Tuesday, February 22

Live From the Capital

Well almost live blogging. I just got back from Senate debate.

First on the agenda was the school voucher bill. Sen. bill 8 is designed to take away many of the caps on the number of school vouchers.

The Dems in the minority party complained that there was "zero responsibility" and that they wanted some more account ability if the where to raise the number (the classic Doyle spin to shut or at least limit vouchers to the same regulations that will make a private schools mini public ones.)

Next things really began to heat up when the minimum wage bill was brought up. The Republicans wanted to send the bill to committee where they will let it die, and the Dems wanted to keep and make it an issue. Because of the way that the minimum wage is determined I think it will pass in the end (the legislature actually does not decide, but as I understand a commission appointed by the guv. does) but I don't think the Republicans want it to become an issue.

One of the Dems (sorry I missed his name) stood up and said that he was working the minimum wage right now. Someone made the comment that if such was the case wouldn't voting for the minimum wage bill would be a conflict of interest. ;)

I kept wanting to stand up and say that we don't need the minimum wage law! Most biz. already pay much higher than the minimum and enacting this bill will only push biz. who would like to create trial or other arrangements in pay to accept the gov't mandate. I also wanted to say that I am looking for work right now and raising the minimum wage is the last thing that will help me find it since it will lower the number of jobs available. ...But they never asked me to speak.

The Senate is out now until about 2:00 when they will discuss the property tax freeze. That should be even more fun. The barbs even started flying before even the motion was on the floor over if they wanted to end the meeting or not. They did thus this post--the Dems said they needed a cooling off period (oh was that true!). They were just about flying off the handle! Emotions were high and I don't see them going down.