Monday, March 7

Votes for Felons

So much for moral voters or states' rights.

The Constitution grants states the authority to determine "the Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections," but Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are pushing a Count Every Vote Act that would, among other things, force states to allow voters to register at the polls and declaring Election Day a federal holiday. And then they want to force every state to let felons vote--even though the 14th Amendment specifically permits states to disfranchise citizens convicted of "participation in rebellion, or other crime."


I wonder if liberals would similarly back restoration of the right to own a gun to felons who had similarly done their time and finished parole.

George Will too on votes for felons

The Founders are rolling in their graves about this law for two reasons: the right of states, and the necessity of voters to be moral if we are to have a country of law and order. If we want to help those felons vote who have demonstrated that they have left their old ways behind and have become an upright citizen why not use the system we already have in place--a governor's pardon. Forcing states to let criminals vote will only make sure criminals get into office across the whole country.