Tuesday, August 31

Quote of the Day

"My point about John Kerry being inconsistent is best described in his own words, not mine. I quote John Kerry, "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.""

"Maybe this explains John Edwards's need for two Americas. One where John Kerry can vote for something and another where he can vote against exactly the same thing."

--From the speach by Rudy Giuliani at the Republican's convention

Something to Cheer About

After years of brutal management by Uday Hussein (Saddam's Son) the Iraqi Soccer team cheered in ernest. By beating both Portugal and Costa Rica in the Olympics the Iraqi's past all expectations and triggered gun fire in Baghdad--gun fire for once of celebration and not destruction.
Post is a bit late I know but I had to post it anyways.

Monday, August 30

The Next Nation Soon to be Ruled by Islamic Law: France

It's late. I shouldn't write, but it makes my blood boil, and grieves my terribly all at the same time the way that France is dealing with terrorists. They will let them rule their country yet. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm talking about the most recent development where two capture French journalists are being held with a threat to their lives if France does not repeal their ban on head scarves. I see nothing but trouble ahead for that country. I laugh at it no more. I have only pity.

Coming Soon!

Why spelling in our English language is so bad and how to fix it.

Saturday, August 28

Looking on the Sunny Side of Things

One of the best things that I learn't from Reagan, was his eternal optimism. It was an invaluabel attribute, and must I say, a positve one. It's a lesson for all of us. Many times we as conservatives are looked upon as negative, harsh, and uncompassionate doomsayers. We shouldn't be, nor is it reality. When I say Conservative I say it in the way that it means today. To be a Conservative today, it means in many ways one who holds to what God says. And since what God says is positive, it is optimistic becasue it is for your own good. The closer that the will of the Lord is followed the more happiness, the less strife, and the less hardship we will have. This doesn't mean that we wouldn't have these. The basic reality that we will never attain God's perfection and will always have a resisting, evil, and pessimistic world and evil nature assures our falling short. But if in this country we were able to follow closer to the commands of God I CAN assure you that we would be better off. "Happy is the nation who's God is the Lord."
It is time for us to again be optimistic and positive. The issues that we seek to attain in the public sphere all are founded on the better. We do not deny women abortions, as much as we seek to protect all human life. We do not restrict sodomites marrige or exceptance as much as we love them enough to help them change, and uphold traditional marrige.
We can confidently without any hipocrasy say that what we advance will inprove, and that there is hope for the future.
It's time that Conservatives once again follow Reagan and be positive optimists.  After all, it really is our issue.

Fixing History

It's about as futile as wanting to know the future to make decision today I know, but it is interesting to speculate what could have happened--what wars could have been avoided and what point we could be at--if we could go back and change just a few things in the course of history. Here's what I've been thinking about changing recently.
In the late 1800s the Jews began to acquire a sense of nationalism and patriotic duty toward their fellow Jews in a growing sense that had been lacking for years. A large portion of this new development was the idea about a country that they could call their own. Palestine, as you might expect was not their first choice, and here is were I would like to weigh in on a historic decision. Argentina, half way around the world from the rest of their arch enemies, was one of those on the top of their list of places to settle a Jewish community. Now let's assume that in some way I could have persuaded them to settle in Argentina instead of Israel. Wouldn't that have solved so many of the conflicts we have today over in the Middle East? Instead of having the Jews in the middle of the hot spot their in,  they could be insulated at least in some way by thousands of miles of water. Now I will admit that that it wouldn't have solved everything. We were still hit at 9-11, by similar terrorist to what the Israelis deal with all the time, but it couldn't have hurt to get some space in-between the fight and have Argentina as the Jewish state instead of Israel.
Now don't think me naive by thinking that I didn't realize there are a thousand cans of worms I have opened by insinuations in this post. I'm not. I know there's a bunch of hot button issues relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but discussion is what this blog is all about. 

Friday, August 27

Is $10 enough for the VP's veggies?

The Washington post reported that the Cheneys purchased nine apples, five large tomatoes, three green peppers and a dozen ears of corn by handing the market gardener, Mr. Leven, ten bucks. Levan didn't think it was enough, but thought it was an honor to sell to the vice president.

I would have similarly have thought it an honor to sell/give produce to the president or vice, but what about it not being enough for the fruit? Of course Mr. Leven can charge what he wants but from what I would be selling things, and what others at the opinion journal thought it was more than enough.

