Monday, October 31

Why There's No Oil Cliff

To the doom sayer:

The evidence is in something called oil sands (also called oil shale), a tar-like substance that can be surface mined as coal often is. The oil is then separated from the dirt using energy from oil or natural gas extracted from the site itself to produce a tar-like goo called bitumen. It's then chemically split to produce crude as light as from a well head.

Oil sands in a single Venezuelan deposit contain an estimated 1.8 trillion barrels of petroleum, with 1.7 trillion in a single Canadian deposit. In all, about 70 countries (including the U.S.), have oil sand deposits although technology hasn't yet made them economical for exploitation. Of Canada's reserves alone, about 255 billion barrels (almost equal to the entire proved oil reserves of Saudi Arabia) is currently considered recoverable. And recovering it they are.

Reid's two Silly Objections

Two reasons why Reid doesn't like Alito: 1. I didn't pick him. 2. He's not a minority.

If that's the only reason the left can find to oppose him, Alito should sail through. The American people know their Constitution enough to know that Reid's two requirements for Supreme Court nominees just aren't there. I'll at least give him this much: at least his third reason wasn't "cause he's too much like Scalia." :)

Alito and Roe

One of the best thing about Alito is that he is on the record against Roe supports a judicial philosophy that opposes Roe. (I stand corrected.) If you are serious about the Constitution you have to be. No one doubts him on this issue. What this means?

First, the biggest battle about Roe is probably about to take place. Now is the time to stand up for life if there ever has been a time in the last 20 years and save those who are innocently stuck in "death Roe." Second, the Senate still would vote to let death Roe stand 51-49. Yet barring the most unexpected, Alito is expected to make it through. PoliPundit has the breakdown on where each pro-death republican or main stream prolife Democrat will fall on the vote. It's worth a look.

Most interesting:

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) - With the Judiciary Committee comprising 10 Republicans and 8 Democrats, Specter holds the balance as to whether the nomination will be favorably reported out of Committee. He voted against Robert Bork, but was instrumental in getting Clarence Thomas confirmed. Who knows where he’ll come down on his fellow Philadelphian. If you were to put a gun to my head and force me to make a prediction, I’d say he’ll vote in favor of Alito.

Conclusion= "That makes the roll call tally 50-54 votes in favor of this nomination. With the vice president’s tie-breaking vote, confirmation is almost certainly assured."

Via Michelle Malkin who is rolling all the info in.

Alito and Kohl

We know that Kohl already voted for him (voice vote) when he was unanimously confirmed to his appeals court seat.

Feingold wasn't in the Senate yet so he didn't get to vote.

Alito Wow Power!

Judge Alito has served with great distinction on the Third Circuit. He has participated in thousands of appeals and authored hundreds of opinions. He has more judicial experience than any Supreme Court nominee in more than 70 years and more federal judicial experience than 105 of the 109 Justices appointed in U.S. history.

Again, WW will be following this nomination extensively with special attention given to our two Senators.

Alito = Scalia = Reject????

Take a look at the evidence People for the American Way give for rejecting Alito.

Today, President Bush nominated Judge Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court. Alito has compiled an extensive, right-wing judicial record on numerous matters of importance to the protection of the rights and interests of ordinary Americans -- a record that has earned him the nickname "Scalito" for his ideological resemblance to Justice Antonin Scalia. Alito's judicial opinions demonstrate that he is an out of the mainstream opponent of fundamental legal rights and protections for all Americans and must not be confirmed to the Supreme Court. (emphasis mine)

So if he's like a Justice that even Harry Reid conceads is "one smart guy," then we should ask our Senators "to Oppose Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court"????

I don't believe that it is proper to call Justice Alito a cookie cutter copy of Scalia. But when judges are reading the same document you wish that they could come to at least a similar conclusion. Many people said the same thing about Thomas when we was selected and it hasn't held at all.

That said, shouldn't we assume, until proven otherwise, that an appellate judge who's opinions have already favorably been compared to a Supreme Court Justice's (and especially a smart and constitutionally solid one) would naturally make a good Supreme Court Justice!?

Too Radical?

"The Senate needs to find out if the man replacing Miers is too radical for the American people," said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid...


So consistently conservative, Alito has been dubbed "Scalito" or "Scalia-lite" by some lawyers because his judicial philosophy invites comparisons to conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. But while Scalia is outspoken and is known to badger lawyers, Alito is polite, reserved and even-tempered.

Are you saying Mr. Reid that a "polite, reserved, and even-tempered" Justice in the mold of Scalia and Thomas would be "too radical" for the Supreme Court? If that's the case, you should be saying the same thing about these two current justices.

Again, let me just congratulate Bush on picking the best of the batch. He's not fiery conservative, but intellectually so. He's the kind of judge we want.

