Saturday, March 12

Russ's Reassure

Russ Feingold does his first blog post, trying to calm fears that the FEC will regulate the bloggers in their campaign involvement.

"The FEC must tread carefully in the area of political communications on the Internet. Political news and commentary on the Internet are important, even vital, to our democracy, and becoming more so. For starters, the FEC should provide adequate protection for legitimate online journalists. Online journalists should be treated the same as other legitimate broadcast media, newspapers, etc. and, at this point, I don't see any reason why the FEC shouldn't include legitimate online journalists and bloggers in the "media exemption" rule.

...Certainly linking to campaign websites, quoting from or republishing campaign materials and even providing a link for donations to a candidate, if done without compensation, should not cause a blogger to be deemed to have made a contribution to a campaign or trigger reporting requirements.

The big question is what does legitimate mean? Or better yet what is illegitimate? This is a good start in protecting blogs from his Deform but I will remain skeptical that it will be enough.