Friday, October 14

A Christian's Guide to Defeating Evolution

Dr. Gary Chiang was good enough to answer some of my questions on transhumanism that I am pursuing for my report. He sent along a portion of his book that he wrote on the topic of defeating Evolution since transhumanism and Evolution are closely related. I found it insightful. Here is a taste:

The argument that evolution is science and creationism is religion has been accepted by at least one judge in the United States. This judge considered Creation Science to be a religion, and would not allow it to be taught in the science classrooms of state-run schools. Yet considering the unproven philosophical assumptions in evolution as described in this book, one wonders if this is a fair comparison of these two competing theories of origin.

You can find the book here.


gary said...

Hi Lucas,
Thanks for taking the time to read the chapter I sent to you. As a scientist in at Christian university college, and am well aware of the attempts being made by Christian academics to reconcile evolution with the Bible. Evolution has become so ingrained in our educational system that no one even bothers to question, in the first place, whether it is a good scientific theory.
The chapter I sent you was from my first book which demonstrates 1. that evolution IS NOT a good scientific theory, and 2. why people continue to believe that it is. Feel free to share that chapter with your readers.
My second book is a little less "academic" and is geared to help Christians understand how to use the evoluton/creation debate as a Christian witness.

Jake said...

Ummm....the bible IS NOT a good scientific theory. In fact, Dr. Chiang, why don't you just stack up all those peer reviewed studies supporting your story with the ones supporting evolution and let us make are own decision. Oh yeah, there isn't any for creationism! You sir are a quack. As Granny said on "The Beverly Hillbillies",
Granny: "Can ya fix a broken leg?"
Man: "No"
Granny: "Then you ain't no doctor!"

Lucas you are an embarassment to yourself....don't you grow things for a living? How do you think plant and animal species are improved? Yeah that's right....Accelerated Genetics prays over the sperm - Burpee prays over them thar seeds.

I have never heard evolutionists say the theory is written in concrete. It has evolved you might say as more things are found out. Creationism on the other hand says this is it and if it doesn't have an answer ...well that's just gods will. What do you say we just quit trying to equate faith with science?

ford said...

An example of Dr Chiang's writings is at Science meets Religion.
You can comment directly to Dr Chiang on his article at Gary Chiang Blog

Jake said...

Alice I had already looked at it and was not very impressed. I mean if you already believe what he's saying it sure sounds good but it really does nothing to further any understanding of science or religion. I guess thats just my "bias" I'm sure.