Monday, May 31

Cool memento

Bush got
Saddam's pistol
that he was holding when he was captured. It will be mounted on his wall in a small room off of the oval office. Remember to look for it when you visit the president. :-)

Passed 100!

Today I officially passed 100 hits on my blog! Granted, some of those hits are mine when I go to check to make sure all is looking good, but still its a mile stone. Check more stats by clicking on the site meter at the bottom of the page. A thanks to all of you who have made stops by. Please drop me a note and tell me what you think of the content and focus of this blog. I write this blog for my own enjoyment and education but I hope it can be helpful to others as well.

Memorial Day

Here's a brief history of Memorial Day:

Memorial Day was officially proclaimed on 5 May 1868 by General John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, in his General Order No. 11, and was first observed on 30 May 1868, when flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. The first state to officially recognize the holiday was New York in 1873. By 1890 it was recognized by all of the northern states. The South refused to acknowledge the day, honoring their dead on separate days until after World War I (when the holiday changed from honoring just those who died fighting in the Civil War to honoring Americans who died fighting in any war). It is now celebrated in almost every State on the last Monday in May

What goodwill?

In the attacks on the Bush administration one of the reoccurring attacks has been that he squandered the 9/11 goodwill of foreign countries in his invasion of Iraq. When Gephardt was still in the race he put it this way.

I'm calling for new national leadership because the Bush-Cheney bravado has left us isolated in the world -- fracturing 50 years of alliances, calling into question our credibility, squandering the global goodwill that was showered on us after 9/11.

Now wait just a sec on that argument leaving aside for the time being the reasons we went to war for the time being. First, these friends who don't chubby up to the US as closely anymore would predominately be France, Germany, Russia, and China among others. Thinking back to our world before 9/11 do you think that any of these countries were really that close to America? When 9/11 happens it is only appropriate to weep with those who weep, but just like the Democrats back home once they have a chance they will go back to their criticizings of the US and its administration. You just don't get or stay elected in France if you look pro-American. Like big business: everyone likes to use and benefit silently from them, but it is political folly to openly say you love them.

Second, not all the world was alienated by the US's decision to go to war in Iraq. England, Australia, Poland, and until recently Spain supported us in the war. We could have alienated their goodwill if we didn't. You just couldn't satisfy everyone. Forget this idea that 9/11 goodwill was squandered. Democrats, the media, France and China just fell back to their standard hatred of the US and Bush, that's all.

Which is better, war or peace?

I haven't seen such a poor and misleading question is quite some time. This was a question that was given in our local Dunn County News as a question that the readers were suppose to answer via email. They only let us have 40 words so here was my concise answer:

Congratulations—poor question. It’s like asking: which is better, speeding tickets or speed limit complying motorists? As civil order is preserved by enforcement, so the goal of peace is only preserved by a willingness to combat evil through war.

I can just see the newspaper getting 99% of the respondents saying they favored peace and come to the democratic conclusion that we should pull out of Iraq and not fight any more wars for the rest of history. Get real. If a country would ever realistically take that stand in the face of aggression they would cease to be a country very soon. Like I said, peace is the reward of those who are vigilant and prepared for war. Neville Chamberlain of England famously tried to pacify the Nazis in an attempt to get peace and only got a bigger war. Lack of resolution to protect or an avoidance of war at all costs for the said purpose of peace will only bring annihilation or a much larger loss of life and property than decisive action and being prepared.

Saturday, May 29

Elections Year Gear: John Kerry Flip-Flops

These special sandals are billed as the way to annoy your liberal friends. I couldn't ever afford to buy these but I sure though they were funny. On the larger image you can read all the flip-flopping he's done.

SSM and the Slippery Slope

With the advent of same-sex marriage (SSM) being thrust upon us in full force it becomes all the more important understand its shock waves. The debate about if SSM will usher in a new era of polygamy, incest, and many other sexual perversions is upon us. Most who argue that same-sex marriage is OK dismiss its relationship to the other forms of perversion, but the reality of it is becoming too clear. CNS news reports that there is a professor in New Zealand that wants to legalize incest. The Evangelical Outpost answers those who would like to say that same-sex marriage is OK but not the other perversions. The Volokhs offer a libertarian grudging acceptance that this slippery slope might be true.

