Friday, December 31

It was a historic event for the 29th Assembly district. We were told yesterday at the swearing in ceremony for Andy Lamb that not since 1981 had there been a Republican in the 29th district. Congratulations Andy! We look forward to having you represent us in Madison.

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If You Want Justice Become a Cat

2 at store arrested in killing of a cat--Associated Press Dec. 31....Read more

Two men were admonished by the police--no, they were fined--no they were charged with a misdomeaner--no, they were arrested on felony charges after they disposed of a stray cat that was living in a storage trailer at the back of a Wal-Mart. OK, they used a pelet gun that might not of taken the cat out of its misery immedaitely, but I don't think you want a rifle being fired at the back of a Wal-Mart. Shouldn't the judicial system be dealing with real criminals?

Thursday, December 30

Touched by the MSM

I just got the most surprising email from the Leader-Telegram (a local paper) contacting me about my blog and asking me some questions about blogs in general.

Will keep you updated.

Getting Separation Straight

I recently read about an interesting exchange that happened between President Bush and a British news reporter during a visit to England several years ago. The reporter wondered if Bush thought that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. Bush should have just said "I can't answer that. Separation of church and state." He didn't, but it serves a point.

Since Bush was serving in his roll as President, he should not have expressed a theological opinion. That is not the roll of the government. I would have no problem if Bush would have made clear that what he was saying was in his own personal capacity and not as President of the United States but such distinctions must be made clear. A person's religious beliefs will inevitably influence his public decisions and he should admit and stand by them (unlike Kerry did with the abortion issue) but in their capacity as public officials, politicians should not pass judgment on theological issues.

Who's Stingy?

I hate to politicize the horrendous loss of life in the after math of the tidal wave, but it seems to be unavoidable. The The New York Times makes the charge that the US is stingy in the aid that it is sending over to the victims. It claims that we are only giving $35 million. Excuse me. Isn't that just what the government is giving? Why don't they mention what private individuals are giving? Why don't they ask private individuals to give instead of attempting to place the guilt on who the people voted for.

This article outlines quite nicely the growing affect of private US aid around the globe. It is hard to estimate exactly but Americans gave around $35 billion overseas in aid last year. This is more than the government gave, this is more than any other country gave. The US is not stingy. We just find the neighbor ourselves instead dumping it on Uncle Sam to do.

Wednesday, December 29

Happy Birthday Lucas!!!

This blog has been hijacked! I just want to remind all the faithful readers to send birthday greetings to Lucas on the 30th. He will be turning 1/5th of a century.

Update: Well at least it was a friendly hack. I'll forgive you Justo this once for the hack, but in the future if it happens too much...I'll have to look at locking some things down. And I did have a wonderful birthday with many gifts to enhance my desk and hunting experience including some starbucks coffee and a coffee makers to help me stay awake when I need to.

Tsunami Relief

52,000 may have died in the tidal waves that ripped into large areas of the other side of the world, but there are many more who have lost everything. Gov'ts are running to the relief. World Magazine Blog also reports on an organization called Kids for the Kingdom that is providing aid in the name of Christ. Marvin Olasky had some personal contact with this organization and was vouching for its proper use of funds.

Some called the U.S. gov't (which should probably not be involved in the aid at all) stingy. It made me guilty to realize what sort of stingy accusations they could produce against the Church that should really be doing the aid. When the church is stingy it is stingy not only with the funds but with our outreach capacity for the lives of men in the name of Christ.

Dread Wrong

I hear increasingly that the Roe decision that made abortion legal is being called "a cherished constitutional right" by those who would like to keep it around. They act like if we reverse Roe we would be overturning the bedrock foundation that our nation was founded on. I have a name for these new found "rights" that are nothing but an assault on our nation. I call them Dread Scott rights. (I was at first going to call them "Plessy rights" but my family did not know that term, and suggested the other option.) They are rights like the Dread Scott decision that insulted at the very basic level what our Constitution was suppose to protect and that will once again protect these rights when they are overturned. Precedent is never absolute when it contradicts the Constitution.

