Wednesday, September 29

I tried looking up what my last name is for a web site. A Pharmacy. :( Should have guessed.

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Base Ten or Base Sixteen

Think back to the days when you did math in school or for that matter when
ever you work with numbers today. We use in our standard system a base ten.
We only have nine different symbols for the numbers we write plus the zero.
Is base ten really the best base to use tho? (Click read more for full

There are some good examples of other bases being used. Computers use base
two, or a binary system. All numbers in this system are represented by
either a one or a zero. The Mayas in Central America before Columbus ever
set eyes on these lands used a base twenty system.

It is obvious that base two is not the best for normal use. It just takes
two many numerals to represent the value you want. But base ten also has
some problems. When you divide the first numeral that adds a new digit
(which consequently are the easiest to use in any base system and will be
the most frequently used numerals) in the base ten system, i.e., 10, 100,
1000, etc. they do not divide as well as other base system would. Think of
10. It can be divided only be divided evenly by 2 once. The result, 5,
cannot be evenly divided again. This problem manifest itself thruout the
whole base ten system, 100 divides in half to 50, then to 25 but then stops.
Now if we had a base sixteen or base twenty-four I think it would be easier
to work with the numbers since both 16 and 24 can be divided by two evenly
all the way down to the number two. This helpful property would also
manifest itself thruout the whole base system.

Furthermore they are larger numbers: you would have to write fewer digits to
express a higher value. Of course you could go the other extreme and have a
base 3,000 and have to learn 3,000 symbols and that would also be to hard to
learn, but if you think of how many symbols we learn in our English
alphabet, twenty-four does not seem to be to high a number to learn for our
number system.

In conclusion, unlike the unphonetic English spelling that I think SHOULD be
changed, the benefits that would be gained by moving to a base sixteen or
base twenty-four are small enough that they do not merit the disruption
caused by the change. 'Tis only an interesting thot to keep your mind active

Monday, September 27

Notice the black patch under the American flag? In case it's too small it says "Doing the work of" Click on "Read More" to see a bigger picture of it. Pretty funny! Those are the flags of Russia, Germany, and France respectively. Posted by Hello

This is what the monument will look like (previous post). On the left are two Americans being helped across the boarder by the Canadian (right). Posted by Hello

Honoring the Draft-Doging Law-Breakers

A small town up in Canada is going to honor the draft-dodgers that inflated its numbers in the midst of the Vietnam War. How silly. How dishonoring. Whatever the varying thoughts may be about the rightness of the draft in Vietnam, this action of avoiding the draft was illegal. Should we also honor those who play hokey in high school? And what about the timing? Right in the midst of the war in Iraq, we honor those who wouldn't serve? What a moral builder. I wonder if this doesn't have a connection to the the reoccurring Vietnam issue in the Presidential race. We just can't seem to get away from it these days.

Thursday, September 23

Garden Party V

Things are almost happening so fast I should wait a day before I post on the
garden party. But I won't. I just confirmed that Dale Schultz (running for
the third congressional district) will be able to make it to the event.
Things are getting better all the time!

...And David's pumpkin is now going for 900lbs...

Garden Party IV

I have now confirmed that I will have a representative for the pro-family
candidate for President--President Bush. Unfortunately the President himself
was unable to make it. He had will be having a debate that evening.

Wednesday, September 22

Right and Wrong Responses to Abortion

World Magazine Blog: Some are sorry article is what the abortion industry tries to hide. The comments underneath this post are especially touching. They reveal the proper response to abortion--repentance, forgiveness, a turning away from sin, and helping others avoid your same mistakes. The perversion of this healing is the site called What stark contrasts!

To Vote or Not to Vote 2

This post is a follow up to my first post on voting. My last post addressed
the "government is too corrupt to be involved" argument for not voting.

This post will be about those who believe that Christians should not be
involved in government, and hence voting, because we are not citizens of
this world but instead citizens of heaven. We are strangers in this world,
the argument goes, and our responsibility as
Christians should not be to get involved in the things of this world like
government that will never solve the worlds problems. We should place our
eyes on eternity and the souls of men, changing lives rather than outward

First of all, I see no reason that a person cannot work both in government
AND on changing the souls of men. I agree, government will never solve all
the worlds problems just like we will never save every soul from Hell, but
that does not necessarily take away our responsibility in either situation.

