Monday, November 29

A Look at the Blog World

Here you can find how and who of the blogs influenced the presidential campaigns. Several things I noticed. Liberal blogs are still the most common. Powerline made a big hit over memogate.

Saturday, November 27

How to Protest A Movie

The recent boycotts of movies have been comical flops. When some say that
The Passion is anti-Semitic and should not be watched everyone flocks to see
it just to see why it gets everyone up in arms. The same goes for Fahrenheit
9/11 except it was the opposite type of people doing the protest.

A movie will be coming out soon about the research of a man named Kinsey who
lied through his teeth, and broke down people's resistance to perverted
sexual acts. Pro-Family organizations are rightly concerned.

Instead of a frontal attack like a boycott that might provoke a backlash,
pro-family groups are attempting to hit the movie up high. They are using
professionals to question professionals about the work and perversion that
entails all of Kinsey's life and works. Also the pro-family groups are
reaching out to their base to educate them about the danger. 'Tis a good
plan. I sure hope it works.

Cheif Justice Thomas Filibustered

The rumors abound in Washington as Rehnquist continues to show signs that he
may soon resign.

Thomas is supposedly the favorite of the Whitehouse for the Chief spot.
Harry Reid, the new head of the Democrats has already said he would
filibuster Thomas if he was given the post.

One more piece of buzz: If Rehnquist does not administer the oath for the
Presidential inauguration, that means, some say, that he is planning on
stepping down from his post soon.

Why all the hype? With all the power the Courts now have both sides see the
Supreme Court as vitally important for issues from the environment to
abortion. Rehnquist's departure would not change the courts flavor on the
abortion issue so long as Bush selects a pro-constitution, pro-life judge.
But pro-Roe Stevens, O'Conner and Ginsberg are said to be the next in line
to step down. If one was replaced by a good Bush appointment the court would
be split 5-4 in favor of Roe; one more replacement would tip it 5-4 AGAINST
Roe. Now do you see the battle lining up? Prediction: Supreme Court nominees
will be as big a fight as the Presidential elections. May God save the
honorable court!

Adult Stem Cells Do It Again

Well embryonic stem cells continue to be unable to post one success, adult stem cells post an amazing development.
"Some amazing developments are being reported in adult stem cell research, raising new questions about the wisdom of engaging in destructive embryonic stem cell research. Researchers have now shown that transplanted adult stem cells can improve vision in eyes that have been damaged by retinal disease."

Two Approaches to Giving

In the midst of the Thanksgiving holiday spirit of giving both Democrats and
Republicans urged that the poor and the needy be taken care of. The only
difference was that they thought it should be done in different ways.

The Democrats thought that the nation should do the job as a whole:

"Growing numbers of Americans were hungry this Thanksgiving, and the nation
should do more to help them enjoy its bounty..."

I think I am fair to interpret this to mean that we are suppose to care for
the poor around the block by voting for the government to tax me and then
pass back to the poor through a religiously neutral hand out. President Bush
subtly presents the other way to give:

"We also recognize our duty to share our blessings with the least among us,"
the president said. "Throughout the holiday season, schools, churches,
synagogues and other generous organizations gather food and clothing for
their neighbors in need. Many young people give part of their holiday to
volunteer at homeless shelters or food pantries.
"On Thanksgiving, and on every day of the year, America is a more hopeful
nation because of the volunteers who serve the weak and the vulnerable."
I like the President's way. Recognize that most of the assistance to the
poor comes and should come through private and personal care. Requesting
the government to feed the poor I consider to be passing on the other side
of the road and letting the someone else do the help--secular, remember,
help that is.

Thursday, November 25

Short Live the Queen!

The noblest thing the US ever did was to make titles of nobility
unconstitutional. Yes, that's right no person can be called a "Lord" or
"Duke" in this land. Not true for England, and the worst noble of all in
England is the Queen.

I don't have anything against the Queen personally, she is a fine lady, It's
just I don't like her office. Thankfully she does not have any power (why
would you ever use heredity to determine the qualifications for
leadership?), but she still has tax supported celebrity status. Those
English spend millions each year to support useless pomp and ceremony. They
spend millions to preserve an institution that excelled in tyranny and
oppression. For most sovereign Kings and Queens their word was your law,
your money was at their disposal, and your life was at their mercy. Are such
remnants of dictatorship meant to be lauded and extolled?

