Tuesday, March 15

Unborn Child Pain Awareness Bill

I forgot one bill that will also be before the Wisconsin legislature this year. The Unborn Child Pain Awareness Bill is a law that requires women who are going to have an abortion to be made aware of the fact that unborn children feel pain. It is being circulated for co-sponsorship at this time. This bill is needed as we understand better what babies feel in the womb. On one side I almost feel like a traitor. It almost feels like I'm advocating a bill that would make the killing of young life easier: like a bill that would require anesthetics for cats and dogs being put to sleep. Yet the bigger picture tells me that this is as much an information campaign as anything. If people find out that babies feel pain they will start to think that it is a baby.

I contacted my Senator Sheila Harsdorf to see if she would co-sponsor the bill. I got a very nice call from her office, but it was to say that she would not. Although I was disappointed that she did not, I was told that she co-sponsor very few bills, and I was assured that she can be counted on to vote for the bill (which I figured). I can understand that a Senator cannot sponsor every bill, and am mighty glad how prolife Harsdorf is, but just as thankful for the Grothmans and Reynolds that put the bills forward.