Tuesday, February 22

Live From the Capital II

The final debate went much more smoothly then anticipated. It was short but not very sweet.

The Dems called it "a piece of garbage" that had to be dealt with before the "real issues of the budget like Medicare were taken up"

Do you really think that the property tax payers think that a property tax freeze is a piece of garbage that must not be dealt with? I'm afraid not.

Senator Brown said that Doyle was "stealing money from all over the place to fill in the holes."


The only problem is that people wouldn't notice the budget shortfall produced in the attempt to grab the GOP's tax freeze idea. People don't care nearly as much about debt as they do about their pet programs. I guess that means that we will have to live with the problem and wish that we sometime get a boost in the economy in the future.

Let's hope because either it will be that or some big tax increases. Probably both.

What a cop-out Doyle has been.