Monday, March 28

More Sheila Harsdorf For Lt. Guv

The River Falls Journal picked up on the rumor that Sheila Harsdorf might run for Lt. Guv.

Just like I said:
Republican insiders see Harsdorf as an attractive addition to the ticket of either of the Republican contenders for governor because they are both from eastern Wisconsin and she is from the western part of the state.

How Harsdorf responded:
"The time for a decision is premature," said Harsdorf. "I'm committing my time and resources serving as state senator and working on important issues to western Wisconsin, like combating meth, addressing our state budgetary challenges, and reducing the tax burden on Wisconsin citizens. That's where my focus will be."

Curious statement:
The idea of Harsdorf as lieutenant governor was first brought up during the Republican Third Congressional District caucus held this past weekend in Menomonie, according to the source.

Was Wild Wisconsin the source? I'm trying to find out.