Tuesday, December 28

The Butter Battle

"We were looking for 40,000 loaves of bread at 2 o'clock this morning" That is the humorous note that a Fire chief found in the midst of fighting a blaze of butter that engulfed a butter plant in the Minneapolis area recently. It was reported by rumor that 1/10 of the nations butter sputtered out of existence when the factory blew up. The mess was terrible. Butter coated everything. The river even got a new shinny finish as fisherman pulled up their fish pre-buttered. All the fire fighting equipment was a half inch thicker in butter. Some even said that the fire trucks that got too close to the fire lost their ability to break after butter infected the breaks. Roads in the area were closed as well as the goo was attempted to be cleaned up.

The only good news was that the price of milk went up for the farmers??? Wrong! It stayed the same or went down. Go figure.

Monday, December 27

Buy More presents, Buy More Bows.

All the trappings of Christmas, those presents, decorations, eats and songs,
that so many people despise as the makings of a prime distraction from the
true meaning of Christmas I reveled in. I promoted them.There is good in the
trappings of Christmas. Think about other celebrationsclass="fullpost"> weddings, birthdays etc, do we find that the trappings
distract from those who we wish to honor? Not normally. Such decorations
normally honor the person we celebrate. I find the same true with Christmas.
The decorations make for a festive occasion to celebrate Jesus and His

Now to debunk the anti-present mentality. Presents make you think. They make
you think about the needs and wants of others. They give you an opportunity
to express your appreciation for others. Aren't these proper aims?

"But what about the businesses that try and capitalize on the season just to
make a buck?" you may complain. Look on the positive side again. As hard as
they try the secularists can't destroy Christmas. If they did the retailers
would all scream. Christmas is going to stay. Some may try and hide from the
true meaning of Christmas beneath a pile of trappings (both the secular and
the religious always will always hide from the Christ of Christmas in season
or out of season), but the indestructible celebration of Christmas presents
us with a golden opportunity to part the trappings and honor the One we are
celebrating. There is hardly a better opportunity in the calendar year.

So go on, buy some more bows and lights (there's still the twelve days of
Christmas that you can still celebrate) and honor the birthday Boy, and
unwrap the true meaning for those whose were attracted by the trappings of
Christmas but never found out the true meaning.

Your Turn to Vote

Fooling around with new perks I came across this polling service. Give it a whirl.

A Divided Filibuster Cannot Stand

Is there a way to divide the Dems enough on a Supreme Court nominee that they would let through a pick by President Bush? In a word the article I linked says yes. The ones that would divide the Dem are not necessarily against life. The fact that these choices are black women, appellate judges have already been chosen by Bush and passed by the Senate, or the high standing they have in intellectual circles, might present some fissures in the filibuster.

DNC: Dean or Pro-life?

The question continues to mount whether pro-life Tim Roemer is going to step up the nomination for DNC chairmanship. Brushing aside big tent style at their convince, Planned Parenthood have unsurprisingly come out strongly against Roemer. If a person were a republican he would back Dean to totally destroy the Dems. If you are more concerned about affecting our nation for life you would support Roemer.

Blogsphere not Blogosphere.

Opinion Times noted that blogsphere is more phonetic then blogosphere. I agree and will thus use the more phonetic version.

Bush's new Welfare

Bush is at it again. Once again he is declaring that welfare is not so much a state problem but a personal and church one. Bush challenges Americans contrary to the gov't hand out mentality of previous generations to look at the problems of poverty and aid personally, and might I add, through the church.

"By volunteering our time and talents where they are needed most, we help heal the sick, comfort those who suffer, and bring hope to those who despair, one heart and one soul at a time."

Saturday, December 25

Merry Christmas!


Peace on earth good will toward hens...

...we killed the roosters for Christmas dinner.

(Overheard in the kitchen as the rest butchered the Christmas goose and

Wednesday, December 22

Moore Fights

Judge Roy Moore: Is looking at running for governor of Alabama. If he does so he would probably have to run against Riley who has not said yet, but is likely to run for a second term as governor. Riley agreed with the stand Moore took on the Ten Commandments until Moore refused to obey the federal judges order to remove the commandments. If the Ten Commandment issue was the only one on which you had to decide between these two men, who would you support?

Tuesday, December 21

MSN in Space

MSN is now offering a blogging/personal web page. Not impressed. The personal web page is fine, but I don't know why anyone would use it as a blog except to blog about their own lives completly which I find to be rather self centered. MSN blogs is not a place to launch a general readership blog from. It is only a personal internet bio. View my unused MSN "space"here for a sample.

