Friday, July 30

200 Hits: Some Blog Comments

Having hit the 200 mark (227 to be precise), I thought it would be timeily to post a few comments on this blog itself. Commenting has tended to be combersome. Don't worry about posting under your name; post under "Anonymous" and then sign your name on the post(it really helps to know who's saying things so please do include this if you can!!).

If you read on the definition of a blog that I have listed on my page it says that most blogs are limited, and definied. Well, my blog seems to be neither. Anything that comes to mind--news, thoughts, work, travles--seems to pop up. I haven't narrowed or limited myself to hardly anything. Should I limit myself more? That is the question I am mulling over and would not mind input from you readers. Post below.

Wednesday, July 28

Going Down to Get My Ears Pierced

I've come to the conclusion I'ld like a diamond earring stud. How cute eh? But why do you gasp? What makes it so that since I'm a guy I can't have the luxury of sporting some gold on the lobe? (Repenting in dust and ashes) fine I'll give up the idea for now, but I will tell you one thing: there is fragile little that keeps me from taking up the adornment. For example, if I pulled up roots and moved to a country that expected men, both nationals and imports, to show their proper masculine attire by wearying an earring, I would stop by the piercer first thing. In other words, the only thing that keeps me from wearing an earring is purely cultural. And similarly (other than for concepts of modesty) cultural reasons are the only thing that dictate what I wear. In our culture it is not considered "clean cut" for a guy to wear an earring. Sure some do but these are the reformers, the clothing challengers, and those who do so often do so not out of pure desire for novelty but also as a sign of rebellion to their family and culture. Clean cut and normal is my goal as far as clothes go--I'm crazy enough in too many other ways.
Therefore, for now I will definitely refrain from the earring because I do not want to be looked at as rebellious nor do I want to waste my time trying the implement a new wardrobe for my culture. Too much more valid requires my attention!

Travel Notes: Iowa Driving

Iowa Department of Transportation:

65 mph instead of 70 or 75 was cruelly annoying in my resent travels through your state. I know that you may have figured that you would keep me in your state for more hours if you kept the speed limit so low but you must remember: it is more important to have a satisfied costumers than even your costumers attention. Don't tell me it was for safety concerns. For most of my trip it was flat, straight, and the closest car was several hundred yards away in front and back. The only thing that could come close to a real safety concern was the car that we were driving in. Supposedly the mechanic said it should only go 55 max. But that's my problem if it over heats. (It didn't though. I got to try 75 mph in Nebraska and it did just fine.)

Friday, July 23

An Even Better Idea Than the Marriage amendment

I still think that we need the Marriage amendment, but the battle to preserve marriage is one that is shaping around us right NOW. We can't afford to wait until the process of an amendment can protect it. That is why Congress's move to limit the jurisdiction of the courts recently is so important. It protects the states from federal courts ruling the Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA unconstitutional which protects one state from issuing gay marriage licenses and forcing the rest of the states to recognize them. This might seem heavy handed, but it is really the way that the Congress can gain back (properly and effectively) much of the power that has improperly shifted to the courts. Congress is given the responsibility of making and setting the jurisdiction of the courts under the Supreme Court and that is just what they are doing. I have hopes that with this first step taken, the Congress will continue to limit other things from the federal courts and reassert it lost authority in our tri-balanced government.

Thursday, July 22

Not Enough Training in Afghanistan

The Associated Press reported that "A militant group said Wednesday it had taken two Kenyans, three Indians and an Egyptian hostage and would behead them if their countries did not announce their intention to withdraw their troops from Iraq immediately."  There was only one problem:  "None of those countries were part of the 160,000 member coalition force in the country." REAL problems. It looks like those terrorists should at least take a look at who they want to intimidate before they make their move. You know, things could back fire if you hit the wrong people too many times.  I still feel for those who are held, and I unfortunately don't think this confusion on their part is permanent. :(

Hat tip: Best of the Web

If It's Ever Right to Lie

Two Sundays ago we were studying the story of Isaac and Rebekah when Isaac lied for the said reason of protecting himself from being killed so that they could take the beautiful Rebekah. The question came up: Is it ever right to lie? The first response was no. The Bible often condemns those who lie and commands us to "speak every man truth with his neighbor." Questions arose though when the situation of war was added. It was acknowledged that it was the duty of a country to protect its self from those who would hurt its citizens if necessary through killing those that would attempt the injury. Would it be right then if an individual lies who is given the responsibility of protecting a country? Espionage and spy work hardly would go two feet if you weren't deceptive, and a country is in pretty ruff shape if they don't have this type of intelligence.
Think hard. This is a real world problem.