Tuesday, August 24

Positives in Presidential Politics

There seems to be no end to the negatives that come out in an election and politics in general. Scandals, immorality, and negative or unsubstantial campaigns abound. This time around tho, the focus of the presidential race on national security and the ability of the president to lead is a real positive. You can question the validity or honesty of these election claims, but the truth still exists that this is really what the decision for president SHOULD be about. Quite frankly, I got fatigued in past campaigns when all the candidates talked about was health care, drugs for seniors, education, and the environment. Let's be honest. The ultimate, the primary responsibility we require of our government is protection, civil and external. Look at it this way: if you can't be assured that you will not be killed a terrorist or murderer tomorrow, what good would your education or health care be?
Let's all be thankful this election that the primary concern of voters is which candidate will fulfill his duty to protect this county, and let's hope that they choose the one who can do it-- President Bush.

Bak to Skool (And Welcome to Fellow DL Students)

Yes, I'm back to taking distance learning courses thru Patrick Henry College. 'Tis sad to see summer fun and freedom pushed to the back burner, but good to get the mind back and exercising as well. Classes I will be taking include: Constitutional Law, Logic, Euclidean Geometry, and Theology of the Bible 1. If you're interested more in seeing what the course are like, look here for a brief tour.
A hearty welcome to all of you fellow student who are checking out this site for the first time! My personal biography is pretty short, but by cruising around the blog here you can at least get a feel of what I think on some varied, and I'll admit, unusual issues.
I'm looking forward to learning again this year together. Contact information on the left bar has some links to my email and aim account so please stop by.

Monday, August 23

This picture was taken by a friend at a rally where Bush spoke before he swung through Menomonie.  Posted by Hello

This is a few seconds after the President passed. Posted by Hello

Some great art work done by our neighbors. Posted by Hello

Training them in young. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, August 17

The President is Coming to Town

I'm not kidding. President Bush will be speaking in Eau Claire Wednesday morning, and then will be swinging by Menomonie. Not only that, we are told that the plan is for his bus to travel right by our house! Why would a president visit such a comparatively obscure place? Let me refer my valued reader to a certain (often discredited) institution in our government called the Electoral College. Check it out and see if you can figure out why it gets us this nice visit.
Come on everyone in the area, get out and show your support of the president! I'll try and get some pictures up if we get some of the President.

If it's Ever Right to Kill

It appears by the comments to my last posts on if it's right to lie or not that I jumped ahead of myself. The more fundamental question, the question at the very root of the issue seem to be if it is ever right to kill another human. Now, first off again I want to state plainly that I am not talking about murder. Murder will always be wrong. But, what about when a government, or you as a part of the government takes the life of an individual?


After Noah got out of the ark to a cleanly scrubbed world, God gave him some instruction on this matter: "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man"(Gen. 9:6). From this we find God's command and requirement that a life must be taken if that individual has taken someone eleses. Why? It is simply because God is so concerned about the value of human life (it is made in the image of God!!!) that he requires the ultimate punishment for any disobedience to that command. Once again though, we must understand that this punishment is not to be done by an individual. Exodus 20 says "Thou shalt not murder" period. "Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord" (Rom. 12) Therefore now,  how must this command of the protection of human life be carried out? The answer is clearly given in Romans 13:4. "For he (that is the ruler) is the minister of God to thee for good. But if you do that which is evil, be afraid, for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is a minister of God, a revenge to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil." From this we find that it is the government's critical and undeniable responsibility to meet out the punishment. What more appropriate crime to punish then the killing of another human being? And the punishment? Hasn't God already established, as we have seen back just after the flood and throughout the Old Testament when he was working with the nation of Israel, that the just punishment was capital punishment?


So far the capital punishment discussed could be classified as the civil aspect (a.k.a what happens when one citizen kills another). But there is more important evil that a "minister of God" must protect against. There is the external. Other nations may kill its citizens. Does the "minister of God" have a responsibility to protect against, yes even kill, those who would kill one of its citizens? Is not this an evil that God has given the government responsibility to deal with? I believe it is. To prosecute, to use capital punishment, yes to kill those who have or in the case of war will kill another, is not a disregard for human life but in maybe an odd, no, but under consideration, the only way that human life can be valued and protected. It must be understood, we do not live in utopia. Our world is fallen and people WILL kill another. God's command to the "minister of God" is to protect life by killing those who disregard this life. This is not the way that I planned. This is what God laid down.