I have a fair amount of exposure to royalty when I visit Canada as well.
Since I am a Canadian I guess you could say she is my Queen too. I'm not
impressed. For me George III was my last King and it was good riddance.

So you still like the royalty? I think they called that type of person a
monarchist during the Revolutionary war.

Note: I am not trying to bash Canada or England by this post either. I am
very proud of my English ancestry and my Canadian citizenship. All that I
don't like is the Queen. Short live Monarchy!!

A Vote of Pardon for Mr. Turkey

Did you feel sorry for your turkey as you tastily chomped him down? Well the president must have felt sorry for his turkey--biscuits--that was going to be his dinner too and he gave him a presidential pardon.

There was even a vote this year hosted at the white house website that decided who would be pardoned. The president reported on how the race went:

It was a close race. You might say it was neck-and-neck. (Laughter.) When all the voters were in -- all the votes were in, Biscuits and his running mate, Gravy, prevailed over the ticket of Patience and Fortitude. (Laughter.) The Vice President and I are here to congratulate Biscuits for a race well run.

It came down to a few battleground states. (Laughter.) It was a tough contest, and it turned out some 527 organizations got involved -- (laughter) -- including Barnyard Animals for Truth. (Laughter.) There was a scurrilous film that came out, "Fahrenheit 375 Degrees at 10 Minutes Per Pound." (Laughter.) Now, it's a time for healing.

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Thanksgiving from the Prez

Thanksgiving Day, 2004
By the President of the United States of America
A Proclamation

All across America, we gather this week with the people we love to give
thanks to God for the blessings in our lives. We are grateful for our
freedom, grateful for our families and friends, and grateful for the many
gifts of America..... On Thanksgiving Day, we
acknowledge that all of these things, and life itself, come from the
Almighty God.
Almost four centuries ago, the Pilgrims celebrated a harvest feast to thank
God after suffering through a brutal winter. President George Washington
proclaimed the first National Day of Thanksgiving in 1789, and President
Lincoln revived the tradition during the Civil War, asking Americans to give
thanks with "one heart and one voice." Since then, in times of war and in
times of peace, Americans have gathered with family and friends and given
thanks to God for our blessings.
Thanksgiving is also a time to share our blessings with those who are less
fortunate. Americans this week will gather food and clothing for neighbors
in need. Many young people will give part of their holiday to volunteer at
homeless shelters and food pantries. On Thanksgiving, we remember that the
true strength of America lies in the hearts and souls of the American
people. By seeking out those who are hurting and by lending a hand,
Americans touch the lives of their fellow citizens and help make our Nation
and the world a better place.
This Thanksgiving, we express our gratitude to our dedicated firefighters
and police officers who help keep our homeland safe. We are grateful to the
homeland security and intelligence personnel who spend long hours on
faithful watch. And we give thanks for the Americans in our Armed Forces who
are serving around the world to secure our country and advance the cause of
freedom. These brave men and women make our entire Nation proud, and we
thank them and their families for their sacrifice.
On this Thanksgiving Day, we thank God for His blessings and ask Him to
continue to guide and watch over our Nation.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of
America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and
laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim Thursday, November 25, 2004,
as a National Day of Thanksgiving. I encourage all Americans to gather
together in their homes and places of worship to reinforce the ties of
family and community and to express gratitude for the many blessings we
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-third day of
November, in the year of our Lord two thousand four, and of the Independence
of the United States of America the two hundred and twenty-ninth.

In everything give thanks...

....for this is the will of God.






Being able to Reason




Thanksgiving Dinners

Distant means of Communication


Law Enforcement


Different Personalities



The Mysteries of Science

The Wonders of Space

Limitless Learning

The Bible










Modern Inventions


Happy Thanksgiving!

"Thanks be to God!"

Tuesday, November 23

So the Left are so ashamed of the way America voted it appears they think they must apologize to the rest of the world for who we elected this last time around. Apologize to the world for who WE elect for an AMERICAN president??? is dedicated to apologizing to the world for electing Bush. They even have a companion site that accepts the apologies from around the world:

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This picture is the best. I got so many laughs out of it. Not only do these Amish people never vote, but they also never serve in the military. And then they hold up a "Veterans for Bush" sign? Worldmag had a good article on how many Amish people are coming around and starting to vote--at least in this election. The stakes were just too high for them to stay home in critical states like Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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So Dan Rather is stepping down from his post as nightly news anchor man. I would rather not have him in there anyways. Speculation, that Rather is trying to suppress, about a fallout from the Rathergate might have to wait until the full report comes out....sometime.