An Extraordinary Pick

Alito, 55, is sometimes given the nickname "Scalito" -- a comparison to Scalia, who shares his Italian heritage as well as his reputation for conservatism and a strong intellect.

That's all Bush said he wanted wasn't it?

Alito's the Man!

BUSH: Good morning.

I’m pleased to announce my nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. as associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Judge Alito is one of the most accomplished and respected judges in America. And his long career in public service has given him an extraordinary breadth of experience.

As a Justice Department official, federal prosecutor and judge on the United States Court of Appeals, Sam Alito has shown a mastery of the law, a deep commitment of justice, and he is a man of enormous character.

He is scholarly, fair-minded and principled, and these qualities will serve our nation well on the highest court of the land.

Judge Alito showed great promise from the beginning in studies at Princeton and Yale Law School, as editor of the Yale Law Journal, as a clerk for a federal court of appeals judge.

He served in the Army Reserves and was honorably discharged as a captain. Early in his career, Sam Alito worked as a federal prosecutor and handled criminal and civil matters for the United States. As assistant to the solicitor general, he argued 12 cases before the Supreme Court, and has argued dozens of others before the federal courts of appeals.

He served in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, providing constitutional advice for the president and the executive branch.

In 1987, President Ronald Reagan named him the United States attorney for the District of New Jersey, the top prosecutor in one of the nation’s largest federal districts. And he was confirmed by unanimous consent by the Senate.

He moved aggressively against white collar and environmental crimes, and drug trafficking and organized crime and violation of civil rights.

In his role, Sam Alito showed a passionate commitment to the rule of law, and he gained a reputation for being both tough and fair.

In 1990, President Bush nominated Sam Alito, at the age of 39, for the United States Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit.

He has a deep understanding of the proper role of judges in our society. He understands that judges are to interpret the laws, not to impose their preferences or priorities on the people.

In the performance of his duties, Judge Alito has gained the respect of his colleagues and attorneys for his brilliance and decency. He’s won admirers across the political spectrum.

I’m confident that the United States Senate will be impressed by Judge Alito’s distinguished record, his measured judicial temperament and his tremendous personal integrity. And I urge the Senate to act promptly on this important nomination so that an up-or-down vote is held before the end of this year.

Today, Judge Alito is joined by his wife, Martha, who was a law librarian when he first met her. Sam and I both know you can’t go wrong marrying a librarian.

Sam and Martha’s two children, Phil and Laura (ph), are also with us.

And I know how proud you are of your dad today.

I’m sure, as well, that Judge Alito is thinking of his mom, Rose, who will be 91 in December. And I know he’s thinking about his late father. Samuel Alito Sr. came to this country as a immigrant from Italy in 1914. And his fine family has realized the great promise of our country. Judge, thanks for agreeing to serve. And congratulations on your nomination.

Friday, October 28

Sykes is Again on the Short List

See Redstate on it here.

Even better is the opinion piece in the MJS.

One of the judges widely said to be on the short list to replace Miers is Milwaukee's own Diane Sykes, formerly a justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and currently serving on the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago.

She would be an excellent nominee. Not only does she have the intellectual hops to play in the show, she has a well-articulated judicial philosophy to which one would expect she would adhere while serving on the court. While Kennedy and Estrich might regard that as rigid, I would suggest that it is principled.

Big Gov't Health

That second to the last thing that Republicans can do is ignore health care. The absolute last thing they can do is fall under the belief that it is the governments responsibility. Yet Canada gives us a look at what happen health care goes national: waiting becomes a national past time. I know. My uncle had to wait for years to get his hips done, even though every day it became worse and the prospects of rehabilitation got worse every day.

Lance Burri did two pieces on it.

Even neater is this little video on it. Gives you an idea of the waiting.

Con. Moore Sends Your Money to the Bottom of the Sea.

This was bottom dweller pork:

Today Congresswoman Gwen Moore announced that she has secured $562,519 in federal funding in the Agriculture Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2006 Conference Report (H.R. 2744) for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Great Lakes Aquaculture Center. The funds will be used for the expansion of the Center, which is operated in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and for the research and development of aquaculture technologies and techniques that will increase the production of the area's seafood industry.

Doesn't this sound a bit fishy? Spending tax money is all about priorities. Do you think it is more important to feed money to the fish in Milwaukee or help Louisianan rebuild its critical infrastructure? Until we start catching our own local fish in the act of spending our tax dollars on frivolous things we will never get rid of this horrible type of pork. Just take a look at what else Moore had to swallow to get this one thing into the bill.

Retaining Human Identity

2BHuman links to a couple of important articles.