Allow me to expand this some more. If we admit that we can kill and lie in a time of war, is there any sin that one is restricted from doing if he is authorized by the government to do so to protect the country? What if someone was asked to have an adulterous relationship to gain valuable information to protect a country? What do you think. Post your comments below and I will be posting again on this topic soon to nail down my own conclusions.

Home, Home We Have Come...

To sing happy birthday to you
God's blessing we pray be with you each day,
Dear Granny (Mummy) Happy Birthday to you!

The song that we sang as part of the birthday party for Granny's 85. Sung to the tune of "Home on the Range". Created by Aunt Trish.)
I have just gotten back from a wonderful trip up to my mom's home town to be apart of a family reunion and a celebration of my Granny's 85th birthday. It was a wonderful time.  All of the cousins and aunts and uncles made it. It was the real thing with no one missing.

I have always marveled at the wonderful time that we have whenever I get together with my mom's side of the family. The relationships of the Salt family remind me a lot of the Proverb that says,

Better is  a dinner of herbs where love is, than a fatted calf with hatred. (Proverbs 15:17)
Their family was by no means ever affluent (they lived in a house that was about 40X40 feet) but the amiable relationship that they had to one another has held strong for many pleasant memories and for great get togethers today.

As for a highlite of the whole trip I think the best part for me was the night we slept out under the stars with all the cousins and stayed up to midnite talking only to get rained on at 2 and scatter to a drier local. My it was a blast though! Hey, if any of you cousins or siblings are reading this please add your favorite part of the reunion below with a comment.

Friday, July 9

Helicopter Crash Takes Mayor of Racine

That's right. As he was taking a lesson from a qualified instructor, his chopper took a fatal plunge into a grassy field spraying debris unto a rural home yard. This wasn't his first tumble either, but it will be his last. His instructor survived.

Campaign Finance Deform II: Today's Reality

Here's a good taste of how this campaign fiance reform will play out. Russ Darrow, one of the Republicans that are running for Senate against Russ Feingold this fall, has been challenged about running ads for his car sales business in the days leading up to the election on the grounds that it is an act of campaigning. If nothing else they claim it is a way to increase name recognition, and thus violates the new restrictions on non official campaign funds. Do you see what this has come to? Some have wondered if Bush's baked beans will be able to run ads running up to the presidential election. Or what about our neighbor to the west? Will Dayton's be able to run ads when Senator Dayton is up again?

My feeling though is that this wouldn't fly. Why? Remember this law is incumbent protection, and since so many of the Senators have names that are connected to a huge company they will bury it.

Hat tip: World mag blog

Saturday, July 3

The Right to Have and Bare Fireworks

Should there be restriction by the states on the type of fireworks that can be used? That is the question that a LA Times article asked. According to the article only an average of 6 people die a year from fireworks--a small amount compared to the 211 million pounds of explosives that was used in 2002. How many more people die or get hurt in their bathtubs? A bunch. Up to 20 times the amount. The thought is really in the right direction. Shouldn't people be taking responsibility for their own actions? Is this the place of the state? 'Tis a good thought to think about on more matters than just fireworks as we celebrate our freedom this 4th of July.

Outsourcing jobs is good for the economy.

The Kerry campaign has hailed a bill in Congress that would punish any company that shifts jobs overseas. Traitors he calls the companies that send jobs overseas, and charges that some in the Bush administration have said that outsourcing is good for the economy and Americans. Is it? It's hard to think yes when you lose your job to the Chinese, but sound economics says yes.

For a simplified example, look at our town, protectionist, of 25 families . Now, Protectionville is to be isolated from the rest of the world for all of its needs. Nothing can be bought or sold outside of city limits. All is made in Protectionville, all is locally grown in Protectionville, all the businesses are local in Protectionville. Perfect? Maybe not. Unfortunately for the members of Protectionville they lead a very subsistence only existence. There just aren't enough people in Protectionville to diversify and effectively produce all the many conveniences that we are all use to. Not only will they not be able to produce them but they will be more expensive since they are not able to do them in mass.

Let a Wal-Mart come to Protectionville and everyone will benefit--they will have cheap merchandise and a good place to work. Yes, there laborious method of making clothes from scratch would be "outsourced" by Wal-Mart, but who cares since they will be making more money and have cheaper merchandise.

The same thing happens with outsourced American jobs. We get cheaper and better merchandise, and surprisingly to some more jobs as the circle of trade drives the economy and job market ever up.

The Kerry Campaign is trying to pull up votes on shaky economics. Bad deal.