Monday, April 4

Adscam: Canada's Watergate?

The question is over kickbacks that were given to the Liberal gov't for scholarships or revenue for ads that they had given out. Full background here

Things really started to break wide open tho when the testimony started of people who were involved with the scam and the Liberal gov't was all wrapped up in the deal. Not only was the testimony damning, but the court blocked the information from being published, purportedly because it would prejudice potential jurors but speculatively because it destroyed the Liberals.

Enter US bloggers like Captain Ed from Captain's Quarters.

Since the publication ban ends at the US/Canada boarder, Captain Ed got an informer inside the court room and then published the result (Main post here.)
This made the Canadian courts mad since Canadian sources (blogs, online papers and TV stations) linked to Captain's Quarters and made the Canadian lawyers threaten to sue any publication (even Canadian blogs) that linked or even mentioned US blogs that blogged about the subject. Thankfully those lawsuits went no where and Canadians with an internet connection to Ed can get what they need to make an informed opinion on their government and the massive corruption that appears to have taken place. Free speech is preserved again.

Could this force quick elections? New Prime Minister? Speculation runs wild.

small dead animals is a wonderful Canadian blog on the issue too.