Rick Santorom's startling statements about the ramifications from the Lawrence Supreme Court decision seem to be vindicated more and more every day.

Strawberries! Don't be fooled though, they aren't ready here in Wisconsin yet. This is a picture from a few years ago. With the cool weather we've been having the last while, it appears that the season will be later rather than sooner. When I asked the owner of the strawberry patch that we work at, he said that the normal starting time is the 20th of June give or take five days. I'll go out on a limb though and project the starting date to be the 23 of June.

World War Two Memorial

Today will be the first day that the World War Two Memorail in Wastington will be open for viewing today. Full story here

One of the things that strikes me about this generation is not only their great sacrifice, but also the heavy dose of patriotism that was displayed during the war. The opposition before Pearl Harbor was not unlike the feelings expressed before our war in Iraq, but once the war was declared there was a committment and dedication to get the war done. It was not easy. There were many casulaties, and many hardships for those at home as well. But there preserverance gave us freedom. May we always remember, and may God bless them.

Thursday, May 27

Campaign Finance Deform

The chairman of the Committee on House Administration, Bob Ney, is calling the Campaign Finance Reform law of 2002 that was put through with the help of our Senator a failure. The result of this law has tended not to help keep large and improper infusions of cash out of the political fray but only to confuse those who try and work with the law. 527 groups like are an important aspect of the whole situation. The problem is that the wealthy, well-funded interest groups, and incumbent politicians will still get the money and weave through the laws, but the grassroots aspect will be squashed.

I've been tepidly supportive of campaign fiance reform but a debate in one of my classes began to aptly show that money will always flow to campaigns and should as a part of free speech protection. Just like a business monopoly, deregulation rather than more regulation is probably the answer. This is Washington beltway protection and nothing else.

Where's the Economy Report Stupid?

The economies recovering. It's fact. The GDP is going up, and now even jobs are coming back. We heard a bunch about the economy several months ago when the economy was still on the path to recovery, but now that its actually happening things are silent on the issue. All this means that consumers confidence is down. There's a laps in response to reality, I can't imagine who's to blame and why. Think: it's an election year.

Wednesday, May 26

PHC in the News

This was the best and most accurate report I have read about PHC (in the Metro version of the Washington Post) yet. A must read. Many of the other reports about the college although not completely negative got hung up on fringe issues like the dress code, or the dating rules. This report does an excellent job giving what I believe PHC is all about and what its goals are.

Although the school has graduated just 21 students in two classes and its student body remains small, Farris said his students are having a disproportionately large impact on Washington. Two Patrick Henry students have worked in the White House. Another is serving with the coalition authority in Iraq.

Some have been interns at the Heritage Foundation think tank and the Interior Department. They have volunteered for political candidates across the country and have been especially active in races in Loudoun County and statewide.

"I think you could find 21 students out of the graduating class of the University of Virginia doing as much," Farris said. "But I think we would compare in a superior fashion when you look at 100 percent of the students and what they're doing."

The Ultimate Sacrifice

"His was a selfless act of courage to save his fellow Marines..." Those were the words of the sergeant of Cpl. Jason L. Dunham's 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment about his sacrifice. As Dunham and two other fellow marines were manning a checkpoint on April 14, a terrorist jumped from his stopped vehicle and started to sprint away. Dunham chased and tackled the man to the ground, but as his comrades approached to complete the apprehension of the prisoner the terrorist pulled a pin from a hand grenade. That was when Dunham stepped into action. Knowing full well what he was doing, he jumped on the grenade, his body taking the full impact of the explosion but protecting his fellow marines in the process. Although his Kevlar suit protected him from part of the blast, Jason Dunham died ten days later from his injuries.

This is the type of person who know the meaning of the word sacrifice.

This is the person who knows the sacrifices of freedom.

This is the person who knows what it is to lay down one's life for his friends.

Tuesday, May 25

Clothes, Changing and Meetings.