The argument for involvement in government comes down, like it did in the
argument about "If it is ever right to kill" to the propriety of government.
I could "ctrl c"the argument from that post, but let me instead recycle it
in a new way.

Picture yourself among 1,000 people who have just been dropped on an unknown
island. This group has no idea where they are, if they will ever get back to
their homes, come from many different places, and are under the jurisdiction
of no country. It is up to you and those with you to fend for yourself in
this special situation. Unfortunately, first off, Jim kills Jack for
stealing his precious cocoanut. Now what are you and the rest of the group
going to do? You can't go over personally and whop off Jim's head--that
would be revenge. Then you think again. Ah! yes, all of us are Christians.
That thanksgiving service that we held on getting off the lifeboats was like
a church. That should be the organism to punish evil! But nowhere in
scripture is the responsibility of criminal punishment given to the church.
The church is given the responsibility to discipline its members
internally--it can kick them out of the church for sinful actions--but there
is no responsibility on the church's part to punish criminal evil. This
responsibility is clearly defined to be given to the "governing authority"
or government. (See Rom. 13)

So now you have a choice. You either let Jack go free with a "naughty,
naughty" reprimand, and let the island be ruled by what every man thinks is
right in his own eyes, or you institute government. I see no other choice.
The wise, the ones who would follow God's command for justice would form a
government like the Pilgrims when they came to the shores of America and
formed their "civil body politick". Now, since all the 1,000 people were
Christians, Christians would have to serve in that government, and if that
government were democratic, they would have to choose (vote) who would
serve. It is that simple. And I see no reason to think that if there were
some unchristians in the group, or other came later that the Christians
would have to step down. Scripture does not infer that there is any utility
for having unbelievers around to do legitimate things like government. God's
plan would work out BEST if everyone did come to the knowledge of the truth.

There is no reason why these island Christians would be giving up there
inheritance in heaven or there scriptural responsibility to reach out to any
'savage' that stops by either. They can play dual rolls. No ones stops the
head of a company from being a deacon in the church. They can do both.

Now, going back to voting today. Just as those Christians on the island had
to select a government to deal with evil, we as Christians cannot neglect
our duty, if we are given the chance, of selecting "ministers of God" for
our country. This does not deny our other responsibilities to save the lost,
train our children, etc., it is in addition to it.

Vote this November! It is a Christians responsibility when he is able to
promote God's justice on this human earth! Vote!

Tuesday, September 21

Garden Party 3

I have now received confirmation from two of the local candidates that they
will be able to make it. State Senator Sheila Harsdorf, and Andy Lamb who is
running for the 29th Assembly seat will both be at the Garden Party. I have
also been working on Dale Schultz and others. Stay tuned.

David's pumpkins have also topped the 700# mark and moving toward 800#.
Along with my watermelons that are about 100#s the pumpkins will be on
display at the event.

Please let me know if you are going to be able to make it. It is going to be
a lot of fun.

Monday, September 20

The Blog Identity Mystery

A person (Joan Peterson) who comments on this blog and has fomented a lot of
mystery started up a blog at href=""> Some of
you who have been following this development I thought might be interested
in checking out this site.

Saturday, September 18

If you think you're important...

Click here!I'm not sure if I agree with the conclusion of the poem but the
main thrust about pride is good, and so is the web site. I can see in my own
life far to many demonstrations of pride. I become self reliant in success,
accept flattery, flare up when others criticize, become jealous when other
do well, and go into a pity party when I fail. All of these are a
demonstration of pride.

"God rejects the proud but give grace to the humble"

"...Pull it out; the hole remaining is how much you will be missed..."

Friday, September 17

Someone else Caught Kerry's Good Samaritan Hypocrisy

Here is another take on how Kerry messed up the analogy of the Good Samaritan. It looks more at the war in Iraq than domestic issues. I can agree with most of it.

Thursday, September 16

Audio Post Below: The Case For Slavery

The audio post below has my argument for the case for reintroducing slavery.
I'm still getting use to this new style so you'll have to bare with me as I
learn it. :) (But it sure is fun!)

this is an audio post - click to play

Libraries, Books and Meetings

Our library has recently stunned many in the community by actively
supporting banned books--bad banned books. The idea was that it was
supporting first amendment rights to freedom of speech, but by doing so they
also were promoting books that presented immoral lifestyles
as books to be read since they had been tried to be banned.

