Tuesday, March 15

Schwarzenegger Out to Slay the Big Mander

Schwarzenegger is out to get the gerrymandering in his state And he does it by a ballot initiative. I hope someone is WI takes a good look at this idea. Pols from both sides of the isle have come to embrace bipartisan redistricting as a way to keep themselves (the incumbants) in, and keep any sort of accountability out.

Schwarzenegger is proposing to overturn the ridiculously partisan gerrymandering of the congressional and state legislative seats in California and would give the power to draw new lines to a nonpartisan commission of retired jurists. Patterned after the highly successful nonpolitical reapportionment process in Iowa, Schwarzenegger’s plan would force a dose of democracy down the throats of the state Legislature and the state’s congressional delegation.

After the census of 1980, in the elections of 1982, 41 incumbents lost their seats, as they had to run in their new districts. After the 1990 census, 39 incumbents sought and failed to secure reelection. But after the 2000 census, and the bipartisan deal-making, only 16 members failed to win reelection and eight lost when they were pitted against fellow incumbents as a result of their states’ shrinking population.