Monday, February 28

No Pay, No Problem: Send Them Off for Medical Experiments

As long as adoption or other types of long term care are an option, and so long as the parents are not paid for their child we have found an ethical reason to kill human life if it advances medical research.

Well, well, not all human life. Just the smallest and most helpless: 'extra' embryos from child seeking couples in fertility clinics.

And the Sheboygan Press calls this the ethical way in comparing embryonic research to recent legislation in Massachusetts that mirrors the work done in Wisconsin:

Romney [Mass. guv.] said he’s fine on allowing stem cell research on embryos from clinics as long as the couples who created them give written permission, were not paid, and were offered the options of rejecting research in favor of storing the embryos or giving them up for adoption. That is precisely what happens in Wisconsin today.

The Massachusetts governor objects to therapeutic cloning, on the other hand, because he believes “creation for the purpose of destruction is wrong.” His stance would outlaw processes being planned at Harvard University and other Bay State institutions.

If such precautions such as money not being paid to a child's parents and other adoption options being made available before we sent newborns off to be tested on were practiced would we call this ethical?

The smallest life must be devalued or not called a life at all if we are to accept such practices as ethical.

I just disagree and call it not ethical.