Wednesday, February 23

Live From the Capital III

Meth was the big thing today. I know there has been others in the Wisconsin blogosphere that have been against this. If I ever needed persuasion before (I didn't) that we need some sort of legislative help on this I got it today.

What is being proposed is that cold drugs that contain amphetamines will be placed behind the counter of a pharmacy, and the number of doses that can be obtained at one time will be limited so that it will be harder to obtain the critical component in making meth.

Many think that this is too big of a hassle for the protection. When you hear tho from the Sheriff of Chippewa Falls that up to 30% of all crime cases that they deal with are related to meth, that small inconvenience dims. People who take it once are also said to be addicted at once. The addiction is terrible. A miserable destruction of the body comes in almost every case. Teeth rot, heart problems, weak bones, and a detox that takes up to 100 days. This is really something that we can't turn a blind eye to. A little form to sign to get some cold meds is well worth it.

Many down in the southern half of the state don't realize that this is a problem. It wasn't a problem anywhere until only a few years ago since when the use of meth has gone up over 100% in the western half of the state.

There was also an interview with Underheim today which I will blog about later.