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Height Gripe

I've been getting really tired of people telling me how much I've grown
recently. Take it as a fact: I've been 6'3/4" for the last four years, and
the people who are commenting on my height should have witnessed the fact! I
don't know if this means that everyone else has just been shrinking or more
likely, they lack something of real substance to comment about. "My how
much you've grown!" comes across to me as both childish, belittling, and

If you feel inclined the next time you see me to inform me that I have
grown, please give me warning so that I can cover my ears. I haven't.

How about Pro-Choice for a Value?

National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) has just got a new president,
Nancy Keenan. In comments about her new poistion it appears Ms. Keenan
attempted to connect with the 'value voters' of the last election by saying
"I really believe that pro-choice is an American value and that it is shared
by women and men across the country."

Think she will make a sale of this value?

Monday, November 22

Biz Poor-aid

Some people whine about companies that are successful. A successful and rich
company doesn't bother me. What does bother me is when government props up
a company. Like the air travel industry. Why did they need my taxes to get
themselves out of their scrape? Just like I don't think government should be
meddling with getting the poor out of straights (it's the churches problem)
I don't think the government should be worrying about propping up companies.
Come on, they aren't helpless. Either jack the price up or die and let
someone else take your place.

OK, one other thing that does bother me. I hate it when the government gives
companies preferential treatment through regulations. This should also be

OK, this is the last. One more thing that irks me. Government SHOULD be
involved when there is lawlessness in business. If people are stealing or
lying put them in jail and lock them up tight. But otherwise, so long as
justice rules from shore to shore, LET BUSINESS BE, LET IT GO!!!

If Your Read the Last Post... should read powerline's critique of the article. I dealt with the conclusion; Powerline debunks the poor reasoning. Power Line

States Rights for the Left

If conservatives were smart they would help out this trend in the liberal circles. Smarting from their resounding defeat in the national elections this year, the liberals are looking to revive states rights in an effort not to loose their coveted perverted ways.

I say let's help them.

In the long run taking the control of things out of the federal hands and into more local hands will be closer to the way the founders thought things should work and will also help preserve our liberties.

For example, let's start out our decentralization program with knocking out the federal education system. This was always suppose to be a state issue anyways so getting it down to a local level will benefit everyone. What the liberals don't realize is that in the long run this will hurt their cause. Alabama doesn't want to teach evolution? Nothing can stop them from taking that position. Now the liberals have lost their hold on the teaching of the young and the next generation... Can you see the trend?

This movement does have limits. The federal gov't does have some delegated responsibilities. Letting states decide if they want to outlaw abortion might be a good stepping stone but ultimately the federal gov't must protect life.

It is the general laws that the states should have leeway in. Everything that was not delegated to the federal gov't. Different ways of crime control, environmental policy, and education would all benefit form sole state control.

Saturday, November 20

Around the Web--A New Search

There is a variation of an old search engine that seems to have some good
potential. You might want to.........wait!! I am given blog service by this
companies competition. I don't think I had better suggest or give you the
name of this search engine on my blog. If you are still interested in this
new search engine send me an email. The new search on this engine was clean,
had a new "local" function, and worked better than google half of the time.
(The other half of the time google worked better. How conclusive, eh?) I'll
keep my eye on it but I don't plan on changing yet.

Too many presidents too many guards

It seems that things can become more than complicated when too many presidents attend the same function. Apparently security guards weren't previously introduced when Chilean security guards refused to allow President Bush's Secret Service agents to follow him in to a dinner Saturday eve.  A scuffle ensued only to be solved when President Bush, noticing the disturbance behind him, turned around reached back into the crowd and pulled his agent into the building. Though apparently irritated President Bush managed to straighten his cuffs and proceed with the dinner engagement.


Submitted by guest columnist Jessica Pillman

Friday, November 19

Marriage Amendment Idea

Mike Farris gave his student the first look at his new idea for passing a
Constitutional amendment. The amendment would still follow the customary
route through the Congress, Senate, and then to the states for ratification.
Uniquely, the amendment would also have a provision that said the amendment
would have to be passed by the people as well. The reason? Many Democratic
senators may be shy to outrightly pass an Amendment to protect the
constitution, but if they could frame it as only giving the people a chance
to vote on it they might be courageous enough to do it.

