Friday, January 28

State Superintendent Election

I attempted to do some research on the Superintendent primary in Feb. and the election in April. Elizabeth Burmaster's lockstep cooperation with WEAC, the governor and her push to tear children away from their parents at early and early ages disqualify her for the post. More information on the race here, and here.Three others are challenging her for her post. I have attempted to contact them all by email. So far only Paul Yvarra has responded. Below are the questions that I asked and his response.
WW: Parental involvement and support has often been shown to be critical to the success of a child's education. How will you work to activate parents in the education of their children?
Paul Yvarra: I will work to support school choice in Wisconsin.  I believe it will provide an opportunity for parents to select the educational approach they would like their children to receive.  School choice will also provide parents the opportunity to be actively involved in the educational process.
WW:Arizona has implemented successfully a system that enables individuals to receive tax credits for contributions to organizations that give students scholarships. Would you support a similar system in our schools?
PY: I am unable to answer this question, since I have no knowledge of the Arizona system. (Ed: I included a link. I wonder why he didn't follow it to find out about it?)
WW:How would you support the home schooling trend in our state?
PY: Home schooling like all educational delivery systems must be regulated and student progress monitored.
WW: Would you seek to restrict the teaching of all scientific theories that contradict evolution? If so, why?
PY: I believe in school choice so parents are able to select the educational program they want their children to receive.  This should also create more parent involvement in the educational process.
WW:Would you support abstinence based sexual education. If so, how?
PY: Certain social issues should be dealt with by the parent using their value system.  Public education should not become involved in social engineering.
Other than his than his ignorance of the school tax credit system, and possibly a more heavy handed approach to homeschooling, I think Dr. Yvarra is largely on the right track. His emphasis on the part that parents play in the education of their children was excellent. Look again especially to his response to the evolution question. Such a response demonstrates an understanding of the issue far beyond most people I have met. He demonstrates a keen understanding in the part that parents play in the education of their children. Whereas I believe that this parental education should be encourage through homeschooling and tax credits and he pushes for vouchers, the parental educational goal is the same.
Wild Wisconsin would like to hear back from the two other candidates before it makes a final endorsement, but so far Dr. Yvarra gets a good thumbs up.