Tuesday, February 8

Auction Welfare Don't Kill It

There has been much talk recently over all of Bush's programs that he will be asking Congress to take out in order to bring the budget into line. The Liberals will of course holler: "You're deserting the poor!" Does this have to be true?

It's not true. First off many of the programs are not working and just plain fat that has accumulated in the government bureaucracy.

It's true. If we cut out all of the welfare programs or even as many as Bush wants to, the government may be deserting the poor.

No, it is not true. The problem then is not that the government is not caring for the poor, but that it is not encouraging others to take on the responsibility. I propose we auction off the welfare programs. Do I hear a bid for WICK? Bush should look to churches or any other private organization that cares to take up the work to take over where the government has intruded. Sell or give away those HUD houses. Then instead of the liberals being able to say that the poor have been deserted they will have to complain that the private sector is doing it instead of the government. Additionally, this also keeps the absorption of church and private welfare programs from failing to take up the task when government gets out of the business since the government will not get out of it until they get someone to take over the project. Now we've got the motivation of the church as well--the government is offering WICK why don't you take it?

I'm always ready for the government to get out of poor-aid. Let's just make sure the transition goes smoothly.