I reissued my curse of clothing. At least I cursed that we must fit our clothes to the occasion. My day today went like this: change into shorts for running, change into grubs for working in the garden, change into shirt and tie for singing at a funeral, change into my rag-tag and wonderfully comfortable jeans again for crawling on my hands and knees through the dirt at the strawberry field, and finally change into a shirt and tie once again to sing at an evening meeting. See now why I curse the necessity to suit your clothes to the function? My whole day was spent up in my room switching from one costume to the next. I've been trying all day to figure out a "one style fits for all occasion" clothing; kinda like dog food for a dogs menu. Any good ideas?

Monday, May 24

A Picture Worth A Thousand Lives

This picture, one of those that is the result of the startling 4D pictures put out by GE, was so obviously a baby that even the New York Times had to break its policy of calling preborn babies a fetus and actually call it what it is-- a baby. It was just a new invention but the proabortion camp realizes that their smokescreens of "a women's choice" fall out from under them when the world sees pictures like this. Pictures like this are powerful. Cal Thomas on it here. More also and credit for the story here

Some cartoons are just cynical. I think this makes a good point though. Hat tip: Jessica

Canadian elections

Canada will be having an election that will decide if the Liberal party and its Prime Minister Paul Martin will stay in power. I have just started to catch up on what the election is all about today. Many of my relatives to the north have been displeased with the present PM-- a quick looks tells me they have good reason. Scandals have rocked the present administration over a multimillion dollar sponsorship scandal. Furthermore, the main opposition leader Stephen Harper calls on the government to cut taxes, and wants to reform Canada's sagging health care system. Paul Martin even accused Steven Harper of changing Canada's health care system into an American version. *sarcasm* How terrible!

Answer to the Peace Nix: Star-Spangled Banner

Looking over the third verse to our national anthem recently I found quite an interesting rebuttal to those who think we should never go to war; those peace nixs who sprouted up when we launched the war in answer to the terrorists. Although the words do not fit as a direct application to our war in Iraq at this time, they should remind us of the necessity to preserve our liberty and to hold on to our resolve.

And were is that band, who so vauntingly swore,
That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion,
A home and a country should leave us no more?
Their blood has washed out their foul foot steps' pollution;
No refuge could save the hireling and slave,
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,

--Francis Scott Key

A Hunting we shall go II

A hand for perspective

Saturday, May 22

The Bayonet Charge

Very cool story that Cali-Carolina picked up on. Food for thought: "would you have heard this on NPR?"

Outnumbered British soldiers killed 35 Iraqi attackers in the Army’s first bayonet charge since the Falklands War 22 years ago.
The fearless Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders stormed rebel positions after being ambushed and pinned down.

Despite being outnumbered five to one, they suffered only three minor wounds in the hand-to-hand fighting near the city of Amara.

The battle erupted after Land Rovers carrying 20 Argylls came under attack on a highway.

After radioing for back-up, they fixed bayonets and charged at 100 rebels using tactics learned in drills.

President For Life

President Bush reaffirmed his pro-life views recently at his commencement speech at Concordia University. A few clips below. More here.

A compassionate society shows a special concern for those at the beginning of life, those at the end of life and those who struggle in life with disabilities...

...This commitment to the value of every life also challenges our society...New methods of research hold promise in treating disease. These innovations show the resourcefulness of humanity, and they must be guided by all the wisdom of humanity...

...Our worth as human beings does not depend on our health, or productivity, or independence, or any other shifting value the world might apply. Our worth comes from bearing the image of our Maker...

...Our Declaration of Independence calls life an endowment of the Creator, and on earth, an unalienable right. Applying this belief has always been a test of our democracy...

Friday, May 21

Fetal-Pain Bill

A new bill was introduced yesterday in the Senate by Sen. Sam Brownback R-Kansas and in the House by Rep. Christopher Hill that would require abortionists to inform their clients of the pain that the child will feel in the abortion. This is a wonderful concept to again show the humanity of the unborn. Another thing to notice about the bill is that it came about because of the evidence given in the partial-birth abortion court cases. Every protection of the unborn has and will help. Washington Times with more here.

