Friday, March 25

A good Good Friday?

How can they call this day good? What happened today seems at the farthest extreme from good. It was the total opposite. Evil was winning. God had turned his back on his own Son. The weight of the sin of the whole world from all the vile centuries of manss wickedness had become centered on a sinless man. We cry about injustice in our land. The guilty being let go, the just being punished. This was the ultimate injustice. The ultimate righteous One was given the death penalty. Why do we call this good? Do we remember the tragic days in the history like the assassinations of JFK or Lincoln and remember them as a national holiday? A good holiday?

Yet Friday is good. Its good for me. Its good for you. It's good for those set free.

The just punishment that we deserved was taken off our record. Someone else paid the debt. Someone else paid the punishment. Thats the good in Good Friday. It is the highest gift of good one could give to us. Good Friday is good...and Sunday is just around the corner. I can't help but shout it early: Alleluia!