Wednesday, February 16

Terri's Continued Battle

Several things bring the fight for Terri Schiavo's life to the forefront once again. First, Sarah Scantline who was in a worse physical condition then Terri unexpectedly woke up from what the doctors called a vegetative state and has begun to speak and relate how much she understood what was going on around her. Her situation demonstrates that Terri more than likely understands a similar amount.

Second, the noose is tightening as judges are soon expected to deny Terri once again her right to live. Prolifeblogs along with Hyscience blog have announced a blog marathon in an effort to help out in Terri's fight. More info here on and here on protest actions that are planned.

The resemblance of this situation to a documentary on how the Nazis destroyed those who they saw as less then fit that I saw at the holocaust museam strikes a person much to close for comfort. It is called standing up for the helpless.