This evening the community responded admirably.

About twenty-five people showed up tonight at a meeting to express concern
that the library was actively promoting these immoral type of books to the
faces of young children.

"A library should be a family friendly place" they said. "This type of
promotion of evil books and the exclusion of genuine good books must be
addressed" they informed the library board. It was a prime example of
excellent civics 101. No one got mad. The discussion was civil. Most of all,
I was proud of those who did not appreciate the books did argue that they
should be banned. That would have been a more messy case to make since it
would have brought up first amendment issues. Rather, the group uniformly
focused on the promotion of these books as a contrast to the family friendly
library that they sought.

The result will not be immediate. There was no interaction with the library
board. But it is evident that more talk will result and that the library
will be more careful (I hope) as to what type of books it promotes. Cultural
change starts local. This is what does it.

Wednesday, September 15

And you thot I was sane and rational...It's called stylish canoeing! Posted by Hello

Report a scam to CBS!

CBS's website has this hilarious notice:

CONSUMER ALERT: Know of a scam that needs investigating? Tell us about it!
Email us at

You heard them. Go tell them about the latest scam. And what bigger scam
than the one that is closer than they would like to believe.

Primary Analysis

The partisan Wisconsin primary yielded several big surprises and some
important messages to political candidates. First, Tim Michaels won the
Republican Senate primary handily (40 some % in a three way race), and from
what I can tell it was because he was able to PORTRAY himself as the MOST
pro-life, pro-defense candidate. Notice that I did not say he.WAS the most pro-life, pro-defense candidate, it is just
that these were so important issues to the voters that they voted for the
one who they perceived to be the most outspoken in this area.

The rest of the primaries including a state senate primary race that ousted
our state senate leader, demonstrated another point. Incumbents, those
supported by incumbents, or those who had run for the seat before, did NOT
do well. This may point toward either a big challenge in general to
incumbants on November 2 or just a hardening of the political divide Left
and West.

Garden Party Update

It is exciting to be able to report that I have already received
confirmation from State Senator Sheila Harsdorf that she will be able to
make it to the event. I will be posting additional updates on who will be
attending the event as I receive it.

Come Meet Family Values, America's Future

You are invited you to a garden party that I will be hosting at our home for
the purpose of meeting the candidates in this election cycle that support
family values. This is a special opportunity in an informal and personal way
to talk to the candidates themselves and get to know them andclass="fullpost">the family values they support.

Candidates at the national, state, and local levels have all been invited,
and there is a good possibility that many of them or their representatives
will be able to make it.

This event will be held on Friday, October 8th 6:00-8:00. Simple
refreshments will be served.

Please R.S.V.P. if you are able to make it by email ( or
by telephone (715-235-8076). If you need directions to the Pillman home,
please let me know and I can give you those as well.

If you are interested in knowing more specifics, more information will be
made available on my website (blog) at

Looking forward to seeing you!

Monday, September 13

Update on The Good Samaritan Vote?

It appears that I unknowingly almost anticipated Kerry's words. At a recent
Black convention, Kerry compared president Bush to those who passed the man in need in the story of the
Good Samaritan. If you haven't already, read my post again and see if you
think Bush has wrongly "neglected" those in need by not giving them
government handouts.

Kerry, I want to see personal demonstrations of charity not
government intervention.

CBS Memo Fakes

The story is all over now. It is quite certain that CBS faked the memos.
What you may not hear is that is was bloggers who broke the news and forced
the major media outlets to cover the story. Dan Rather went on air to defend
himself recently, and the bloggers again...shredded
his evidence that the papers were not forged. was the major
leader in this debate and still is. The question if these are fake is past
the point of most legit discussions. The real next question that bloggers
have is "who made up these memos?" "were the planted by the Democrats?" Stay

The final point is this: the national media will never again be able to pull
a trick and pull wool over American's eyes easily. Bloggers are the next
generation of news. They are fast, they listen to reader comments, and they
can report the inside scoop that media bias prevents from being reporting.

If you are interested in using blogs to accent our source of news check out
the links that I have provided on the left.

A Good Samaritan Vote?

Many people think they place a good Samaritan vote. These are the people who
look at the social programs, see if they look like they give to someone
legitimately in need and then pull the lever for the corresponding
candidate. But is asking the government to use taxes to fund programs
really a Good Sameritan vote?

