Monday, February 21

The Chicken Throw: Only In a Wild Wisconsin Town

Try and think of this happening in some big town parade. For the last few years the town of Ridgeland Wisconsin has introduced the chicken toss as apart of its winter festivities and parade. Bantam chickens which are noted for their haughty independent attitudes and flying skill are thrown one at a time from the highest building in town, flying desperately overhead (on occasion dropping a bomb on the unsuspecting head) in an attempt to find a landing spot that will not wet their feet on the snow. Meanwhile, the fowl loving youngsters earnestly are attempting to catch the beast, with the chicken being the prized for the triumphant hunter.

The event has been so successful in recent years that the number of birds has been increased to 100 and I am told that the kids will do anything to capture their living treasure.

And the moms? Well, most of them already probably have a husband who has 100 or so black and white pets in the barn so one more will do no harm, but you can see how the suburban Mom might scuttle the program if it done in the middle of Madison.