First one about Sex Selection. Parents will be able to decide if they want to put a pink or blue balloon up when there child is born. My first thought was "we can tell this is a boy or a girl but it isn't human yet?"

Second, doesn't this sound like a strange mixture of China's killing of baby girls (except now the parents can choose which sex they want to kill), and of the experiments that the Nazis did on their prisoners?

A clinical trial into the effects of allowing couples to choose the sex of their babies has been given the go-ahead at a US fertility clinic. The controversial study was given the green light by an ethics committee after nine years of consultation. The purpose of the study is to find out how cultural notions, family values and gender issues feed into a couple's desire to choose the gender of their child.

It all comes back to the slipper slope of saying that these baby embryeos are not human.

Second, somthin about designer drugs. In this article, Al Mohler talks about the rise of drug induced physical and mental enhancements. So a big test is coming up? No problem take Adderal described as "a cocktail of amphetamines that increases alertness, concentration, and mental-processing speed and decreases fatigue." Whew! With a few midterms just under my belt (hence the low blog) I can understand the temptation to desire something that will help a person mentally, but serious problems still exist.

Mohler points out that these drugs question God and by trying to enhance the creation that was made in His image: us. I also can't avoid the fact that these drugs never come without some serious side effect. Drugs that "help" you out physically have been around for eons. None of them have ever become desirable to a human existence because of the terrible addiction and problems associated with them. I see no reason to believe that this will ever change.

All this comes to my attention because of a paper I'm having to do on transhumanism. Wow! you can't fault them for lacking an imagination!

Miers Thoughts

The withdrawal of Miers is no moment for rejoicing. It should in no way be thought of as a political victory so much as a political reality: Miers graciously stepped aside instead of creating a train wreak when she landed in the Senate.

Some say she instead of being borked, her failed appointment to the Supreme Court will produce a new term: to mier

To Mier: "to put your own allies in the most untenable position possible based upon exceptionally bad decision-making."

It is time to move forward. The next nominee will be named very, very soon. The most important thing for Bush to do is the pick the BEST candidate for the position I don't care if they are a women, black, pink, or orange. My only concern is that they are picked because they are from a certain group instead of being the best qualified. This pick should also be instructive in that it shouldn't matter as much what the Dems think feel about a nominees heart so much as what the 55 Senators are able to discern about the nominee's capacity to stick to the Constitution.

Do we have to be afraid to put forward a candidate who has a record on what they believe? I hope not.

Thursday, October 27

Miers Withdraws Her Nomination.

It is sad yet probably the best decision. We now look and pray about the next nominee.

Saturday, October 22

Pumpkin Movie

Ever want to see one of those giant pumpkins grow? I mean SEE it grow. Now you can with these movies that document the growth of a pumpkin. I once tried to do this with watermelons but a camera just doesn't work like a webcam.

Borking Pork

Sen. Coburn (R-Ok) has done the unpardonable in Washington by rolling back the pork. And for his crime of cutting back the spending of American tax dollars on bridges to nowhere or really just diverting the funds down to Louisiana instead of Alaska he get the fire. Tapscott gets the scoop. And might I add that our own Sen. Feingold was one of only 15 who voted for the amendment. You might as well thank him when you can, 'cause it is likely only to happen once in a life time.

Via powerline

Thursday, October 20

Admin: Blog Tweaks

As you may have noticed there are a few changes. Perhaps the biggest is the picture which I got up again since I started html editing the sidebar/profile instead of using blogger's system. As always, feel free to comment.

The Great Pig Hunt

I was talking to some hunters yesterday and they said that their were some 300-500 lb wild porkers shot just a few miles from our house. Link.

MADISON, Wis.-- State wildlife officials are hoping deer hunters will take aim at another animal they might encounter in the woods and fields this fall-- wild pigs.

The Department of Natural Resources warned the number of wild pigs in Wisconsin seems to be rising.

"Seeing as how they're not from Wisconsin, we'd like to keep them out," DNR wildlife biologist Eric Mark said.

AFLC Missions Blog

The denomination (Association of Free Lutheran Congregations or AFLC) that I am apart of has a missions blog. See it here.

This is what I was hoping to see more from the church. It may not have been there the week after but I'm more and more pleased of the reaction since then:

Many people from AFLC Churches have been interested in helping with rebuilding efforts, especially in the upcoming winter months. Builders Fellowship is attempting to identify and coordinate teams of volunteers from AFLC Congregations who desire to help.

Volunteers will be responsible for traveling to and from the site, food and lodging will be provided on the site. Partners in Missions (PIMO) has talked about making their bus available for this trips.

For more information contact Lavon Bohling at the AFLC, 763-545-5631.

Bookmark it.

