Friday, March 11

What Homeschoolers Think of Virtual Education

I can agree. ...for the most part. The question is who is going to use these virtual charter schools? If it is tempting people who are already homeschooling to use this state education system, then it is a poor thing. The best educational choice is always going to be the one that has the parents most involved. The charter virtual education then is a step back from parental involvement in a homeschool situation since it regulates what the parent can teach and replaces the parent with a publicly funded educator as the prime teacher.

If on the other hand, parents who have their kids already in public school use the virtual education system, then it can be a very positive thing--parents are involve MORE in this situation.

So while I still strongly can support virtual education as an innovative renovation of the public school system, I still would never encourage a parent to use the system instead of homeschooling since they restrict themselves in their teaching by receiving the state funds.

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and CHEA are opposed to such virtual education system. I disagree. I think that these virtual education system can be a real positive step toward a better educational system. Just remind homeschoolers that they still have it best--by a long shot.