Thursday, February 24

Voter ID

I never got to listen in on the voter ID bill in the Assembly (I really did want to get to bed before the debate ended at 11:00 that eve.). But that didn't keep me from hearing plenty about it the next morning.

My Assemblyman Andy Lamb noted with dismay that it was one of the first times that he had experienced accusations that stooped to such a low level on the assembly floor: being called racist never feels that great.

Of course, few people it sounded like really touched on the real heart of the issue in protesting the bill. Voting should be as easy AND accurate as possible. When people start using Domino pizza punch cards to register to vote (as I was told happened in Menomonie), the issue must be addressed. Voting is a privilege, but a small level of responsibility it would seem, would be the least a person can do to make sure that every vote is legit.

Think for a minute. We just saw the Iraqis travel miles, and brave terrorists to blue their finger in the name of democracy. Is showing a voter ID too much to ask Americans?