I have an objection to this plan, or at least a caution. It is too
democratic. Our country was set up as a Republic and even though this
provision does not destroy the republican aspect upfront it may make people
think that whatever the people want is the best and is what we should get
which is just not true. Overall tho, I like the idea.

Warning and Seat

Specter got his wish. Specter got his coveted post as the head of the
judicial committee. Like I said, I don't really have anything against all
the contacts, nor do I now believe that they were in vain. Everyone got what
they call a shot across the bow. They got a warning that everyone better not
plug up the judicial nominees. Specter had to give some concessions as well.
As best I could understand, he said that he would pass all the nominees that
Bush sent. Sounds good enough to me.

A hunting we shall go... No that's not me, its David. David and Peter are both taking up hunting. I must say that I'm getting hooked on it as well the more contact I get with it. I might take hunter's safety DL this next semester.

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Thursday, November 18

The Great French Fighters

The French have once again proven that they always fight on the loosing side. They also like to fight for falling dictatorships.

1000 Hits

I was mentioning to my family that I was hoping to hit 1000 hits on my blog
by Christmas. Well, we're over a month before that date and we hit the golden mark. I did some checking on more
specifics on the hits on my blog via the site meter link provided on my
blog. About a fourth or so of the hits that I get are either my own or from
my own family. Another 1/4 or so of the hits appear to be regular readers as
they arrive without a link from another site. Some random traffic is also
coming thru Blogger as well. I was pleased to see that some people were
finding me via google. They searched and found me.

This blog is not up and running as a business; I have no tip jar or ads nor
have any serious plans of adding them. I contribute to this blog as a diary,
as an avenue to perfect my communication skills, and as a place to formulate
ideas. I wouldn't mind tho, if you dropped me a note and told me you
stopped by. I know of about a half-dozen people who visit my blog but there
are still some mysteries out there as well as many others that I don't know
about. So my tip jar is my contact button. Also, I want to be critiqued. Did
I spell smoothening wrong? Did I miss out a word. I know that I often have
troubles. As I said, this blog is a place for me to learn. Be my friend and
correct me or challenge me on what I say.

Tuesday, November 16

From My Reading...

In this case, the State clearly has a compelling interest in protecting its children (emphasis mine). I can feel the Orwellian Napoleon coming by to pick up the latest offspring.

Around the Web--TLA's

If you find that people are ROTLF or LOL at you for not knowing what they are trying to say on the web try going to these sites to find the answers: acronym finder   net lingo BTW, I find this type of education increasingly necessary--TM. SWDYT?

Monday, November 15

Thomas--The Only Racially Correct Quote

Look at this quote by Justice Clarence Thomas that I came across in my
reading iin school today. Realize that this man IS a minority. Realize also
that he may be our next Chief Justice.

"Government cannot make us equal; it can only recognize, respect, and
protect us as equal before the law.....

That these programs [racial quota programs] may have been motivated, in part
by good intentions cannot provide refuge from the principle that under our
Constitution, the government may not make distinctions on the basis of
race.... These programs not only raise grave constitutional question, they
also undermine the moral basis of the equal protection principle. Purchase
at the price of immeasurable human suffering, the equal protection principle
reflects our Nation's understanding that such classifications ultimately
have a destructive impact on the individual and our society... So-called
benign discrimination teaches many that because of chronic and apparently
immutable handicaps, minorities cannot compete with them without their
patronizing indulgence. Inevitably, such programs engender attitudes among
those who believe that they have been wronged by the government's use of
race. These programs stamp minorities with a badge of inferiority and may
cause them to develop dependencies or to adopt an attitude that they are
entitled to preferences.

In my mind, government-sponsored racial discrimination based on benign
prejudice is just as noxious as discrimination inspired by malicious
prejudice. In each instance, it is racial discrimination, plain and simple."

And I would say "Amen."

Friday, November 12

UN Human Cloning Ban: Bad Idea

I strongly oppose the UN Human Cloning Ban, a ban being pushed right now by
the US and other countries that would make it illegal to clone humans world
wide. It has much more far reaching effect than most people realize. It is
a wolf in sheep's clothing that must be killed before it becomes full grown.
The problem is not about human cloning; every country should have a ban on
cloning. The problem is that it is an affront to national

The UN or any other international organization has no right to impose itself
on domestic issues.
The UN has already said the some countries must accept abortion or else.
Skidding down the slippery slope to a one world government is only enhanced
by votes like this on human cloning even if they are for a good purpose.

