Wednesday, March 2

I Hope MY Doctor and Pharmacist Have Morality

Judge Colleen Baird
ruled against Neil Noesen in a case where Noesen had refused because of his religious convictions to dispensea drug that he felt would harm both the women and any child she was carrying.

Karen Brauer President of Pharmacists for life put it this way: "This is a real problem, we've got judges practicing medicine without a license."

NARAL on the other hand spouted about a person injecting their personal morality into the relationship between doctor and patient.

Let's put this in the proper context. If a doctor in Oregon for religious reasons opposes doctor assisted suicide do they have to do it anyways? No. How about referring for abortions? No.

In this situation, Noesen has a similar religious objection to dispensing some drugs that can causeearly abortions. His employer knows and accepts this position. Should the state prosecute him when he holds to this conviction? May I state the obvious: NO.

State Rep. Carol Owens is working on a conscience clause bill to protect pharmacists from this type of problem. There already is this type of protection for medical professionals, and when I talked to Neil personally about his situation, he thought it was obvious that he was protected under the law. Don't ever trust judges though, to see the obvious these days.