Wednesday, October 19

Beached Servicemen

The Navy is being sued because some environmentalist allege that the sonar it uses during military exercises strands some whales and dolphins.

"Our position [the environmentalists] is that whales shouldn't have to die for practice."

But did it ever occur to them that if the Navy doesn't do a legitimate practice it might cost American lives? Envio fringe groups don't want the military to turn on sonar in calving and migration areas, I guess even if the Navy feels it is essential to perform there operation in that area.

The Navy countered that they are doing many of the things named in the suit; they are not ignoring the impact they may have on conservation measures, but to push this matter seems downright irresponsible and boarders on giving aid to any potential American enemy. Face it, if America falls to an enemy you can be sure there will be little of any type of conservation from the new gov't.

Tuesday, October 18

Miers's One Yes Check

So Miers once filled out in a questionnaire that she thought abortion should be prohibited in Texas if Roe was overturned.

My question: Does disagreeing with a Supreme Court precedent disqualify you from serving? Granted, it is not for justices to prejudge a case. They must never decide how to judge a case until they hear the arguments from both sides and can make an informed decision about an individual situation. But obviously, Supreme Court justices have overturned cases, and it is not improbable to think that they understood those decisions to violate the Constitution before they ever were appointed to the court. Miers is a poor example because the position she took was completely political instead of judicial, but lets instead say that Pryor was appointed to the Supreme Court and in the judicial hearings he continued to stand by his words that Roe is "the worst abomination of constitutional law in our history". Does that immediately exclude him from appointment?

Or perhaps to take a less controversial issue, what about a Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren. If he would have held that the Plessy v. Ferguson definition of "sperate but equal" was unconstitutional would he have been qualified to sit on the Court? The answer has to be yes.

The questions presented to a justice must be concerning their judicial philosophy. It may become apparent where that judicial philosophy leads, (i.e., to the overturn of Roe) but the way a justice would rule on abortion should not be a question they should answer nor really what we should ask.

BTW, this is the last thing that Harry Reid wants to hear now that he has already spoken so highly of her. What will his base on the left cliff think?

UPDATE: John at Powerline deals with Miers and Roe too, and how it could be a real winner for the President. He also thinks that the Dems will line up to filibuster her. Agreed.

Yes My Heart Goes Out... the people who died in the bus accident this last Sunday. It really shook up our community, especially those involved in the school system. I was talking to a pair of college students who had attended the event and had been very involved in band in their younger years. All they could do was shake their head. Man knows not his time; it's best to be ready.

Friday, October 14

A Christian's Guide to Defeating Evolution

Dr. Gary Chiang was good enough to answer some of my questions on transhumanism that I am pursuing for my report. He sent along a portion of his book that he wrote on the topic of defeating Evolution since transhumanism and Evolution are closely related. I found it insightful. Here is a taste:

The argument that evolution is science and creationism is religion has been accepted by at least one judge in the United States. This judge considered Creation Science to be a religion, and would not allow it to be taught in the science classrooms of state-run schools. Yet considering the unproven philosophical assumptions in evolution as described in this book, one wonders if this is a fair comparison of these two competing theories of origin.

You can find the book here.

Tax Cutting Pork

It looks like the definition of an oxymoron but just think of the prospects of tax cuts if we could apply the same principles that create pork to create tax cuts.

The primary reason that pork proliferates is because each Congressman goes to Washington to get reelected in his own district. The easiest and best way to do get reelected is to bring back enough from the communal federal kitty to the district. These pet projects may be viewed by the country on a whole as wasteful; to the district they are the all important "local issues".

Could tax cuts be a local issue? It could, if for example, federal taxes could be modified depending upon which Congressional district you were from. Congressman Kind and Green might begin to all of a sudden start finding reason to start bringing back "local issue" tax cuts instead of always vying to bring home the most federal beacon.

But how would these federal taxes be modified by the Congressmen to determine which district gets a bigger or lower tax cut? The obvious devise would be to determine which district takes, percentage wise, advantage of federal programs like welfare, Medicare, or food stamps. Notice that I said it would be determined by percent not by absolute dollars. For example, lets say that only 50% of the eligible constituents in Dave Obey's 7th District take advantage of federal food stamps, as compared to 98% of the eligible constituents in Congressman Ron Kind's district. Since the communities and individuals have done a better job in Dave Obey's district helping out those who would be eligible for food stamps, everyone in the whole district would be placed in a lower tax bracket. Dave Obey's district may continue to get more federal dollars in food stamps since it could have a substantially higher number of people who are eligible, but because they are doing a better job percentage wise dealing with their poor they would also receive the tax break.