Update: I found out the bill is called the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act and its House number is, HR 4420. More on the story here

Democracy in Iraq

The question came up last time I chatted with a class of mine, if democracy was possible in Iraq. I was pretty pessimistic. I fully support the decision of the US to go into Iraq, and think Saddam and his dubious connections had to be dealt with, but to expect the country to turn around in a few short months and become a beacon for democracy is a bit too idealistic. Part of my pessimism comes from some of my other studies on American and European history. It is a well established fact through examples like Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, Russia and others that countries that had been under a despotic rule rarely can permanently change into a democracy. They always start out fine but soon slip back to finding and establishing a new dictator. If they do end up in setting up a good democracy it normally takes years and years of careful direction for it to happen. Quickly pushing Iraq toward a democracy without suitable guidance is a recipe for defeat. A democratic system is something that must be learned by the electorate. Leaving Iraq right now with a democracy is like leaving a ten year old to fly a jet. It's looking for a crash and burn. What would happen in Iraq if they had an election like we had in 2000? I see guns and bullets coming out to fight the dimpled chads. That would be the natural reaction since that is what they were used to under Saddam, and how they seem to be resolving their problems now. They must be taught the rule of law, only then will they live in a free democracy, and to this end a Christ induced change of lives and attitudes would go a long way toward that goal. And as for our part? Please have patience! It still may be possible to set up democracy in Iraq but it will take time if we are going to do it right.

Thursday, May 20

A minimum wage earner's look at raising the minimum wage.

The governor said he will also continue to push for an incremental increase in the current $5.15 per hour minimum wage, up to $5.70 and then up to $6.50 hourly.

OK so I'm not quite making minimum wage, but close enough. But even with the personal benefit I would recieve from a minimum wage hike I can't support a gov't mandated minimum wage that shuts down jobs in Wisconsin. We've already lost enough, lets not lose anymore. I'm not against unions pushing for higher pay--that's all apart of the free market--but government keep your dirty hands out! For a clear example of how detrimental a minimum wage is just think of how much your groceries would cost if all the grocery workers had to be paid a minimum wage of $20/hr., and how many jobs the grocery store would seek to eliminate. Any machine would start to look mighty cheap with that sort price on labor.
Come on Doyle, let it be let it go!

An excellent report on the effects of a minimum wage here

After a long days work...

Giant watermelons planted in the garden.

1. Sweet corn popping up in the field.

My biz melons are sprouting inside an incubator.

Laud Fraud Company Report I

Yesterday gave me a perfect example of a frustrating and fraudulent company.
The service was poor and the product was terrible. On the other hand I just
love working with other businesses. We all have those pleasant and horrific
experiences in the free market world of buying and selling, and by giving
business to one and not to another we vote with our dollar hopefully
shutting down the poor businesses and promoting the best. My critique of
companies will not be limited to their service and product; a good company
will also be a moral company in its business and giving and I will try
whenever possible to add this to my critique. Therefore, periodically I will
be featuring on this blog a "Laud" company that is an example of good
business, and a "Fraud" company that deserves no ones business.
It's called may the best one win!

Laud: Wal-mart
I know that many people don't like Wal-mart at all, because it is too big.
For me though, they provide satisfactory service and excellent prices. If
its cheaper to sell things in mass, why should I be against it? Furthermore,
Wal-mart has a record of giving to very reputable places. In fact, even
locally they have done an outstanding job. When our neighbors house burnt
down, Wal-mart gave him a new TV set. Plus they have also given to the local
library which is a very good cause since it promotes the access of learning
to those who make the effort to do so.

Fraud: SBC (Local Telephone Company)
Yesterday when I called up SBC they informed me (contrary to their previous
words) that I wouldn't be able to stick my telephone line on hold or
vacation over the summer in order to gather some savings since I don't need
my telephone line for school over the summer. Also, while internet rates and
cell phone costs are going down, my phone line seems to be going up!
FRUSTRATION! I think the partial monopoly that SBC has on the local
telephones is a large part of the problem.