Around the Web: Buying Books

If you are looking at buying books over the internet BoookFinder4u is a good place to start. It searches used and new books sales around the web and gives you the best deal. I used it to buy my textbooks for the next semester and got used books for 1/3 to 1/4 the price of new books. And that's including shipping!

Finding Leaders

Tom Coburn and Sam Brownback have both been selected to help guide though Judicial nominees in the Judicial committee. There are no more prolife senators than these two. They should be excellent leaders in helping the Presidents picks make it through. When the pro-death side says that the threat has gone from orange to red with this anouncement you know you're on the right track.

Monday, December 20


There is hardly a season or celebration that I like more. Christmas is
wonderful, but waiting for such a great celebration is better yet. Our
family has the tradition of lighting an advent wreath each night, adding a
candle a week as we count down the days until Christmas. Every night we
sing, we read scripture, we relish the true celebration of Christmas.

"Come and worship! Come and worship! Worship Christ the new born King!"

IE no More

I knew about Firefox before but this article on the security defects of the IE program has persuaded me to drop it forever...well at least for now. IE updates seem tied to Windows updates, which at this time mean XP updates. I run 98. I will run Foxfire.

Kittens Going Fast

Since I posted last about the kittens, several have been adopted out. If you want one you'd better be quick!

(Is it deceptive not to say that none of the kittens were adopted out by Wild Wisconsin?)

Bush is Time's Man of the Year.

Logical. Unlike the Nobel PC prize winner.

Saturday, December 18

I'm a Marauding Marsupial!

in the TTLB ecosystem. If I understand the site correctly that makes me the 1,613th highest blog in their record as recorded by hits and outside links.


via Brainpost:

"The...attitude toward the American occupation forces has swung from apathy and surface friendliness to active dislike. According to a military government
official, this is finding expression in the organization of numerous local anti-American organizations throughout the zone and in a rapid increase in the number of attacks on American soldiers."

Thought this was about Iraq? Nope. This is the ol' New York Times reporting about the American occupation of Germany after WWII. American occupations have had good outcomes (think Japan, and Philippines as well as Germany) but they have never been overnight.

Maybe They're Learning...

A surprise! Maybe the results of the election did not miss the Dems completely. LifeNews is reporting that Tim Roemer a pro-life Dem. from the red state of Indiana has been endorsed by both Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid if he decides to seek the DNC chair. With such endorsements he is considered one of the front runners for the position. During his time in Congress Roemer has compiled a 95% pro-life record.

I have always said, that the abortion industry is doomed when the Dems are forced to embrace a pro-life position. Keep praying! We may be closer to a breakthrough in this area than many think.

First Thomas now Scalia

Rumers now are flying that Scalia will be elevated to the top spot as Chief Justice on the Supreme Court when Rehnquist steps down. Quite possibly this is becuase of Reid's comments about filibustering Thomas, but finding it hard to do the same with Scalia because of his high intelect. I like Thomas better, but Scalia sure knows how to punch were it hurts with his opinions. I could support either.

Kansas Relaxes its Punishment

The Kansas high court has just outlawed capital punishment saying it is a cruel and unusual. Their decision would be found unusual by the Founders, and terribly cruel to a proper reading of the Constitution. It is impossible that the Founders meant capital punishment to be included in the "cruel and unusual punishment" clause. Capital punishment was practiced at the time of the writing of the constitution, and continued in use until this day. Such a reading of the Constitution is nothing but legislating.
When a killing is as brutal as the sniper attacks that happened out east, most people cannot deny that justice is only served for those lives that were lost by the use of capital punishment. The protection of life, and value of life demands it. Capital punishment is not revenge it is justice.

Merry Christmas! Our family could not wait for Christmas day, so we opened up our presents early. Two 22's were the big attraction this year. Even more fun then all the gifts was the family traditions and excellent family time that we had last night. "Merry Christmas" was not just some greeting, it was reality.

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Friday, December 17


I just got myself signed up at It looks like a positive community of prolife blogs. They also have feeds coming in from other prolife sites. The clean site always goes over well with me as well.