If my example were true, think of the boasting that Obey could do! Think also of the motivation Kind and the people in his district would have to keep as many people as possible who are eligible for food stamps, etc. off of them. The more people they keep from taking handout from big gov't Robin Hood the less they would see Robin Hood steal from their income. It might finally make Congressman realize that they can specifically help out their individual district in more ways than just bringing home pork.

Adopt a Katrina Church

Wondering what you and your church can do in the name of Christ to help out those who were hit by Katrina and Rita? You can adopt a church.

The Southern Baptist Convention has a system worked out where churches that are in need of assistance and churches that would like to help are linked together. My hope would be that the help would not only be for the church itself but also for the church as it reaches out to the community.

Now it's a baby

It's nice to see that they call it a baby but why only when it was apart of a criminal attack?

A Pennsylvania woman beat her eight-month pregnant neighbor with a baseball bat before taking her to a remote area and trying to cut out her unborn baby, a district attorney said Thursday.

Oh yes by the way, both mother and the baby are doing ok although the injuries to mother were severe.

Wednesday, October 12

Taxes Keep Climbing

If the budget that the City Council approves keeps this level of spending, the taxes on the average home (assessed this year at $222,928) would increase by $59.82.

Mr. Doyle, where did the tax freeze go? And they even said they could have raised it more!!?? I don't know who was running numbers on that budget.

Doyle said in his budget address that "the average homeowner would see no increase [in property taxes] in December 2005 and a five dollar reduction in December 2006." It appears there was little reason to believe my own ears.

Meanwhile we find out that...
Wisconsin public schools increased their spending 4.6 percent in the last school year to $10,367 per student statewide, the majority of the new money coming from increases in property taxes, according to a new report released Friday. Wisconsin public schools increased their spending 4.6 percent in the last school year to $10,367 per student statewide, the majority of the new money coming from increases in property taxes, according to a new report released Friday.

Parent continue to be stuck funding a bloated state education system while receiving no encouragement from the state to educate their children the way they believe is best (I even asked and they admitted it. Doyle's administration completely ignores the13% of the K-12 education done through private and home education in the state. They have nothing, zipo, zilch to encourage parents in this direction. It's $$ arm twisting. It's called throw more at WEAC.

Defending "Prolife"

One of the biggest political races that will be one the slate this Nov. will be the Virginia guvs race. Of interest is that both candidates call themselves prolife. Well they both want the label neither really want what it means. Kilgore (Rep) has avoided the question of whether he would outlaw abortion; Kaine (Dem) has said that he would veto any legislation that would ban abortion.

One candidate doesn't say, the other candidate is turning the term "prolife" on its head. Is it that hard to be and understand what it means to be prolife?

Abortion and Breast Cancer

China now releases information that it has had a 40% increase in breast cancer. Since this is breast cancer awareness month and since China has had a gigantic increase in abortion, it would be foolish to not look into it more. But some have moeny reasons why not to.

Saturday, October 8

Prepare to Give Thanks

Here's a tip for all of you. Monday will be Canadian Thanksgiving, so why not take the occasion to give thanks with our neighbors to the north?

Here is a recipe that I tried out this evening for our early Canadian Thanksgiving. It got raving reviews for at least being novel.

Pumpkin Punch Adapted from this recipe.

2 cups of squashed pumpkin
8 cups of apple juice
Cinnamon cloves, and ginger.
Cinnamon sticks

Combine pumpkin and apple juice in blender. Blend well. Add spices to taste. It should taste a hint like pumpkin pie but not overwhelmingly so. Cool well before serving with cinnamon sticks and ice.

Other options: Add a cup or two of pineapple juice, or add a can sprite.

As I told me family, don't hold me liable for any medical complications incurred as a result of this concoction.

Friday, October 7

A Response to the Reynold's critics

Reynolds has suffered the brunt of Democratic smear hunts these days. Here's the response:

Sen. Tom Reynolds and others like Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, a preacher’s kid, are being sullied by the press for only one reason; they are Christians and also Conservatives.

The Right Kind II: Paul R. Nelson?

Here is Paul Nelson's Website. You can also email him at paul*at*

I also gave him a call today and asked him some questions.

He is prolife and pro-marriage. As the last report indicated, his driving issue is quite evidently the eminent domain problem. He believes that "Historically government that fails to regard property rights will soon fail to regard other civil rights."

Although he has homeschooled, private schooled and public schooled his kids, he would "strongly support public schools" primarily by paying teachers more, and giving districts more freedom to let go of the poor ones.

He presented himself well, but could have been a bit more definite on the moral views.

More to come.

The Right Kind for the 3rd?

We need to start thinking about this now.

A Northwestern Wisconsin realtor says he will challenge Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Kind in 2006 for his seat in the 3rd Congressional District.

Paul Nelson, a 39-year-old Republican from Woodville, said Wednesday he wants to protect people's property rights.

