Saturday, January 22

In D.C.

I jot quickly from near the capitol. Inauguration day seemed to go with very few hitches. We watched with admiration as the President took his oath. We were squished. It was standing room only, but we were thankful that we could see the President live take his oath. We stood next to some Dems, but I could see no one do the "turn your back on Bush" deal. I took a good look as soon as he took the oath and I could see no one doing anything that you could count as a protest. I must put in one exception. A few ladies were taken out in front of us yelling "bring them home!" They hardly were noticed.

I even looked for the protesters in other places. I only saw people carrying signs, out of the bus stations, like they were going somewhere to protest. I never saw any protesters.

Washington is high security, but impressive otherwise.