Actually this is a charitable construction on votes placed because of social
programs. A large majority are...actually
"give me" votes--the voter himself is going to benefit from the program.
Since Jesus said that "the son of man did not come to be served but to
serve" and that we are to be like Him, we should all be able to see that the
"give me" vote just wouldn't float as a legitimate reason. After all, how
patriotic is it to be selfish?

But let's say that I vote this November for the candidate that supports the
most free drugs for seniors; a vote that for me would be completely with the
thoughts of others and not myself in mind since I thankfully do not have to
take any drugs. I likewise understand that this is a very personal
sacrifice. I will be paying more taxes, let's say for example $100 each year
so that these seniors can have their drugs.

One slight problem. Every one knows that the government will not be very
efficient in getting my $100 to pay for the senior meds. The seniors would
get many more meds paid for from my $$s if I found a senior in need and paid
directly for their meds or even found a Charity that was doing the same.
Furthermore, there is a personal touch, an opportunity to share Jesus with
the hurt that I am helping, a teaching of compassion to the giver, and an
accountability to the giver when I give more directly that government CAN

Now it might also flood my mind that I am "assisting" many others to be
charitable as well by placing my supposed Good Samaritan vote. Who says it
is our place to "help" others to be charitable? Charity is normally suppose
to be voluntary, force normally accompanies restitution for a wrong doing or
armed robbery. Remember, also that the Good Samaritan paid for his charge
out of his own pocket, he didn't force the Levite thro government to give.
Could he ask? Certainly, but there is a big difference.

In conclusion, those who think they are placing a Good Samaritan vote fall
then into three categories: The "give me" vote, the "make them pay for it"
vote, or the "let government do it for me" vote. All three of these votes
shamefully take on the cloak of the Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan would
throw out the social programs and assist those in need with his own actions,
money, and the message of Jesus.

Saturday, September 11

this is an audio post - click to play

Around the Web: Email

Email email... the best thing invented since the radio....Web mail like hotmail or yahoo are great when you need to access email in many locations, but they often come with objectionable ads and spam. (For those of you who have a hotmail account or a yahoo account this post is for you!) Plus, you need to access them over the internet which takes a hoard of time if you have a dial up connection, not to mention the limited space that they often give.

Your local internet service provider (ISP) often gives you the best of both worlds with an email address that can be accessed from a POP3 account and on the web, but then again, if you change your ISP as I frequently do you also have to change your email address which is a pain. Google's gmailhas made news by offering 1 gig of space and some nice other features, but I am less then thrilled with their service since it does not have a POP3 account nor have they satisfied many privacy concerns. (If you want a gmail account anyways, let me know and I'll get you one. So far it's been by invitation only.)

But there is hope. There are numerous places that offer a FREE email address with both webmail and POP3 access PLUS more storage space PLUS good spam protection, and limited ads.

This article lists them all. I have been trying out a fair number of them for the last few weeks. I have come up with two that I am happy with based on their service and what they offer. Part of my consideration was what my address would look like.(Nerdshack had great service but a poor name).Gawab will be my primary source for email service. They offer 15 mgb. of space for webmail and also full POP3 service. They have some ads but so far they've been fine.Bluebottlehas the best service that I have found. They offer 250 mgb of space and also full POP3 access. I will be using them for my "secure" email address since they offer super spam protection. So what if you have a hotmail or yahoo account and don't want to change? There STILL is hope. You don't have to check those accounts at yahoo or hotmail. Go to www.myway.comand use their email service to check your hotmail account without the ads. There are so many good FREE email services out there. I just hate to see people stuck with a hotmail or even a google account.

Happy surfing!

