Monday, February 14

Burmaster Update: Who's in and Who's Out

Who She Doesn't Talk to:

The Burmaster campaign continues to stonewall my effort to get a response to my questions. I have emailed Elizabeth Burmaster three times, and called twice and I have still received no reply. In my phone conversations they have acknowledged that they have received the request but so far they have returned nothing.

Who She Does talk to (and take money from):
In my search around for info on Ms. Burmaster I found the so called Human Rights League, A PAC that is dedicated to advancing the homosexual agenda in Wisconsin. Not only did they endorse and give money to Elizabeth Burmaster but she openly said that she had and would continue to assist them in advancing their objectives. The whole survey which is really an eye opener is located here. Is advancing an agenda that leaves children without both a Mom and Dad really something that will help our children's education?