Tuesday, March 1

Clearing House for Social Security

Social Security for All has set up a website and blog to be the central location for information on the debate on Bush's Social Security plan.

I got a letter from my Congressman Kind trying to dismiss the whole social security crisis since SS will not totally go broke until 2042.

(Kind also hosted some townhall meetings, but it was glaringly obvious that only the retired people could attend since they happened in the middle of the working day rather then in the evening or week end.)

I'll be 57 in 2042, 67 in 2052. How much comfort does it give me that Social Security will be completely broken right about the time I would start to get back a portion of all I had been forced to give into the program?

If you ask me, I would rather that it was broken right now so that I wouldn't have to be taxed into the whole system at all. That way I wouldn't be forced to be taxed for a program that would only die under my feet. But that is only a very partial judgment based on my age.

Private accounts I will accept as second best, and best for all ages, but I wouldn't mind if they let us put all of our SS monies into a private account instead of just a part of it.