Thursday, February 3

Marquette University College Republicans Ask and Wait

Here is the response of the MU Republicans after school officials stopped their Adopt a Sniper program:

"The MUCRs have consistently butted heads with the university in regards to expressing anything they deem "not Catholic" or "in line with their mission" as a “Catholic University” such as our Animal Right BBQ to protest animal rights extremists such as PETA or, most recently, our Support the Troops, Adopt a Sniper campaign. This week is the school's mission week themed, “Constructing Peace”. Our group merely wanted to present the opportunity for fellow students to construct peace through supporting the troops through provides snipers with the specialized supplies they need to stop terrorists before they do damage to innocent Iraqi or US Citizens.

However, as of today, the university has confiscated our signs and supplies deeming them contrary to the values of mission week and stated that the Adopt A Sniper program is not an acceptable way of supporting the troops and cannot be promoted on campus. We are working to overturn the universities decision on this however, I would ask that you convey your discontent with the university by calling Pam Peters at 414-288-0588 and stating that the university needs to allow students to construct peace in many diverse ways including directly supporting troops. Time is limited so please act as soon as possible."

Thank you for your time,
Brandon Henak
Chairman, MU Republicans