Friday, February 18

Marriage Covenant and Saving Marriage

Marriage is besieged from all sides. It is the exception rather than the norm these days to have a stable family with a Mom and Dad and their kids. Most obviously marriage is threatened by those who want to define it to mean the attachment between any two people who have some sort of attraction for each other without any regard to their sex, number or commitment. tragic.

In the midst of its attempt to keep its head above water, divorce is probably one of the biggest weights on the success of the family unit in America. Divorce runs rampant just as much in the church as anywhere else. Is there any thing we can do to encourage marriage, to be on the offensive in preserving this institution rather than always being on the defensive?

The Marriage Covenant idea is a good point to start.

Under this proposal, those who wish to get married have two choices. They can either have a traditional marriage, or they can choose a contract marriage. A contract marriage must be proceeded by pastoral or secular marriage counseling. Furthermore, it strengthens the marriage bond by helping marriages that are struggling by requiring marriage counseling and making it less easy to divorce without having real troubles that cannot be dealt with.

For those who have already tied the knot, they can strengthen that knot by committing to a covenant marriage as well.

Starting with Louisianan in 1997and now both Arkansas and Arizona have followed through in implementing this legislation. The main problem has been that not many couples have taken advantage of the covenant marriages.

Covenant Marriages are a good starting point to get a person thinking. If they are to be implemented it appears their needs to be more teaching on the subject first. Are there other ideas? What do you think should be done to save marriage?