Tuesday, March 8

Who Would You Like to Help You II

As of today the result from my poll on who people would first like to receive assistance from if they were left destitute are as follows: family 10 (66%); government; 4 (26%); church 1 (6%).

It's nice to see that a healthy majority of those who took the poll saw family as their first choice. For much of the history of America this was the first choice of Americans for their safety net. Around the time of FDR and coming to full fruit under LBJ this has changed. To create this change two things had to be eliminated.

First, voters had to be convinced that individuals and private groups couldn't handle the task; government had to do it. (We have dealt with this in part before.)

Second, they had to persuade those who were in need to take the government hand out.

Americans have been an independent bunch rejecting for many years the necessity of the government to bail them out of their every social problem. People pulled themselves up by their own boot straps and when they fell into dire need, would accept help from their family, maybe their church, and if they really fell into dire straits they could count on other private organizations to fill in the gaps. Originally people felt it an affront to their dignity to accept any sort of assistance from the government. There were other ways. May I also add that they were too patriotic. They were to ones who sacrificed for their country; why should the country be sacrificed (think of all the budget deficits and Medicare and Social Security obligations that are weighing our country down) for them?

This has all changed. Why look to the family or the church? That would only burden the ones we love when we can get the same thing from skimming off of the rest of society. Men believe that they are owed help from the government. Their votes are cast into the government ATM to get cash back. They have invested into the government safety system all their lives. It's about time they figure that they get something back. They now deserve it, society owes it to them; they're cashing in.