Tuesday, May 18

Aniversary of Brown

Here's a bit of history on the Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court case:

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kans., case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1954. Linda Brown was denied admission to her local elementary school in Topeka because she was black. When, combined with several other cases, her suit reached the Supreme Court, that body, in an opinion by recently appointed Chief Justice Earl Warren, broke with long tradition and unanimously overruled the “separate but equal” doctrine of Plessy v. Ferguson, holding for the first time that de jure segregation in the public schools violated the principle of equal protection under the law guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Responding to legal and sociological arguments presented by NAACP lawyers led by Thurgood Marshall, the court stressed that the “badge of inferiority” stamped on minority children by segregation hindered their full development no matter how “equal” physical facilities might be. After hearing further arguments on implementation, the court declared in 1955 that schools must be desegregated “with all deliberate speed.” (link)

If we accept public schools as part of the responsibility of the federal government then Brown  was a good thing. But some questions must be raised. Did you notice the sociological arguments that Thurgood Marshall used? Not good.  Second Paul Johnson in his book A History of the American People  critiques this case for the responsibility that the Supreme Court took that was really the executives place.

How about today? How is this event portrayed and what "progress" to many think still needs to be made in racial "equality"? NPR reported this morning that we must provide more uniform funding so that the poorer/minority districts get a better education. Throw that out the window as garbage. As a beginner I support the local control. I don't want state socialism being infused into the schools districts.  Second, I can't really believe that with all the money that is spent even in the poorest district that lack of funds is the problem. Private schools do much better in results with half of the funds of even the poorest public schools. The problem is much deeper. As deep maybe as public schools themselves.

Pre-Born Child Recognized as a Human

At least preborn children are now recognized as a member of the human race when a crime is committed. In one of the first test cases for Wisconsin's fetal homicide law, Quenton Quortez Thompson  was convicted of two murders for the killing of his girlfriend and child. This law has the prodeath camp shaking in its boots. We now acknowledge that this is a baby when it is a crime, why not acknowledge it is a baby in other instances? This was a very savvy move by the pro-life community and is the correct and effective approach that is needed in the fight for life. By picking legislation protects an obvious victim and obvious child its support is assured.
Beware though, the death camp knows the same strategy and is using it as well. This is why there has been such a push for embryonic stem cell research. It is a subtle way to get legislator to vote for death. Even some people that most would historically think of as conservative people like Nancy Reagan support this. The battle is never over. We must always stand up for the right and for life.

Monday, May 17

A Hunting We Will Go

It's now that precious narrow window of time to hunt for Mushrooms. This last few days we have been out in the woods when ever we can to search for the delicate treats. Morels are the best.

Also, the garden is coming along quite well. My sweet corn is up, my giant melons which I have sitting in some peat pots by my window will be going in soon, and I'm going to be trying to get the rest of my watermelons started this evening. Boy, its a wonderful time of year!

Hope to get some pics up on these events soon.

Massachusetts Lawlessness

In the shadow of the recent issuing of Massachusett's marriage licenses to Sodomite couples, there is shaping up to be another disobeying of the law by county clerks. Mass. Gov. Mitt Rodney warned the county clerks that they must abide by a 1913 law that forbids the issuing of marriage license to out of state resident. Many are going to break the law and do it anyways. In my brief reading today on the subject the outcry over this new breed of San Francisco lawlessness is again nonexistent. This is serious. Every government only survives if it follows the rule of law. My prayer is that there will be appropriate action taken but we'll have to wait and see. I'm not overly optimistic.

New Jersey: Liberty and Prosperity?

I think New Jersey will have to change its motto. Maybe something like supervision and prosperity would be closer to the truth--at least for homes schoolers. In an effort to take New Jersey from one of the least regulated states to one of the most regulated for home schoolers, a new bill has been introduced that would require New Jersey home schooled children to submit private medical and academic testing information currently not even required of private or of course the public schools. More here. I guess the reason for the new law is a highly publicized account of some home schoolers who had been abusing their children. It's a knee jerk reaction to an isolate problem if you ask me. I would like to see any information that would lead anyone to conclude that home schooling constantly leads to child abuse.