It is again a division of powers question. The UN has the right to keep
peace and to work with diplomacy, but no right to tell a country what do to.
Every nation must stand up for it on sovereignty. It is imperative, I don't
want Kofi Annan as President.

HT (BTW "HT" means "Hat tip"): (Note: I disagree with them
on this issue)

Solution to the Filibuster Problem

I don't mind a REAL filibuster. Our country's politics enables the minority
to make sure that it is not trampled on by the majority. I'm OK with that.
But I also think that when a minority does so, it must expend almost
unlimited political capital to do so. The filibusters that go on in our
Senate today are faux ones not demand the
political capital to sustain them that they should.

Right now there is a movement to squash all filibusters of Judicial
nominees. Although I think this rule would be great for the present, what I
think would be the best solution would be to revert some of the filibuster
rules back to the old system. Under the present system, the minority just
has to say they are instituting a filibuster; the Senate proceeds as normal.
Under the old system, when a Senator or group of Senators wanted to
filibuster a vote they had to stand in the Senate, talk, and suffer the
wrath of being accused of hold up the whole business of the Senate. Senators
could and did do this but it was a last ditch effort that often lost popular
support. A talk until you drop filibuster is the real type of filibuster.
This type of filibuster is the type we need to amend the rules of the Senate
toward. It allows for blocks in the Senate but they must be brave enough,
and willing to be held accountable for their actions.

Keeping the rule that enables 60 votes to break a filibuster would also be
in line.

I have not heard anyone else look at the filibuster in this way. My
suggestion looks unlikely to happen, but is what I believe would be the best
not just today but as a standard rule for a democratic body like the Senate.

Voters and the public will only stand filibusters under this system that are
for defensible reasons. I am confident that indefensible reasons like
judicial nominee blocks would not stand under a REAL filibusters rule. We
need a REAL filibuster rule.

Thursday, November 11

The Pendulum Problem

Almost predictably every time that you gain marked success in one direction
things go past the prefect and on to error on the other side of things. For
example, with slavery and many racial prejudices dealt with, we got racial
quotas and affirmative action--another problem.

Christians have just won a major success with getting involved in the
elections this time around but there are problems on political involvement
too if things are taken to an extreme. Some dear friends of mine always
remind me that you can't solve all problems through politics. They are
right. If Christians think that they could preach salvation and save the
lost through government then we are off on the wrong track, and the pendulum
has swung to problems in the other direction. Thankfully I think that the
church has so far stayed on track, but it is always good to be aware of the
problems that can come when we correct another problem.

Quick Quip

Earth first. We'll log the other planets later. :)

Tuesday, November 9

Dean for Head of the Dems

Dean wants to become head of the Democratic National Committee. That would be the best thing for the Republicans after the recent election. Just what they need, a screamin' Dean at their head. I can't believe that they haven't learned. Even in our area where it is closely divided Democrat and Republican, Dean is looked at so poorly that he was used in a commercial by our Republican candidate. Yeeehaaaa Dean!

Monday, November 8

So am I

From "We are waiting for a Democrat -- ANY Democrat -- to say
something like: Look, Bush won. He won big. He won in a lot of places by a
lot of votes. The Kerry campaign was based solely blaming and complaining.
We Democrats offered nothing positive and the American people saw through
us. We should reach out to the President and tell him we would like to work
with him on the important issues facing our nation."

So am I.

Specs on Specter

The battle to dethrone Senator Specter from his judicial committee head
demonstrates to me, as much as the election itself that we may be in for a
much needed heartland America groundswell. Praise the Lord!

I agree, Specter should not be head of the judiciary committee because of
his stand against preborn life and judicial appointments that think the
same, but in picking your battles I would not have thought this one would
have been able to accomplish as much as it has. Appears I have even
underestimated the groundswell. Go to Correction: for all the scoop.

They even have yard signs for the new Specter problem. (

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Saturday, November 6

Democrats for Life Strike Back

This is a group I could almost support. They make some pretty harsh comments
about their parties stand. Like the following:
"Democrats who took a pro-life position won a governor's race in West
Virginia, made runoffs in two Congressional seats in Louisiana and won a
host of legislative seats in places such as Iowa, Missouri and Michigan."

If we are going to win the pro-life issue, this is a group that must be kept
an eye on. Pro-life becomes unstoppable if the opposition start seriously
taking it up as their own.

