Monday, April 4

Marriage Protection in Kansas

Good for them. Come on Wisconsin you should be next!

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Kansas voters will decide Tuesday whether to approve a constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage, and the ban's supporters are using a California judge's recent ruling in favor of same-sex unions as one of their chief arguments.

Gay marriage is already banned under Kansas law, and the law is not being challenged by anyone. But supporters of the ballot measure say the ban must be put in the Kansas Constitution to insulate it from legal challenge.

In Kansas and elsewhere, that argument was bolstered when a San Francisco judge ruled March 14 that California's law against gay marriage violates the California Constitution.

"That's precisely what I would like to see prevented here in Kansas," said a supporter of the proposed amendment, Dan Robison, a retired banker and Air Force pilot from Wichita who has been married 49 years.

Kansas voters are expected to approve the gay marriage ban overwhelmingly.