Hat tip: World blog

Friday, May 14

The Missed Story

The instapundit is reporting that the Nick Berg story is topping the list of hits at google here. It looks like once again the main stream media is missing the sentiments and interests of the American people. When will they learn? They want to keep the interests on the Abu Ghraib prison problem as the American people continue to see what the real problem is: there is a large difference between the two.

Thursday, May 13

Bombs Away!

Waffles is now considered a proper definiton of John Kerry. With all the flip-flopping he has done on the issue it really is about time that most should agree. Most surprisingly even Google agrees. Just click here and see. If you think that Google has got some conservative in their back room to have something like that happen though, think again. The real culprit is a collective conspiracy called a google bomb. By placing enough waffles links to John Kerrys web site, seach engines are tricked into displaying it as the first entry of a search. Now since you know what's up try the great preisdent search.

Wednesday, May 12

Our Canoe Trip

Picture of a waterfall with a marsh marigold from our canoe trip. Posted by Hello

Why Test?

If you wondered why the posts to this place over the last few days have been scarce college finals is the answer. Wonderful things aren't they? You wonder at times if your sanity will last. I think the rest of my family often wonders if I'm lost in another world during a week like this; even though I'm eating with them my thoughts are elsewhere. So for all the stress some would say let's chuck them all. In reality we need tests, and if you ask me next week I'll be able to say that I like them too.

First, probably at least half of the learning for a course comes in preparation for the test. If you just present the material there is a good chance that most will not care if they learn it or not. Tests take care of that problem.
Second, they do give you a good idea of how well you did. For various reasons, not excluding your own evaluation, there are reasons for wanting to know just how well you did in a course. Testing is the easiest way.
So how about you? Do you think we need tests?

Tuesday, May 11

Wanted in Iraq: Character

We often hear about setting up a stable Democracy in Iraq these days, but is stability and Democracy the real issue facing Iraq? A recent article in Citizen magazine highlighted the need for character as the primary need in Iraq. A few good quotes from army personal from Iraq that were quoted in the article: "There is no tradition of selfless national patriotism in this society at all" or "We could pour billions into this place and make no long-run difference if we don't change attitudes and behaviors. So that's one of our biggest pushes--to get Iraqis to take responsibility for their own fate."

Monday, May 10

Where will "Privacy Rights" end?

Now the privacy rights made famous in the Roe v. Wade abortion decision include the right to kill yourself, or even more alarming the right for someone to carry out your supposed wishes and kill you. That at least is the logic that was given by the judge in the now famous case of Terri Schiavo. The law that Gov. Bush in Florida so courageously implemented to save her life is being questioned once again by the activist judicial branch using privacy rights as its basis. I wonder if they will soon find it a privacy right of a mother to kill her two-year old?

More on the story from News Max below

"It is profoundly disappointing that the mere bald and naked assertions Mr. Schiavo makes go untested in this proceeding," said Ken Connor, Bush's attorney. "The effect of all of this is that Mr. Schiavo gets to kill his wife through starvation and dehydration if this order is upheld."

Circuit Judge W. Douglas Baird ruled Terri's Law unconstitutional for two reasons:

because it delegates legislative power to the governor, which might be a legitimate issue.

and because, the judge contends, it violates Terri Schiavo's right to privacy.
The second assertion is utterly baffling. Mrs. Schiavo left no living will or other document showing she would want to be put to death if disabled. If her "right to privacy" trumps her right to live, she'll have no privacy ... because she'll be dead.

Baird claims that Terri's Law interferes with Mrs. Schiavo's right to make her own medical decisions, even though she never made the decision to have herself killed and is unable now to make medical decisions.

'Right' to Be Killed for No Crime

Michael Schiavo's attorney, George Felos, said his client, who controls his wife's trust fund even though he lives with another woman, was "pleased and grateful." Felos insisted, "This is a very big day for Terri, for the enforcement of Terri's rights."

Mrs. Schiavo's father, Bob Schindler, lashed out at the judge for showing "an utterly cavalier attitude and a complete disregard for the rule of law."