Not Dead Yet: Democratic Party

I don't hope they die either, I like the two party system and see no third
party ready to take their place. They will rise from the ashes, and I can
even look forward to that rise--under certain conditions.class="fullpost">

I hope to see a shake up in the party. A movement toward heart land American
values that were so crucial to this election. Let the die-hard liberals
float off to the Greens those screamin' Deans that wreak havoc, and I hope
to see the Democrats come around again as a pro-family party.
them be the party of new fiscal conservatism. Let them be the party
dedicated to a balanced budget. If they turn around 170 degrees I would even
support them--maybe.

Correction: Senate--55

I want to correct my earlier post about the senate being divided 53 in the
Republicans favor. The real number, one that reflects on the confirmation of
Mel Martinez win in Florida, is 55-44 in the Republicans favor with one
independent that votes Democratic.

This is a resounding success. The only close seat that the Democrats won was
the out in Colorado. All of the rest of up to seven close races were won by
the Republicans, Republicans like Coburn, Thune, and Martinez that will add
wonderful active conservatives to the Senate mix.

The Senate is particularly important in the judicial nominees. It can be
hoped that with this increased majority the President will not have the same
problems that he normally has in getting his appointments through.

BTW, several seats were also picked up as expected by the Republicans in

Marriage Gap

Most people like to talk about the gender gap--how many more women voted for
Kerry than for Bush. An underlying misconception underlies this assumption.
Well it is true that more women voted for Kerry than for Bush, the
difference was not that big. What is big though is the difference between
Bush's lead in the number of married women who voted for Bush (54%) versus
the number of single women who voted for Kerry (63%). Lasses and boys, Mr.
and Mrs., it is a marriage gap not a gender gap.

Friday, November 5

Don't Meddle

"I found it quite insulting," said Terry Brown, a retiree in Springfield who
received a Guardian letter. "I was under the impression we settled the
matter of how we vote and who we vote for in 1776." Right on! This was in
response to an effort by a English paper, the Guardian,class="fullpost">to influence the election in the US by having it readers
write to 14,000 undecided voters in Clark County Ohio in favor of Kerry. The
backlash was terrible. Clark county, which went for Gore in 2000 swung in
Bush's favor this time. The Republicans not only in Clark County but all
over the state reacted with new energy for the Bush campaign. Delay, even
threatened to take away their press status in Congress.
The indignation was merited. Other nations, have no a right to meddle in our
elections. America's President should be decided by Americans. HT:

Noraml Situation

Rather than being abnormal in many ways, this election was quite typical of
American presidential elections in many ways, and does not show an unusual
division. The election was hotly contested, the differences were stark,
and the election was somewhat close. Was our nation
subjet to an unusually partisan election? Is our nation unusually divided?
Quite decidedly not! The results actually show, historically, that our
nation is in a united time. The President took a majority of the votes, and
the House and Senate are handily in his parties column. Notice I look at
this historically. Many times the nation has had a President who was not
selected by a majority of the people. In both of President Clinton's terms
this was the case. The cries of "Nation Divided" are just cries by editors
and witers that feel they are divided from the rest of the country. I
couldn't agree more.

The Skin Color Election Post That

I was going to divide up and comment on different ways that different skin
tones voted, like many wags are doing. I decided to refuse. Personally, I am
sick and tired of people being concerned about the color of their skin. I
know that I have not lived through the deep animosity of different colored
people, but I am ready to give up all polling in political races on race
color, all consideration of hiring on the basis of race, and most of the
talk of race differences. The fault on considering skin color happens Left
and Right, but I more and more on the Left. I don't care who or how positive
or negatively you cater toward one color of skin. Don't. Let's just give it
up. Talking about the difference only keeps it around. The civil war was
moons ago. We can all get along, if the differences are not pointed out to
us at every turn.

Not only was I given four more years in the Whitehouse, they tell me a realitive of mine will soon be moving in. Miss Meazley was given to Mrs. Bush for her birthday. She will arive in December

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Elections Projections Report II

So who did the best job forecasting who and how would win? Of the pollsters
I was watching, Dales Electoral College, and Real Clear Politics did some of
the best. Dale accurately projected all but a few states.

Zogby was a failure. I am totallydisillusioned with
his exocentric and inaccurate polling. Dump him.

Rasmussen has always been one of my favorites and they seemed to be quite
close to the final target.