Nelson, who works as a real estate agent in Hudson, said he was motivated to run after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June allowed a city to seize private property for economic development under a policy known as eminent domain.

"Historically, governments that fail to recognize property rights soon fail in the recognition of human rights," Nelson said. "If Americans can't be secure in their property rights, our democracy starts to crumble."

More to come.

Thursday, October 6

The Capital Crimes

They did it again. No support of the parental consent law and a host from those who oppose it. And why didn't Judith call those opposed to this bill parental consent foes like the Capital Times likes to call people who support life?

Quote of the Day

Actually it's an over done bill name: "Asia Jones Day Care Van Death Bill"

Two Terrorism Things

NY Subways on Heightened alert.

And the Oklahoma bomber who blew himself up too early.

HT: Michellemalkin

Olasky Thinks Hearts ARE Important

Columnist Michelle Malkin argues well that “a good heart does not a great Supreme Court justice make.” No, but it might make a person remain an originalist. Heart: In so many ways this appointment is classic Bush. Nearly six years ago, when asked in an early debate among Republican presidential candidates to name his favorite philosopher, W famously said, “Christ, because he changed my heart.” The pooh-poohing of his answer then (favorite philosopher – the question was about mind, not heart ) anticipated the current debate among conservatives: Suffering servant? Why not intellectual leader?

It’s George W. Bush’s analysis that “heart” is crucial, since a good mind by itself also does not a great justice make. He has not only nominated a justice but implicitly called for a paradigm shift in conservative thinking. We may all end up having been bamboozled by this nominee, in which case the Republican party will pay a heavy price, but give Bush credit for going beyond the assumption that the person who would be the best Con law professor makes the best nominee.

From Worldmagblog

Democrats Election Myths

It's a new report out by a Democratic strategy group. I think it hits many nails on the head, and I hope for the good of this country that the Democrats take it to heart, so that together we can move this country in the direction of a secure family friendly democratic republic. I've always said that the family issues of importance will finally prevail as soon as the Democrats can see that they are a loosing position.

_The belief Democrats can win if they just do a great job of mobilizing their base. Republicans have improved at mobilizing their own base, so Democrats need to do more than that.

_The theory demographic changes over time will make Democrats a majority, a questionable concept with the Hispanic vote increasingly up for grabs.

_The belief Democrats can succeed politically if they simply learn to talk more effectively about their positions.

_The strategy of avoiding cultural issues, playing down national security and changing the subject to domestic issues. National security is too dominant a concern now.

Let me translate this for those who can't read the writing on the wall. First, don't run around with "War is never the answer" sign toters. Second, start getting a bit of compassion for the unborn rather buddying up with NARAL. It's a new report out by a Democratic strategy group. I think it hits many nails on the head, and I hope for the good of this country that the Democrats take it to heart, so that together we can move this country in the direction of a secure family friendly democratic republic. I've always said that the family issues of importance will finally prevail as soon as the Democrats can see that they are a loosing position.

_The belief Democrats can win if they just do a great job of mobilizing their base. Republicans have improved at mobilizing their own base, so Democrats need to do more than that.

_The theory demographic changes over time will make Democrats a majority, a questionable concept with the Hispanic vote increasingly up for grabs.

_The belief Democrats can succeed politically if they simply learn to talk more effectively about their positions.

_The strategy of avoiding cultural issues, playing down national security and changing the subject to domestic issues. National security is too dominant a concern now.

Let me translate this for those who can't read the writing on the wall. First, don't run around with "War is never the answer" sign toters. Second, start getting a bit of compassion for the unborn rather buddying up with NARAL.

Wednesday, October 5

Justices and Hearts Everywhere

Criticism (and I'll say legitimate) over Bush's trust of the heart of Miers. He must have taken notes during Kohl's Roberts speeches. Worrying about a justices heart is like worrying over lady justices' eyes. Who cares! They should be blindfolded anyways!

More from Michelle Malkin:

President Bush tells us that he knows his White House counsel Harriet Miers' [sic]heart. I have no doubt that it is a good one. But a good heart does not a great Supreme Court justice make.

Sigh. It looks like it is possible that we have a conservative justice with a good heart; not one with a distinct and unashamed strict constructionist judicial philosophy. If this wasn't the time to appoint a Luttig or Alito when will it be? We're told to trust her eyes not the scale.

Ouch! Why Does This Ring So True?