Connor said: "The governor believes very strongly that this statute is constitutional and there are a variety of compelling state interests here. The first is the protection of innocent life."

Both sides expect the case to end up in the Democrat-dominated Florida Supreme Court, the same bunch that abetted Al Gore in his failed coup attempt of 2000.

Our Compassionate President

During a campaign rally in Ohio the President was told that there was a girl in the crowd who had lost her mother in the 9/11 attacks. His response was captured below...

More on the story here

Hat tip: World mag

McCarthyism in 9/11 commissions

I would have been thoroughly mystified why we haven't heard this term applied to the 9/11 commission if I didn't know who are the gatekeepers to the news. Back in the 1950 Joe McCarthy turned a legitimate campaign to investigate the infiltration of Communists into personal grandstanding. Today liberals will throw McCarthyism at anyone who tries to investigate what they are doing if it is legitimate or not. The problem is, is that they refuse to use it on themselves. Although the definition of McCarthyism (The practice of publicizing accusations of political disloyalty or subversion with insufficient regard to evidence.) applies rather easily to the commission's politicized of the events, this word is absent from the rhetoric; its too negative for their campaign to hurt the president.

Happy Mother's Day!

It must be one of those best celebrations of the year. They are the hidden forces of influence. The directors behind the curtain that create the great men. I am especially reminded of Abigail Adams and the gigantic impact she had on one of our most important founders and President John Adams. Plus the molding of another future president John Quincy Adams. She was an extraordinary example of a mother who stayed in her role and yet had a large role in our nations framing. In closing I want to say, Thanks Mom for all you've done for me!

Friday, May 7

Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

That seemed to be the theme of the speech that the President gave here in western Wisconsin. We're all thrilled that he remembers us and wants our vote out in a bit of the land of nowhere, but why does he stop by? The answer is the Electoral College. With the Electoral College the President must win by state and not by the most number of individual votes. Therefore, since Wisconsin promises once again to be very close in giving its votes to either Bush or Kerry both will be campaigning here 'till election day.

Thursday, May 6

Max Boot On Fallouga

Since I have just finished reading his book on the American history of small wars this article definitely caught my eye. I really liked his book so his warnings and suggestions I think should be looked at seriously.

Calling A Nation to Prayer

For many years now our country has acknowledged a national day of prayer. Congress did in 1775, Abraham Lincoln also proclaimed such a day. In 1952 it became a national holiday, and Reagan placed the annual date on the first Thursday of May each year. Since then every president has issued a proclamation acknowledging this day, today being no different with Bush's proclamation here. A wonderful outdoor prayer meeting was held here in Menomonie which I attended. I would post some pics of it if I had taken some pictures or if I could post them here, but since I did/can't do either you will not get to see a visual of the event. Nevertheless there is no doubt that our nations leaders need prayer each and every day.

Dear Lord,
We thank you for those you have placed over us in places of leadership to protect and guide us and our country. We ask that you would be with them in their heavy burdens of responsibilities to make wise and prudent decision for our country. Bless them also for the work that they do. Amen.

Wednesday, May 5

Protecting Women's Bodies

It looks like the pro-abortion camp is having a hard time living up to their own lingo. When some pro-life college students started to protest at a Kerry swing to support abortion little thought was given to the welfare of the women protestors' bodies and some were injured. Should we be surprised? No. Remember they don't protect the bodies of preborn women either. I wonder when they'll finally catch on?

O Brother Where Art Thou?

Deserted. That's what I feel like in this room where I will no longer have a roommate. My brother Justo is gone to Canada for a few weeks to help out with computer stuff with an uncle and family. I'm glad he could go but its too bad he couldn't be here at the same time

First Day Up!

First day! With no time to do some of the extensive blogging that so many others do, I hope to post something here about once a week. If I'm feeling keyboard happy it might even be more, but don't get your hopes up.

Edit: I was brought back to earth by a thoughtful reader who reminded me that I probably wouldn't have internet during the summer and hence will not be able to fulfill my once a week obligation here. We'll have to see...