Gallup? Tossed out with Zogby for the same reason.

Wild Wisconsin? Well, we had our mistakes here too, but can be proud of a
better record than the average polling place. I failed in my predications of
Wisconsin (said it would go Bush) and of Ohio (said it would go Kerry).
Living here in Wisconsin might explain some of those biased projections, but
again, I did as well as anyone else.

And what about those famous exit polls? Consider them in the future useless.
Pennsylvania was going for Kerry 60-40. It ended up going 51-49 to Kerry.
Now that's a big difference!! They weren't worth the time that it took to
read them and I don't plan on putting much stock in them in the future. The
blogosphere got caught on this one. Exit polls that were just suppose to be
available to the big wig media players of course got leaked and ended up
everywhere on the blogs forecasting a huge win for Kerry. The busted parties
at the liberal blogs as the real results came in are a pleasure to

Elections Projections Report I

I got fed up with how the networks dealt with Ohio. If Kerry wanted to make
sure that he would lose the state even if the provisional ballots went in
his favor, fine. But when the networks readily gave state like Michigan,
Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to Kerry but refused to give Bush Ohio until
Kerry conceded, that was unjustified. (Note: I must exclude Fox from this
scrutiny. They called Ohio in a consistent manner. Furthermore they were
also more realistic in calling Florida early for Bush as well) The networks
were beholden to the candidates, or more specifically the Kerry campaign.
The only reason that they called the state is that Kerry conceded not
because more numbers came in.

I can read the fear that many networks had: the Kerry campaign is going to
contest the election in Ohio so we don't want to get caught calling it for
Bush and then retract our call like we did in the Florida debate.

What the networks should have done was just acknowledged the fact why they
didn't call Ohio; Kerry might contest it. Or the networks could have just
not called all of the states that were as close as Ohio. Either way they
should have been consistent.

Here, you look at the outcome and see what I mean. All of these numbers were
in as of EARLY this morning yet notice which ones got called when. All the
Kerry ones early this morning, Ohio, not until this afternoon.

Ohio Elect Total: 20 Precincts Reporting: 100%


Pennsylvania ElectTotal: 21 Precincts Reporting: 99%


Wisconsin ElectTotal: 10 Precincts Reporting: 100%


Michigan ElectTotal: 17 Precincts Reporting: 99%

My suggestion for next election? Don't look when the networks call a state.
Go to a site like this one
ml?SITE=WICHPELN&SECTION=POLITICS) were I got this data and look at it
yourself. I saw easily enough long before the networks (as did many others)
that Bush had the election sewn up.

Thursday, November 4

Election Results

BUSH WINS! The result might not be official as of yet, but the outcome is
not in doubt. It is surprising how long the Democrats are holding out, not
only in the Presidential race but in other close Senate races.

Ah yes, and those Senate races. Republicans again fared very well. At this
time it looks like they will pick up two seats to control the Senate with 53
of the seats.

Things also look bright locally. Sheila Harsdorf easily received another
term. Even more exciting, was Andy Lamb's defeat of the five term incumbent,
Joe Plouff. Go Andy! It has been a lot of fun to help out Andy Lamb in his
race and now actually see him win!

I was interested to see that the evangelical Christians did better this
election. Most are reporting that the evangelical vote is up 25%. This could
have been decisive in the key state of Ohio were evangelicals voted 3-1 in
favor of Bush.

It is interesting to look at what issues were concerning the voters. Those
that disapproved the war in Iraq and were concerned about the economy broke
heavily in Kerry's direction, while those that were concerned about
terrorism and MORAL VALUES heavily supported Bush.

Iraq and economy could easily swing in favor of a Republican in the future,
as I guess terrorism (tho not as likely) could swing toward a steadfast
Democrat. But unless the Democrats change their tune about moral issues,
Republicans have a major base that can be counted on to vote their
direction. I hope this challenges the Republicans to stay firmly rooted in
core moral beliefs and listen to what those who hold these beliefs think is
best for this country.

Blog Problems..

My email blogs have not been coming through in a timely fashion. It's been taking days for them to come thru. I AM back and I have done extensive election analysis. Please be patient as I work out this technical problem.

Tuesday, November 2

Battleground State Predictions

The Presidential election has come down to several battleground states. Here
is the way I think the chips will fall for the candidates in the most
important states. Pennsylvania-Kerry; Michigan-Kerry; Ohio-Kerry;
Florida-Bush; Wisconsin-Bush; Iowa-Bush; Minnesota-Kerry; New Mexico-Bush;
New Hampshire-Kerry; Hawaii-Kerry.