Wednesday, December 15

Daschle and Blogs

Here is a good article on how the blogs beat the Mr. Daschle out of a job. It also mentions how it put heat on the local papers. Good read.

Whew, I'm done!

Not less than 10 minutes ago I finished my school for the year. Yeah! It was
a good year, but it is also very nice to have it all under the belt.

Now Open for Adoption

Wild Wisconsin is now open as an adoption agency. We have the most beautiful
kitties you have ever seen ready today to be in your home with just a few
nessecary arrangements now provided via the phone and internet!

First off you need a home study. We will provide one via phone call and
internet chat for only $235.

Second, you need to provide us with a family profile and history. Coaching
to get this in just the right format for our experts to read will cost you
just $54.

Third, you will need a lawyer or at least some sort of legal advice to
compelte the legal aspects of the paper work. All provided for only $300/hr
right through our agency!

You might want to realize that after you have proceeded this far the real
choice begins. Our agency has decided that the dark striped cats are from a
minority group. Such cats noramlly take longer to adopt out and hence are
less expensive. Once you have completed the above requirements your adoption
for a striped cat will cost about $500. Other kitties will cost you about

We look forward to helping you pick that perfect kitty. Email us today at to make sure you have the kitty in your home by next

Wild Wisconsin Adoption Agency

Connor Peterson's Gift

The case is finally over. Scott Peterson was given the death penalty as the
media whipped up another story to fill in the news gaps. This was hardly a
legitimate national news story, yet some significant developments occurred

During the trial it was hard to avoid the humanity of the unborn son Connor.
The MSM even gave up trying to call it a fetus or some other dehumanizing
term. Connor was called a child, a child even before he was born, and his
father Scott was given the death penalty because he killed two people, his
wife and child. Such designation of humanity on the life a preborn child
will never be good for the abortion industry that supports itself by denying
that there is any life before birth.

Tuesday, December 14

Looking to 2008

The Friar reports that Hewitt and others think that Rudy could be a great person for president in 2008. They say that he could avoid or plasate the abortion issue by saying that states should deal with the issue. I disagree.

Whereas many things (education, health care, poor aid, intrastate commerce, etc.) Constitutionally should be dealt with at the state level, abortion should never be. The 14th Amendment protects the right to life from any infringement by the states and thus it is the Federal gov't responsibility to protect life.

It may be that many conservatives are confused on this issue because of the many state rights that have been violated. I also can see many tempted (including myself)to use states rights on the issue to take steps in the right direction. But Constitutionally...this is not a state issue and I could never support Rudy if that was his view.

I could never vote for Rudy, nor do I think he would make a good candidate. He would be another worthless Dole.

Update: Fiar responds although I could not understand his position, and responded accordingly.

Monday, December 13

Kerry Recounts

If it is so important to Kerry that every vote be counted (which I think is a valid goal) then why is he only concerned about Ohio? Is it only coincidence that the state that is closest and could change the outcome of the elections (Florida yesterday, Ohio today) is the only one that has voting problems?

Saturday, December 11

Venison: Price Per Pound Going Up

Doyle is talking about jacking up the price of deer hunting licenses. Republicans say they will resist and lower the hike.

More From the Perfect PC Winner

Maathai got the Nobel PC Prize for hitting men...
"I believe that a great honor such as this bestowed on an African woman can only encourage and empower women, especially the African women. And it can only make men stand up and wonder what has hit them,'"

...and planting trees.

"Deforestation has been a major problem in Kenya, exposing millions of people to drought and poverty, and by planting trees, the Green Belt Movement has aimed to promote biodiversity, democracy, peace, human rights and giving women a stronger identity in society"

And I thought this was a prize given in the protection of humanity not plants. So if you want to be selected for next year's Nobel PC Prize, go hug a tree and drive an electric car.

I heard that Alfred Nobel is rolling in his grave so fast he needs ball bearings and frequent lubrication to keep him from overheating.