From quin and Confirmthem:

What galls me about this pick is that it says to the world (FALSELY) that conservative jurisprudential ideals, acted on and defended in public, are too embarrassing to be worth fighting for, so we need therefore a stealth candidate and need to trust a president that a nominee’s “heart” — which has nothing, nada, zilch, to do with ANYTHING in constitutional jurisprudence — is good. Right at a time when lib Dems were on the run — the Dem senators split 22-22 on Roberts, unsure what to do, etc — we fail to follow through on the point we just won that somebody can be brilliant and tremendously well credentialed AND conservative/originalist. Instead, we are asked to settle for Bush’s assurance that his nominee will vote correctly — NOT reason correctly, but that her heart is in the right place so she will vote correctly. That’s an affront to everything we’ve worked for, and an affront to sound reasoning and to constitutional principles, and it snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.
On the higher plane of defending textualism/originalism, we were on the verge of victory.(Click Fullpost to read it all)

And on the plane of cruder politics, we just so happened to have a winning hand, because the textualist approach just so happens to also produce, in major cultural issues of our day, results that are popular. Pro pledge of allegiance. Against judicially imposed homosexual marriage. Against partial birth abortion and for parental consent. For reasonable displays of the Ten Commandments. Firmly against governmental takings of private property for other private use (a BIGGIE right now!). And so on. The idea is not to demagogue these issues. Indeed, some of these aren’t, in the greater scheme of things, tremendously important to everyday life. But the point is that with an independently qualified, brilliant, articulate nominee — one who achieved his/her status WITHOUT a boost deriving from long personal association with the president — we had the best chance in our lifetimes to explain why proper REASONING also leads, in these cases, to popular results. In other words, we could tie the principles to the results in a fair, non-demagogic, persuasive way, and thus break the back of the “evolving Constitution” Left.
Instead we are asked to trust the heart of a stealth nominee who is loyal to Bush, quite literally, to a fault, rather than known primarily for fealty to solid jurisprudential principle.
The nomination stinks to high heaven, NO MATTER HOW Miers will end up “voting” on the court if she is confirmed.
It is a betrayal, pure and simple. And we must continue to let the WHite House know, in no uncertain terms, that it IS a betrayal — even if, when push comes to shove, conservative senators decide to reluctantly vote for her, which is certainly not a given.
But to secure conservative Senate votes, the White House should understand clearly that it is now in OUR debt for sticking by it, not that we are going along because we are in its debt.
For now, the jury should still be out, and the outcome very much in doubt.

Tuesday, October 4

On to a Greener Wisconsin

There was a poll released today by Zogby that indicates Green has a narrow lead over Doyle--45.7% to 44.4%.

More on Miers

Worldmagblog is a must.

A Survey on Christian Ethics

To help me out with a report I'm doing for school I have sent the following email survey out to Pastors in my area. Now it's your turn to get to think.

Dear Pastor...

1. In coordination with the recent G8 international political summit an organization called "One" ( with a goal to "make poverty history" was formed. Based upon this organization's goal would you support their effort?

Yes. No. Undecided.

2. Scientists have been able to clone animals. Do you support this?

Yes. No. Undecided.

3. Some scientist believe that they will be able to end pain and suffering by finding the gene in our body that causes us to be selfish. Would you support research to find and eliminate this "selfish gene"?

Yes. No. Undecided.

4. Many in the medical field are working on cures for both cancer and heart disease. They believe that they will be able to extend man's life significantly if they find cures for these two diseases. Would you support their work?

Yes. No. Undecided.

5. One of your parishioners has become interested in the concept of uploading a human personality to a computer, using a variety of psychological tests and opinion surveys. She has assembled a huge computerized collection of questionnaires and has already answered forty thousand questions. She hopes that progress in information technology and artificial intelligence will allow her ideas to influence people even after her death. She comes to you one day and asks if you see any problem with what she is doing. Do you?

Yes. No. Undecided.

6. Again someone in you congregation has become interested in a process called cryonic suspension. This involves carefully freezing a person's body, perhaps for as long as several decades, then thawing and reviving the person to continue his life. Would you support this?

Yes. No. Undecided.

Monday, October 3

Two Thoughts From Class

1. Since everyone has the knowledge of God, in our witnessing we don't have to teach or pursued others about the existence of God. Rather, they just have to agree with God and the their own innate knowledge of the God's existence.

2. Everyone must adhere to an absolute that they cannot prove; it is taken by faith. Either they agree with God that he is the Creator, sustainer and end of the all things, or they manufacture their own absolute thru their own intellect that they must swallow in absolute faith apart from truth. No one lives outside of the reaches of faith. It's just where you put your faith.

Around the Web: Court's Blog

A faithful reader launches her own. Congrat's Court to the world of blogging.

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I've made some changes to the comment aspect of this blog. You will no longer be able to comment anonymously. You have to at least set up an account with blogger (which is free).

You will also have to verify that you are not spam with a word verification system.

