Wednesday, March 16

Judicial Filibusters

With 53 Senators firmly on board to support the "constitutional option" it seems certain that there will be a vote on the issue soon.

Mr. Reid has said he will shut down the gov't. if the GOP do.

The response:
“They are the ones who want to spend money,” said Senator Trent Lott, Republican of Mississippi. “If we don’t get appropriations bills and we wind up spending less money in appropriations, I like that. So who are they punishing here?

There is little to fear if the Democrats try and shut down the government. If polls mean anything they are against shutting down the gov't by up to 82%. Actually I'm glad that they still have that option open to them. Throughout the whole filibuster debate I have always held that I support the ability of a minority to thwart what the majority is doing BUT if they are going to do it they have to exert or sacrifice political capital to do so. I could never stand the silent or passive nature of the Dems filibusters. If they want to talk in the Senate until they are blue in the face and stop all other business from going on, let them, and let the voters hold them accountable for their actions. If they want to do the same now to keep their silent filibuster around, I say fine.