The Nobel PC Prize Has Been Awarded...

and hardly ever before has there been a more valid recipient. Arafat came
close when he received this same award for his work as the head of the
Palestinians. Who could be more PC then a man who stood up against the
Israeli state and fought suicide boomer and nail to hold on to power... I
mean form a Palestinian state? It is hard to imagine but the Nobel committee
almost got Arafat right: he was more about peace and not so PC--that is
after he died. Haven't you noticed how hopeful things are in the middle east
after this man was taken out of the picture? The Nobel PC Prize turned into
its real Nobel Peace Prize posthumously for all his work done posthumously.
How fortunate! Maybe they should try Osama for the next Peace prize. He
might really work for peace posthumously too!

U.N. general Kofi Anan was another excellent recipient of the Nobel PC
Prize. Black, African, an excellent dose of Clintonian evasiveness and the
darling advocate of all Liberal causes he was second only to this years
Nobel PC Prize recipient. How about his staunch opposition to taking out the
murderous Iraqi dictator, as his son secretly guzzles oil-for-food funds
with the rest of old Europe? That's perfectly PC too these days it seems.

But this years winner tops them all. Wangari Maathai wins the Nobel PC Prize
for her environmental work planting millions of trees in Africa and
resisting the efforts of deforestation. As well as her environmental work
she earns this PC prize because she is an African women with a PhD. She's
resisted sky-scrapers, and become the first women at a Nairobi college. All
of these things could be good, but are they really efforts for peace?
Maathai seems to be the final part of the morph from Nobel's wonderful Peace
Prize into the modern day Nobel PC Prize.

Friday, December 10

The Link

Sorry. Here is the Link for the last post (Via brainpost)

House on The Rock Went Flat

This article says that Kerry still hasn't paid for his time when he stayed
at a Wisconsin inn, The House on the Rock to prepare for his first debate.
Normally people pay in a month. When asked if they are going to get the
lawyers, the owner said it was getting to that point.

Answers to the Blog Test

Check out how well you did...
Who ran Bush's website?= Patrick Ruffini (
What is lgf?= littlegreenfootballs ( one of the top
blogs on the internet; military emphasis)
Where do you vote early and often to support your favorite blog?= Weblog
Awards ( awards should be coming out soon.)
What does "pajamaheedan" stand for?= (Correction, actually the word is
pajamahadin) A new word taken on by bloggers after the MSM accused them of
being commentators in pajamas.
What is a "blogroll?"= This is the list of links along side of your blog.
What does it mean when you get a "hit?"= A hit is when someone visits your
What is a permalink?= A permalink or permanent link enables others to link
to a post and not just your blog home page.
What does MSM stand for?= Main Stream Media
Which blog is credited with taking down Dan Rather?= Powerline
Is DalyKos liberal or conservative?= Liberal

Work Wanted

'Work Wanted' is not just a good title. I am looking for work. Know of any?
But as I begin to look for work it also makes me evaluate the jobs around
me, and how other evaluate them. Many people criticize work. "Just flipping
hamburgers" they say about entry level jobs. Others like to poke around and
find what they would consider to be the worst job ( worldmagblog did this
not to long ago). When I told someone that I was looking at doing a job in
construction they told me "Don't do that! It's too cold a job!" Isn't there
something improperly degrading (hit read more) about
this type of criticism?

Work today in our capitalistic society is our daily bread. It comes as a
blessing, a gift from the Lord and something that we are to pursue with all
of our might. Other than for wages earned in an immoral or criminal way,
legitimate work should never be slandered or degraded. We are commanded to
be thankful for it. I'm not saying that we should always stay a hamburger
flipper. Working diligently also means promotion, even moving, and the just
increased compensation for the increased work is valid. But this does not
give us the right to talk ill of jobs beneath us, or that are not of our

Immigrants to the US come (like the Mexican workers at dairy farms in here
in WI) and often start out with these less favorable jobs. By working hard
they drive the economy forward, and make a better life for themselves and
their children. These people have such a sense of dignity that they would
rather work a steady entry level job instead of getting gov't hand outs.
This what we want and will lose if we slander these workers and their jobs.