From now on any comment that contains profanity will be deleted. Yes, the whole post. It's not because I don't like the post, its because I don't like profanity and think that any post that contains profanity does not deserve to even be kept in a cleaned up form. Remember, you are warned. Free speech on this blog is limited to clean free speech. I'm doing this because I've been spending more of my time cleaning up the blog instead of blogging; a disservice to my readers.

WW Follow Miers Debate

As you may have already gathered, I will be following the confirmation process and our two Sen. part in it...and whether they need to know anything about Miers other than her "heart." Hey, Sen. Kohl, I heard that she likes to do free legal work, and encourage others to do the same. Doesn't that show she has a good "heart?" Now you can vote for her!

From Bush's nomination speech:

Harriet has also earned a reputation for her deep compassion and abiding sense of duty. In Texas, she made it her mission to support better legal representation for the poor and underserved. As president of the Dallas bar, she called on her fellow lawyers to volunteer and staff free neighborhood clinics.

She led by example. She put in long hours of pro bono work. Harriet Miers has given generously of her time and talent by serving as a leader with more than a dozen community groups and charities, including the Young Women's Christian Association, Childcare Dallas, Goodwill Industries, Exodus Ministries, Meals on Wheels and the Legal Aid Society.

I'm sure he said this just for Kohl ;).

Miers on Abortion

It's the best you can find. Planned Barrenhood doesn't like the smell, Jay Sekulow thinks she's great.

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America, a pro-abortion group, expressed concern and demanded to know Miers' position on abortion.

"We expect Miers to make clear her views on reproductive rights during the hearing process, and the Senate should not confirm a nominee who is not willing to do so, said Karen Pearl, the group's interim president.

Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of a conservative group, the American Center for Law and Justice, said Bush showed exceptional judgment with the choice.

"At a time when the high court is facing some of the most critical issues of the day -- including a number of cases dealing directly with abortion and life issues -- the person who replaces Justice O'Connor is critical," he said.

Well I may in a way wish for a sound discussion over the improper mutilation of the Constitution and a sound defense of life in a judicial debate, to do so will only politicize the branch that is already too political. I respect Miers's words "that the courts [must] meet their obligations to strictly apply the laws in the Constitution"

So Conservatives Start to Line Up Behind Her

...and the lefties don't have a paper trial to examine.

Initial reaction from conservatives was positive.

"She has been a forceful advocate of conservative legal principles and judicial restraint throughout her career," said Leonard Leo, executive vice president of the Federalist Society.

"Harriet Miers is a top-notch lawyer who understands the limited role that judges play in our society," said Noel Francisco, former assistant White House counsel and deputy assistant attorney general during the Bush administration.

The president offered the job to Miers Sunday night over dinner in the residence. He met with Miers on four occasions during the past couple weeks, officials said.

Rehnquist, whose death paved way for Roberts' nomination, had not served as a judge before President Nixon put him on the Supreme Court. Nineteen other justices previously had never served as judges before getting on the high court.

According to the White House, 10 of the 34 Justices appointed since 1933, including Rehnquist and the late Justice Byron White, were appointed from positions within the president's administration.

"Having never served as a judge, Ms. Miers has no 'paper trail' of judicial opinions, and prospective opponents thus will have a hard time identifying positions to protest or complain about," said Supreme Court historian David Garrow. "What's more, Ms. Miers' professional record as an attorney in Texas is undeniably one of significant achievement and accomplishment, and her proponents will be able to present her as a female trail blazer whose life-record is at least arguably comparable to that of Justice O'Connor."

But when asked earlier, conservative blogs didn't think she would be a good pick. My best guess is becuase they don't like another insider, they want a fight.

So the Nominee is...

Harriet Miers. This is someone who is close to Bush so he believes he can understand who she is. Over at Confirmthem there is disappointment that Bush did not appoint someone who would have to give a defense of the proper way to interpreting the Constitution.

This is another Cheney event. The person asked to find a candidate for a specific position becomes it. Miers was in charge or very responsible for finding judicial nominees. In the end she becomes one.

I'm reserving judgment but if she has worked to get the caliber of justices that we have seen coming out of the White House, it is likely that we can expect her to be one. I'm also told she led a fight in the ABA to let the issue of abortion be dealt with by the members rather than the elite of the org. We'll see.

Get more acquainted with Miers.

Saturday, October 1

The 876.5lbs. pumpkin grown in our garden by my bro. David. It took 8th place. Great going!
Click to enlarge

A new Wisconsin record for watermelon 196lbs. Thus I no longer hold the record for the largest watermelon grown in Wisconsin. Congrats Charles Johnson!
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Matthew (my yonger brother) lives life on the edge.
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Inside a pothole at interstate park.
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Where this blog happens.
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