Monday, February 28

Oh Canada!

It grieves me severely to see the slide of my country and neighbor to the north. Canada! Canada!

In the last few days Canada has decided not to assist the United States with a missile defense system. Fighting a war in Iraq is one thing, but not protecting or helping your neighbor protect itself? That is just about treachery. There is evil in this world that will never be content or rest until it is destroyed, or it controls the world. Learn.

As the US Ambassador Paul Cellucci said, ""We simply cannot understand why Canada would, in effect, give up its sovereignty, its seat at the table, to decide what to do about a missile that might be heading toward Canada. It's very perplexing to us..."

On the home front, Canada has legislation on the table to legalize prostitution, as well as an Ontario law the takes out any reference to traditional marriage (words like husband, wife, etc) in an effort to sanitize their laws in their new homosexual promoting era. (Via