Part of my criteria, since pay is not so vitally important, is for a
learning experience to by apart of the work. But whatever I do, my goal is
to be thankful for the work and also thank the many people at entry level
jobs who help themselves and their neighbor by keeping up their good work.
Criticism receiver should never have to be apart of their job

Not in the US of A (I hope)

The Canadian high court has just pronounced that the anti-marriage
legislation that was PROPOSED by Parliament is constitutional. Read this
again. This is not passing judgment on legislations that has been passed,
this is passing review on what WILL or could be passed. I don't know the
laws in Canada, but this would be blatantly unconstitutional in America. The
Ashwander rules require that the Courts can only rule (they can never give
advise) on laws that are already passed. Besides the reasoning for the
ruling, the method that was used brings us to the threshold of ultimate
judicial tyranny. Oh yeah, if it didn't sink in yet, this ruling clears the
way of legalized same sex 'marriages' in Canada. God save our gracious land!

Thursday, December 9

Tommy '06!

Tommy Thomson, Wisconsin's old governor, has sent in his resignation for his
cabinet post in the Bush Administration. When asked what he was going to do,
he hinted that he might run for Kohl's Senate seat. Go for it Tommy! I truly
believe that Tommy would make an excellent candidate and would do an
excellent job as a Senator. I know the next election is years ahead
(thankfully) but it is never too early to start looking for good candidates.
Doyle needs a good run for his seat too. It's time to be on the look out.

Tuesday, December 7

Take the Blog Test

How well are you acquainted with the blogosphere? Take this test and see how
well you do.

Who ran Bush's website?

What is lgf?

Where do you vote early and often these days to support your favorite blog?

What does "pajamaheedan" stand for?

What is a "blogroll?"

What does it mean when you get a "hit?"

What is a permalink?

What does MSM stand for?

Which blog is credited with taking down Dan Rather?

Is DalyKos liberal or conservative?

8-10 Blog geek.
5-7 Frequent stopper.
3-4 You're starting to roll.
0-2 "What's a blog" status.

Place your score in the comment area. Answers will be coming.

Monday, December 6

School Choice I

I am totally frustrated with the government monopoly of education. I have
been doing some research on school choice education lately to find out what
is the best option for change. Just saying get the government out of it is
going to get you nowhere. Vouchers can't work I don't think because the
money still floats through the gov't and thus becomes an obvious
church-state issue. (I say obvious because all education is really a
church-state issue).

Tax credits are a much better idea. Here is a good synopsis of the system:

"Under the UTTC(tax credit), parents would receive a dollar for dollar
reduction in their Virginia State Income Tax liability for every dollar
spent on tuition, up to a limit of one-half of the per pupil expenditure in
the public school system, or 80 percent of the private school tuition,
whichever is smaller. However, not just parents get this benefit.
Individuals who pay others' tuition would get the same tax credit.
Corporations would receive a 100 percent tax credit for money donated to
fund scholarships. Thus, students whose families are too poor to pay a
significant amount of state income tax and who therefore could not take
advantage of a tax credit, could nevertheless receive a scholarship funded
by the UTTC."

School Choice 2

Here is a good outline of how the program would work

Liberalism: Good for What Ails You

I find it extremely amusing to read how the Democrats think that they will
get out of their election woes. Even more amusing is to contrast it with the
advise they gave to Republicans to get out of their election victory slump.
When the Republicans lost in the 90s they were told to become more liberal
to attract votes. Now when the Democrats are on the losing side instead of
thinking that they need to become more conservative to win elections, they
think that they must become more liberal! (E.g., Hillary should run for

Do you get it? Becoming more liberal is good for what ails you! Come on
admit, it is not strategy; it is ideology. Here's a novel thought. Maybe
it's the opposite. Both Democrats and Republicans need to become more
conservative if they want to win elections in the American Heartland.

Become more conservative or liberal to win elections? Bahumbug! Elections
are won when we are shinning brightly enough with the truth to pierce
through the liberal smudge.

Christmas Wish List

What do I want above all else for Christmas? I could list for you several
dozen things that could fit under the tree, but as I continued to ponder
what I really want my thoughts turned elsewhere. More than material things I
realized what would most benefit my life would be increased diligence,
patience and love--character qualities that I need to develop in my life.
How about you? What would you like for Christmas?

P.S. I am sorry if I led some to think that they could do their Christmas
shopping after reading this post. You should have known me better than to
believe I would do such a thing!

Site Report

You may have noticed a few changes to the blog lately. I have been tweaking
my layout just a bit to get more information on my page in an easier format
to read. Also I have a new commenting system. Try it out. I think you will
find it much more enjoyable to use. The only down side is that I can't get
the comments emailed to myself so my responses may be slower.

