Monday, February 14

Vote February 15! Official Endorsements

Local School Board:
Bill Rieger
Tom Jorgensen
Mike Cady

Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Gregg Underheim

I need to delay no longer to give my official endorsements. The above people for school board have shown leadership qualities in efforts to control the upward spiraling taxes as they seek educational excellence. They also are sympathetic to homeschoolers, and will fight the intrusion of the liberal agenda into the teaching of our kids.

For SPI the reasons are even heavier. Homeschooling, taxes, abstinence, scientific education freedoms, and school choice shout quite clearly: someone new! I applaud both Yvarra and Stelzel for their innovation and discussion that they infused into the race, yet I must still support Underheim because of his stronger stand on homeschooling and lower taxes.

Please vote February 15.