Having shown government's responsibility, how do I fit into the governmental sphere? Or, could I ever become a "minister of God" and carry out the killing? Bluntly, yes I could.  A large majority of Old Testament "greats" were "ministers of God" (Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Daniel and many others). There is no question that these men carried out their governmental responsibility under God's command and will. I will admit that there was a unique combination of the government and the church in the OT (i.e. the enemies of the Israelites were not only physical enemies of the nation but spiritual enemies as well). Breaking into the NT though, I only see a division of the government and church, not a rejection of either's necessity or of our involvement in both. Remember, he is the God that changes not.  As we have seen throughout this post there is such a necessity of the office of government. How else would God protect life except though the office of his minister?  Being apart of this avenue cannot therefore be wrong. To say so to me would be to say that murders should not be punished according to God's command.  Furthermore, as John Calvin says, it is recommended to us by the very words that God uses to describe it--God's minister. Finally, in conclusion I would like to point out that under our unique system of government in our country I am petitioned, I am asked, no, we all ARE the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. If I denied my part and responsibility, however small it would be (voting, joining the front lines of the military?) in providing for the protection of human life in "killing" through the government, I would be going against God's plan that he laid down for Noah at the end of the Flood.


To the comments posted to previous posts about "being at peace with all men", "Thou shalt not kill (my version actually says "Thou shalt not murder"),  and the like, I would point out that these are commands to us in our personal capacity. When we are in our "minister of God" shoes things, as explained by Scripture, change and we have new responsibilities.


Thanks to all of you who gave your thought provoking comments. I hope this has answered all?/most of your questions. If not please comment again below.


*Whew! I think I'm ready for a lighter topic now!*

Monday, August 16

If It's Ever Right to Kill

Coming Soon!

Wednesday, August 11

If Its Ever Right to Lie II

Having a two week break before school starts I will attempt to address this difficult question now before time limits become acute. My conclusion: yes there are times when lying is allowable in a time of war. This statement comes with strong qualifications. Just as there are sever limitation on when you can actually kill someone in war so the ability to lie is very limited. First,there needs to be a declared war, or (if it can be said this way) an understanding of hostilities. I avoid qualifying it only to declared war since Cold War type instances exist were national security must be protected by prevention using espionage work. Second, the liar must be under the authority of his government, and under instruction to do so. Just as a private citizen cannot take revenge or go around shooting Germans in WWII, so the a private citizen or even a government offical who is not commissioned to lie must not. But, under the above conditions (there may be more)I find it not only necessary for an individual acting on behalf of his government to lie but a must. The responsibility of protection that a government is mandated by God is at stake.

Helpful scriptural examples were also given by a perceptive reader under the comments of the last post

Well as you can see the corn is now out by the road and selling briskly. Unfortunately the coons have started in on there share of it too, so out goes the pooch tonight to be staked out by the patch to protect it. If you stop by for corn leave a note in the self serve money box and mention promotional code "wildwisconsin" plus your name and receive a dollar off per dozen. Hope to see you by! Posted by Hello

Thursday, August 5

What is truth?

Pilate asked the question; the question was similarly placed to me recently in relation to the barrage of information that floods the viewer on the internet. Up pops the first choice on your Google search and how do you know if its truth or fiction? Is there anyway to know that what you are reading on the web is true? I will answer with another question: how do you know that anything you read or hear (your newspaper, your magazine, radio, book etc.) is true? It is often hard, but the most effective way that we use all the time to determine the truth is experience. If we know that a publication reported truth in the past it will probably report it today. The same thing is true with the internet. If a site reports the truth in the past quite likely it will report it again in the future. One electronic avenue that has consistently reported falsely and I thus generally dismiss is the email forward. (Go to truthorfiction.com or snops.com to check out questionable emails. And please don't send me one unless you have checked it out!*grin*) Other sites, like the blogs I visit, I consider trustworthy *grin again*. The reason is that email forwards often have been false and the blogs that I read have been true. Part of the nice thing about blogs is that they often have links included in the post to document where they have received their information.

Finally, we must always bounce what we read off the ultimate truth of God's Word. That is our ultimate test of truth.

Wednesday, August 4

Summer Institute of Theology

I was home for about a day. Now I'm up in the Twin Cities doing some studies in the Word for a week, and having a blast doing it. Here is the picture of the class.

Update: Here is a bigger picture of the class if you actually want to find the author.