Friday, January 14

Let's Cheer for Private Sports: Do we need to support sports with tax dollars?

I can remember distinctly when I attended my first school board meeting
about a year ago and heard with loud moans that if the taxes were not raised
then the gymnastic team and the swim team would have to be cut. I thought
that was an easy call. I know I'm out of the school loop, I know, but would
some one please inform me why school sports must be tax supported? To my
knowledge the local Menomonie school does not have a hockey team. That
doesn't stop there from being a hockey team that is supported by the parents
and I assume, local businesses. What would happen if we took away all public
school sports?

When I was talking with a college student at church not too long ago he said
that he had an injury in highschool "My senior year!" he said like that was
all that mattered at school--sports. I know it is often true: kids live for
sports at school not education. It shows. Maybe we should consider
emphasizing the RRRs of education once again and let spots be supported by
parents and businesses rather than the ever escalating property taxes. Any
objections? Remember, there would be no reason why you couldn't pray at
private football games.