Thursday, March 31

Crack Thru The Ice. Take a Dip.

It was so warm on Tuesday that I took a dip in the pond with my brothers. After the initial tingling feeling of freezing water touching bare skin wore off, and numbness took over, you could actually enjoy the motions of swimming. You still had to crack through the ice to get in, but it was well worth saying that you went swimming and sledding on the same day. I actually missed the sledding trip in the end but on Tuesday but some of the rest in my family did do it. And you thought it was only in places like California or somthin' that you could go swimming and sledding on the same day. Oh no! Come to Wisconsin where you can enjoy everything you love to do!

(Sorry no pics. I came to the conclusion that I do enough crazy things to make people wonder about my sanity without having to take pictures of everything in order to prove it.)