Monday, February 21

Does Europe Only Have A Pseudodemocracy?

Paul Johnson thinks so: "The Germans have had democracy imposed on them twice by the victorious Allies, each time after a world war Germany started. German democracy is a superficial growth, and if the Socialists there continue to mismanage the economy and impoverish the people, who can say whether freedom in Germany will survive?

The French have had 12 written constitutions since 1789. None has given ordinary French people the feeling that they are really in charge of their affairs. If they have a real grievance they take to the streets and block the roads and ports, knowing from bitter experience that force is more likely to get results than arguments or votes.

Italy has had democracy of a sort since 1945, but it is so corrupt that Italians don't put much faith in it. They know that family and business connections--based on favors given and reciprocated--are the only way to obtain justice and their rights."

I would more wonder if they are moving away from a democracy rather than saying that they never have had one. Or another way to put it: They have experienced the some of the worst sides of democracy and have never understood the checks and balances necessary to keep and hold a democracy.

In Iraq the same is true: Just equalizing and letting people have a role in the gov't will never be enough. Protections against an Islamic state and a respect for the rule of law that provides equal protection of natural rights is essential for success to be realized in any democracy.

Democracy is really the only option but that does not always mean success. Hope for the best but never assume it will happen overnight.