Coming Soon: The Case for Slavery

Spel Beter

When I was in about 5th grade I was truly fed up. There was an attempt to teach me the rules of speling so that I could survive in a world that increasingly dominated by the English language and the ability to communicate in that language, but oh did I suffer in the process! "The more (rules) the make, the more they break!" I complained, and it's true. The English language is horrific. Having borrowed and fumbled in the process of its making, there is a complete lack of coherence in the speling of our language. Why in the world do you spel "through" with that o, g, and h in there? Speling today is much like trying to multiply using Roman numerals--a headache. There is little value in this added complication. Some may point to a los of roots of words or a pollution of the original language that it was taken from, but any and all reasons that I have seen for keeping our present system of speling does not compare with the havoc it creates by being such an inefishint (inefficient) means of communication. Our present speling system subjects studious students and hard working immigrants alike to the torture of numberless hours of learning and countless humiliations when they don't know how to spell bufay (buffet). Trust me. I know from experience. I'm not against learning, I'm just against pointless learning. I could name all the blades of grass in our yard and require you to learn all their names. There is no point to some learning. Therefore, I believe it is time to institute a new method, a fonetic method of spelling. Some good thots can be found here, here, here and here on the subject. It is not a new idea. Noah Webster tried to fix it, but failed. 'Tis a pity but I must fail too I'm afraid if the writer of the dictionary could not get people to change. The best I can do, I am resolved, is to help out when ever I can by fostering and using trends of change in the English language that move to a fonetic system. Some of the more acceptable fonetic ways to spel words, that I have found include: nite (night), rite (right), thru (through), and tho (though). Notice that all of these corrections deal with the obnoxious silent "gh". One of the best suggestions that I have found for slowly correcting the English language advocated an ugh free English or taking out all of the "ugh"s out of the English language. It sounded like a good enuf idea to me, that (if you haven't noticed) I have attempted to incorporate some of it into my blogging skills. And if any of you post using any English word corrected to its fonetic perfection you'll score extra points with this blogger.

Friday, September 10

this is a test

Here is the beginning of my post. And here is the rest of it.

Needed in Canada: More People Less Abortions

Being Canadian citizen this following story from was revealing and interesting. Stop abortion and open up the country to immigration? The U.S. should take note. 

"In the early 20th century, the immigrants most needed were farmers. Later, they were skilled industrial workers. In this century, the need is different again. Youth is prime," Kent says. Canada's aging population and lack of children is so bad, Kent suggests "an adaptable 20-year-old may have more to give to Canada than a 40-year-old professional." However, some observers say one way to increase population is ignored."The obvious solution to Canada's demographic woes -- ending abortion -- is overlooked," said Steven Mosher of the Population Research Institute. Mosher says that if abortions in Canada halted, the population numbers of the North American country would be above replacement level in nine months. Jim Hughes of the Campaign Life Coalition, a Canadian pro-life group, agrees. "We have been pointing out for years that the deliberate removal of two and one-half million children from Canada's population by abortion will have serious economic repercussions as well as moral ones," Hughes said. Hughes says that Kent and other abortion advocates are "in large part responsible for the current situation" because of their policies of unlimited legal abortions.

Public Feeling on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

For what a polls worth, 47% vs. 43% of Americans oppose any federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. President Bush has been hammered by the media on this one, but thankfully the American people still see thro things enough to be able to discern that it is human life that we are killing. I'm surprised, there is still hope. John Kerry's position that he has been strongly advocating is actually opposed by over 50% as well. Be careful man, this issue might backfire on you!! On the other hand, Americans also support federal funding of adult stem cell research by over 70%. Am I ever proud of my fellow Americans!

Thursday, September 9

Sing to "On the Good Ship Lollipop"

They've been great years, super years, 25 years lets raise a cheer, God's faithfulness, has been always there we do confess, Us six here want to say, what a blessing they've been in every way, We are so glad, to wish God's blessings on you Mom and Dad. Made up by Jessica and sung to our parents on their 25th Wedding anniversary. If you don't know the song you can find it here.

To the Editor:

The following is a letter to the editor that I am possibly going to submit. I'm a little unsure on if people will get it tho. My concern I beleive is real, but just a bit complicated. I think it might go over too many heads and just come across as negative. Any input is welcome.

I am ready for a Congressman who votes Constitutionally. I am ready for a Congressman who votes in a way that he sees is Constitutional. That is his job. That is what he is required to do. Congressman Ron Kind has not been fulfilling this responsibility. A few years ago, I wrote to Congressman Ron Kind about a vote of his, and he kindly responded. In his response, he admirably recorded what every Congressman is required to do: "I took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. I will not betray that oath." In the next sentence though, he dumps his personal responsibility to uphold the Constitution onto the Supreme Court and reduces to nothing the coequal standing between the Supreme Court and Congress. "Now that the Supreme Court has determined the parameters…. I must adhere to that decision." Congressman Kind wrote. This is a blatant disregard for his responsibility to check the other branches of government. Congress is should never be a 'rubber stamp' of the judicial branch. Congress must make their own decision or our Courts have become all powerful and the Congress a pawn. Even the Supreme Court acknowledges this and put it this way. “When Congress acts within its sphere of power and responsibilities, it has not just the right but the duty to make its own informed judgment on the meaning and force of the Constitution. This has been clear from the early days of the Republic."
Vote this November for a Congressman who supports the Constitution, and his responsibility to interpret the Constitution for himself.

