Monday, March 28

Today's C.S. Lewis

Alvin Plantinga was fetured in this AP report. I had to read some of his works for my Logic class and found him extreamly thought provocing and yes, logical.

Plantinga has beaten down many older cases made in favor of atheism,...which leaves the perennial problem of evil: How can God be all-powerful and all-loving if he allows suffering?

Plantinga says this also poses a problem for atheism, under which it is hard to see how there can really be such a thing as evil if the cosmos lacks a moral structure, besides which everyone believes evil and good are real.

The philosopher also contends that, logically, a good God could have created a world without suffering only by denying the benefit of free will to humans and supernatural demons.

Tooley thinks Plantinga has won that part of the argument, but still finds a benevolent God unlikely when we contemplate the actual extent of suffering, for example in the tsunami. Plantinga considers this atheism's strongest argument ---- and understands the incredible horrors wrought by such disasters and manmade evils like totalitarian regimes ---- but still thinks his logical arguments for God prevail.