Thursday, January 27

They kicked us out of our nice visit of the D.C. Zoo early. We couldn't hardly figure out why. It was only snowing a bit--I think D.C. got about four inches over the deal. But when it snows out East, watch out, things become a zoo! The picture above was taken as we crawled along at around 15 mph on five lane freeways. I didn't mind. It was all extremely entertaining. Corvettes slid sideways over nothing, SUVs with the wrong tires could not go anywhere, and people traveled along with their hazard flashers on as if in shock and mourning over the event. Four to eight inches of snow, I was informed, is quite debilitating. Schools are down for days, everyone runs to the stores to stock up on necessities, and politicians lose careers when the roads aren't cleared quickly. What would be considered an average Wisconsin snow storm creates spectacular zoo sights in Washington. Get in line. The number of good viewing spots on the roads are limited.
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