Wednesday, February 16

Jorgensen and Cady Win!

Here is the letter they sent to me with some sobering thoughts of why this
race is important sprinkled in the midst of the good news:

Well, the primary election results are in and Mike and I made the cut.

We would like to THANK all those who voted, and remind you that now the real
battle begins.
We got 303/264 vote respectively, and we believe it will take somewhere
around 1800 votes to win the election on April 5th. We have a long way to
go, and will need your help.

This school board is out of control. It plans to increase the 05/06 budget
by over 10% this coming year. That will mean that in 5 short years they will
have increased the part of the budget we pay for by 50%.
They also want to shut down the smaller schools and then build a new
building which will cost over 10 million dollars.
By the time that referendum comes about the cost will be far greater.
Student population has dropped and is projected to remain steady in the near