we even got some great rapids. Here is a snap of the group. My family minus one plus a friend.

The passing of an icon: Reagan

Former President Reagan's passing today is the passing away of an icon of American history. His work in winning the Cold War that we have an increasing apathy toward without firing a shot by his preparedness for war was one of the most important American victories ever.

Reading over the press releases coming out with his passing away I was disappointed to find a disregard for his economic victories too. Carter had gotten the US into one of its worst economic slumps ever, and Reagan's tax cuts pulled the US into one its longest stretches of prosperity. The correlation to our present president and his economic actions must be just to close for comfort to report.

Tuesday, June 1

Realistic Projection

My internet will be off over the summer to save on some costs since I don't have school work as an excuse to continue my connection. Therefore, it is only realistic and I felt it is my duty to inform my dedicated readers that things will probably be a bit slower on this site. I still will be posting occasionally but if you see a let up in the postings you'll know why. Also, please note that my email address will not be working over the summer. Please use over the summer.

News and reports from Iraq

I'm an Iraqi citizen and I want to thank president GWB from all my heart for the great service he's done to the Iraqi people by freeing us from one of the worst tyrants in history. This liberation didn't suit the enemies of humanity and freedom, thus we see them committing terrorist acts claiming to resist occupation by killing their own people, but that will not affect the Iraqis lust for freedom. Thanks again GWB.

Check out this post
for more quotes and Iraq the Model blog for more Iraq news straight from the Iraqis themselves.

If this was the predominate view in Iraq they would have a working government tomorrow. It's not that this person recognizes our president, but it is his solid opposition to the lawless terrorists and his support of order that makes this man citizen material. Unfortunately I still feel that the hope is slim the way things are going that we will end up with a stable Iraq.