Finally, I also have a new service located at the bottom of my left hand bar
that enables you to enter your email address and receive my blog post
directly to your email box. If you like using your email as much as I do to
keep a finger on how things are going on the web, use this function.

Saturday, December 4

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Unbaised Wording? Yeah Right!

Have you ever noticed that there is a new word game to describe the people
on both sides of the abortion debate? According to the media these days you
are either for abortion rights or against them. And they think that this
sort of word framing is unbiased? Yeah right! Who ever wanted to be against
a "right?" No folks this is just a blatant effort smear the pro-life side.
You can't fool me. I'm in favor of "rights." I'm in favor of the rights of
the pre-born, and that makes the other side against them.

What Does Pro-choice Mean Anyways?

"We're proudly pro-choice. It doesn't mean you're for or against abortion. It means that you believe people should have the choice,"

--Jenny Backus, a spokeswoman at the Democratic National Committee

Friday, December 3

Ordering Babies

has a revealing post on how our life rejecting society now looks
upon having children. Kill your two triplets if you only want one, kill your
retarded child after birth, harvest organs off another, and make sure you
get it designed with those blue eyes you always wanted. This mall
conversation is packaged in biting satire.

Spam Fight

Are you tired of spam? Do you wish for a little revenge? Kinda like wanting to know when the telemarketers are eating so that you can give them a call during there supper? Well now there is a way to fight the spam if you feel so inclined.

Lycos a for-profit company has developed a screen saver that you can install on your computer that floods the servers of spamers when you are not using the internet. The program does not kill the servers completely just suffocates them down to about 5% potential. This is the Wild West of Cyberspace. Are you going to join the posse?

MSN starts to Blog

Hah! so Microsoft wants to invade blogging now too. Well Google will give them some steep competition. I don't plan on switching myself soon. I don't even have ads on my blog anymore and Microsoft will.


A major agreement just came out. Looks like a new vote for who is to be
their Prez. Both sides is stopping violence, and the protesters are going
home. Almost too good to be true.
Blog here to find excellent
updates on the event right from Ukraine.

YOU'RE A CITIZEN!: I just got back from a swearing in ceremony for my Mom. A
hearty welcome to her on her American citizenship. I was very pleased with
the event. They made if formal and emphasized the great responsibility that
a citizen has. Best of all the judge gave a small speech in which he said
that as an American you are not pledging yourself to a king, or queen,
prince, or even a land or president. You are pledging yourself to the
Constitution of the United States and the rights that it contains. Right on!

Also of note... I was talking with a man who had recently immigrated from
Canada. Why did he come? Well, being a doctor socialized medicine didn't
work out too well for him. Needless to say he didn't have anything good to
say about our moves toward socialized medicine either.

NO LOSE RACE:Louisiana has two more Congressional races to decide before the
for this year are over. Listen to what the candidates have to say about

Candidate 1: "I believe that life begins at conception and that it should
be protected just as any other human life."
Candidate 2: Strongly pro-life, Has a pro-life voting record in the
Louisiana legislature.

Gun Rights:
Candidate 1: "As an avid hunter, I believe in the Second Amendment Right to
bear arms, and will strongly safeguard this constitutional right."
Candidate 2: Opposes gun control, Opposes the assault weapons ban, "A"
ratings with the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America.

Now here is surprise. Both of these candidates are the Democrats in the
race. That's right, there are also Republicans in this race who are trying
to sell themselves as more pro-life, pro-marriage etc. See what I mean this
is a race that can't be lost?

The MSM is framing this election as a final pitting against the Democrats
and Republicans. Even more important in these races is that which ever
candidate wins a value voter will be going to Washington. I would probably
vote Republican in this election because of social issues, but I secretly
wish that the Democrats will win and show the rest of their party what
values it takes to be a winning candidate.

REVOLUTIONARY QUESTION: My cousin asked me if I thought that the Industrial
Revolution made this world a better place here is my answer.
A very good question that you asked about the Industrial Revolution. Looking
back on the era we see many negatives. Families were often pulled from their
home labors and stuck in factories were they were criticized at just
becoming a cog in the huge industrial machine. There were environmental
problems too....Smog choked to death the inhabitants
of the cities the were on the forefront of the movement. (It would be an
interesting investigation for you to look an incident in London when an
atmospheric abnormality called an air inversion kept the smoke and smog from
going up and suffocated many people in London.) But all of these things must
be taken in perspective.