Here is part of the promised update on the grand 25th anniversary. Here the family picture.
 Posted by Hello

Saturday, September 4

Mom in her wedding dress. Doesn't she look great? Posted by Hello

The Shivaree! Posted by Hello


It's the start of the full and festive day of celebration of my parents 25th wedding anniversary. This morning (4:30) with friends, banging pans, firecrackers, and shouts of "30 more years" we awakened our parents to an old fashioned shivaree. Breakfast was served, and work started on the festivities for this afternoon when we will have an open house for them at a local church. More on this coming soon.

Bush's Speech

If I were pragmatic I would rant and rave about the President's speech. After all, I'm planning on voting for him on November 2 and trying to get other to do the same. But the part of the speech that I listened to was lackluster. That is, the first half felt like a laundry list being read at a funeral. Good speeches should be riveting. I could easily multitask doing email while I listened. In the end, I found the rest of his speech on the web, quickly skimmed it and hit the sack. It appears I missed 95% of the speech.
The impacting part of the speech came in the second half reaching a crescendo toward the finish. Bush's firm declarations of leadership and commitment to the protection of our country was stunning, and his humor and stories made it possible for you to connect. This speech highlights the best and the disappointing in our President. His leadership and protection of our fundamental moral rights is impeccable. On domestic programs, he's almost dismal.
President Bush: stick to your job and you will do well. That's why I'm voting for you, to do your job.

Friday, September 3

Blogger comments 400 hits

As you already know, I love comments and interaction. I just wanted to make one more comment myself tho on when you comment. If you want a personal response (which I will always attempt to give) it is helpful if you leave your email address on your post. It is difficult for me to respond via a comment on my blog, but simple to respond to you with a personal email.

Pro-Life signs

For the last few months I have been working on some yard signs for our local Wisconsin Right to Life chapter. They're now finally here! (I'll try and get a picture up soon) My friend Jonathan, was a big help in getting the design figured out. Thanks!
We are now working hard on getting these signs out to as many people in the area as possible. If you are in the area and would like on please send me an email and I'll get one to you.
I feel it is so exciting this year to be able to express one of the main reasons why we vote for a certain candidate--life.

To Vote or Not to Vote 1

I wanted to address this early. November 2 will be too late for the undecided voter to make up his mind.
There are two main objections that I hear for voting, and more specifically Christians voting. Just one for today.
Some Christians say that government is too corrupt or immoral for us to be involved "Can you be involved in politics and not be tainted by the piles of unavoidable corruption?" they ask.
For many I think this is just an excuse for not getting out to the polls to vote, but let's address this problem seriously. This question does not ask us to assume that government is intrinsically evil. Rather, it asks us if we can be involved and avoid the pitfalls it often entails.
This is our whole goal in the world. This world is an evil and sinful place. In the workplace, in the slums, in the houses of the rich, and in the rooms of the Whitehouse we will find sin. But Jesus does not call us to flee from the institutions with sin in them, he commands us to go there, to be in but not of this world and influence it for Him. Just because there are evil, sinful, and corrupt businessmen does not mean we should get out of doing business (we are to support our families). Just because there are corrupt churches, doesn't mean we should throw out the institution of the church. Our call is to do better. Since we are already assuming that the government is an institution that is ordained by God, and has a proper place in this world just like business, or church are needed, the proper response is not to throw out voting just because their is corruption. You have a responsibility to get those evil men out and stick in some good ones!  And don't worry, by the grace of God their can be good, God honoring, noncorrupt leaders as far as humanly possible. Think of how many good examples of political leaders there are from the Old Testament.
It's up to you. Get out and vote!

Thursday, September 2

A Bit of Sense

At least for now Russ Darrow's company can continue to run ads in the lead up to the wisconsin primary in which Russ Darrrow is one of the candidates. I would have been agast if they hadn't. Were would have our free sheech have gone?