Tuesday, March 8

An Outlook on Wisconsin Prolife Legislation

Below is a list of the prolife bills that I could find that are before the Wisconsin legislature this year.

Abortion Provider Fund Limitation Bill SB-72 and AB-142 : This bill keeps abortion providers from receiving any public funds. Public funds are already restricted from use in most cases to fund abortions and this bill would further limit abortion committing organizations from receiving any public funds. Since when did most people in Wisconsin really want to fund with tax dollars Planned Barrenhood's every activity except abortion so that they can funnel more of their funds towards abortion? This bill makes a clear distinction between organizations that commit abortions and those that are out there for the health and safety of mother, father, and child.

Conscience Clause Bill -Circulating for Sponsorship: Neil Noesen's case demonstrates all too clearly why we need this bill which enables medical professionals including pharmacists "the right to refuse to perform certain services based on a violation of personal beliefs or values." This last Sunday I was talking to a pharmacist friend of mine who's concern went beyond birth control. Some drugs he just will not carry becuase he feels they are too dangerous. Aren't pharmacist just being responsible when they adhere to such practices?

Wrongful Birth Bill SB-79: "This bill prohibits the recovery of damages from a person in a wrongful birth or wrongful life action if the damages resulted from a condition that existed at the time of the child's birth and the defendants negligence contributed to the mother's decision not to undergo an abortion."

Parental Notification Bill SB-97 "This bill makes various changes to the law that requires an unemancipated minor to obtain parental or other consent or a judicial waiver of that consent requirement before she may have an abortion....This bill eliminates the authority of an adult family member, a foster parent, a treatment foster parent, or a parent who does not have legal custody of an unemancipated minor to consent to an abortion for the minor."

This list I believe comprises an active front in the defense of life. Unfortunately my Reps. Andy Lamb and Sheila Harsdorf have not been apart of the active group. They have assured me they will vote for these measures when they come to the floor (which is always great), but they have not been sponsors or co-sponsors of to my knowledge any of these bills.

Tom Reynolds who is a champion for the preborn is right in the middle of getting these bills put forward. I also noticed that Grothman (who defeated Mary Panzer in a primary) has come through with what he talked about in his race and been very active in these prolife bills. Great going guys!