Before the Industrial Revolution the lives of the common people was not what
you would call desirable. Most people lived on small farms where they barely
had enough food to eat in the good years. In the bad years thousands would
starve as famines swept the land. It is true that most people still lived in
cohesive family units. But what good is a family if half of you are dead? In
most countries the Industrial Revolution was not forced upon people (Russia
is an exception). The people voluntarily left their farms that were unable
to sustain them and moved to the cities that promised bread on the table for
the work they put in at their factory jobs. So it is unfair to say that the
Industrial Revolution made people work harder or made them sicker. They were
actually probably healthier than before since they were able to have food on
the table and even if they worked 12 hours a day this was no different then
what they had been working before.

The family separation and child labor that accompanied the Industrial
Revolution I continue to believe was a poor thing. But many of the poor
things that initially were hard in the Industrial Revolution were worked out
over time. Today there is an increasing trend toward people working in the
service sector who can again work from their homes as a result of the
Industrial Revolution.

I unabashedly think that most things that came from the Industrial
Revolution was good. God's command to fill the earth and subdue it is better
fulfilled when we are able to more efficiently provide for our needs and
wants. Should material wealth and well being be our central focus? Of course
not. But to wage a campaign to destroy it is just as wrong.

I see that I might have missed the thrust of your question. Is this world a
better place because of the Industrial Revolution? The debate often revolves
around what is "better." I don't believe this world is better or worse off
spiritually because of the Industrial Revolution. That aside, just looking
at our physical lives, I would affirm that, yes we are better off. Anyone
can go back to living like they did before the Industrial Revolution. Just
pick a lone plot of ground and start just growing enough to feed yourself
and you family. Obviously most people do not choose to do this. They find
that the convinces that the Industrial Revolution has given us are "better"
than what hand to mouth living has to offer.

Wednesday, December 1

Adult Stem Cells Get Up and Walk

So much for the Edwards claims that embryonic stem cells will make people to
get up and walk. Most scientist believe that to be far fetched and even if
possible a long ways off. The better option is adult stem cells that today
got a report that they helped a lady walk again. Read below for full

KWANGJU, South Korea, November 30, 2004 ( - A 37-year-old
South Korean woman, paralysed 20 years ago as a result of a spinal injury,
is walking again. Hers is the first recorded recovery of a spinal injury
from the use of stem cells - her doctors used umbilical cord-blood stem

The AFP reported that Hwang Mi-Soon shed tears as she took her first steps
before a group of reporters Thursday, using the help of a walker. "This is
already a miracle for me," Hwang said. "I never dreamed of getting to my
feet again." She stood up out of her wheelchair and shuffled a few paces
back and forth.

"We have glimpsed at a silver lining over the horizon," Chosun University
medical school professor and researcher Song Chang-Hoon said. The new
treatment has yet to be confirmed and duplicated, but may mark a new era in
spinal cord injury treatment, he said. "We were all surprised at the fast
improvements in the patient."

The AFP also reported that there is rarely any host immune rejection of
umbilical cord-derived stem cells, unlike embryonic cells, which may
actually form into tumors after being injected.

"It is just one case and we need more experiments, more data," another
researcher, Oh Il-Hoon, said. "I believe experts in other countries have
been conducting similar experiments and accumulating data before making the
results public."

A Sputter Post

My brain feels fried and I haven't even started to study for finals yet.
Well, my final papers might have something to do with it. I just finished a
30 page moot court brief that was a real mind user. Was that search
reasonable under the Fourth Amendment? Should the state official be granted
qualified immunity under because the law was not clearly established at the
time? You get the idea.

I got out today to do some firewood to clear the brain. There is nothing
like a ol' manual labor. I never imagined before I got stuck on the keys and
mouse how good it would feel to get out and feel the wind on your face.

I beginning to think about Christmas. I think I will be posting my Christmas
wish list up here on my blog in a few days. Just in case someone
wondered.... Just kidding. I think you will be surprised what is on my list.