With these battleground states going as I have them, Bush would win the
election with 276 electoral votes. Come back after you have voted and
everyone's vote has been counted to see how many states I got right.

Wild Wisconsin Endorses Bush

If you hadn't gathered this already, I will be voting for President Bush and encourage you to do the same. Precisely the reasons are: he is pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-second amendment, small business friendly, and the only one who is able to protect our nation in this time of war. Read more for a full analysis, and vote Bush!

1. Bush is Pro-Life
We didn't know how pro-life when we first elected him, but it has become quite evident he takes the guarantee of our Constitution that life is valuable seriously. His first act in office was to reinstate the Mexico city policy that forbids funding to any U.N. organization that supports abortion. He has consistently supported pro-life judges and administration officials. In his actual voting, he has voted for and supported the partial birth abortion ban, and the fetal homicide bill. Bush is and will continue to be the voice we need to protect the most vulnerable lives.

2. Bush is for Marriage
Nothing is being attacked so hard these days as the traditional marriage. It took courage and that courage deserves my vote when President Bush supported the Constitutional amendment to the Constitution that would protect marriage.

3. Pro-Second Amendment
Bush has stood up against the gun control group and actively supports the rights of law abiding citizens to own a gun.

4. Small Business, Low Taxes
In the midst of the war and economic downturn, President Bush has done an excellent job keeping the business field friendly, and the taxes low. We NEVER have nor ever will really get out of a recession by government intervention into our own lives and our businesses. In many ways the old, "let it be, let it go" phrase about the economy still rings true today.

5. Defense
Hardly any issue has dominated the news more than this one and rightly so. After 9/11 our nation has been plunged into a war against those that would like to see America brought to its knees. We cannot let them. President Bush has shown that he is the one who will, and can make this happen. We cannot subject the needs of our national security to a "global test" before we decide about our future. The war in Afghanistan was the first step in America's protection. We need the resolve of President Bush to see this war thru.

I will admit I have some reservation about certain aspects of Bush's policy. I still struggle with the war in Iraq. I don't really believe that we were justified in going in to free Iraq from a dictator. What I do believe tho, is that the connections to terror that Sadaam Hussain had as well as the U.N. and American regulations that he disobeyed were compelling reasons to go in there. I dismiss the critics as well who think that the job was going to be easy. It takes many years after a war to rebuild a country, and to say we will be out of the country in six months is just suicide.

I will never say that Bush's domestic policy has been goldenly perfect either. There should have been program cuts along side of the tax cuts to keep this nation out of the hole that our budget is in. The new breed of Republican super spenders are traitors to their fiscal conservative roots.

In putting in this disclaimer I want to acknowledge that I am not voting for the faultless candidate. Those who look for a faultless candidate error in understanding how to evaluate a person for certain responsibilities. No one, not even your closest friend or family member would ever be a faultless candidate. The important thing is to measure the importance of the responsibilities given to a candidate and vote accordingly. I value the pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-security stands above my fiscal concerns. That is why I will be voting for Bush.

Please notice that I have refrained from mentioning the other candidate. That was on purpose. It is easy to criticize the opposing candidate; hard to say why you support a candidate. Nonetheless, it is evident that if John Kerry gets into the office of the presidency, we slide be in for pro-death judges, pro-death votes, anti-gun votes, and a subjection of the interests of the US to a global test. If your wondering about voting for Bush, Kerry should make that vote definite. Open up your eyes and see!

New Battleground State: Hawaii

If you have been watching the list of battleground states, Hawaii has never been thought of as a battleground state. Yet, in these last few days it looks like it has become one. Go to Daly Thoughts to watch how this one and every electoral vote is headed. Even tho this state only has four electoral votes, with how close the election it could be important. This is not good news for Kerry.

Up, Up and Away!

Yesterday I sent up a hot air balloon that was approaching the size of
admitting an occupant--well almost. It was about 8ft tall and 3ft across in
diameter. (Sorry no pics!) There was little wind so it went way up before
the flame tipped off the balloon, and came crashing to the ground several
hundred yards from our house. We have never found the bag yet. If I ever get
one big enough to admit a person I will need a volunteer, since ground
activities will limit me from going up. Applications for the adrenalin sport
can be emailed to me.