Wednesday, March 16

The Taxes Doyle Said he Would Never Raise

Are Here: (Notice above all that one about state sales taxes over the i-net. ouch!)

* People making purchases over the Internet, to which Doyle would now seek to apply the state sales tax. Net result: $3.2 million.

* Medicaid providers and, possible patients, would get hit because the budget calls for more than $88 million in fees for health maintenance organizations that provide care for state Medicaid patients. Doyle’s plan would try to use those funds to get more federal aid but only some of that would go back to the HMOs. The likely end result could be a diminished situation for patients.

* Nursing homes and their patients, as the homes will see a $52 million hike in new fees - a hike from $75 to $125 monthly per bed. Those charges will likely be passed along to their customers.

* Vehicle owners, who will pay increased vehicle registration fees. They will range anywhere from $10 for cars and vans up to $16.50 for trucks, raising more than $70 million over the next two years.

* Day-care centers and their users. The centers would see their licensing fees double under the budget proposal, from $8.47 per child to $16.94. Those costs would undoubtedly be passed along to day-care users.

Hunting and fishing licenses will also be going up, but with the support of the licensees, as long as the money is used to improve the environment.