Thursday, December 1

Christains Against Traditional Marriage

Anti-marriage groups appear willing to even use Christain faith as a reason to oppose traditional marriage. A group calling themselves Christians for Equality in Wisconsin and spearheaded by the First Congregational United Church in Madison will lead an assualt on marriage. Their reason? Christ commands us to love our neighbor as ourselves, hence we should support homosexual marriages. I wonder if "Christ's love" would also require us to support a marriage between a man and his dog....or why not his toaster?

In every contact with a legislature make your Christian/faith connection a key basis for opposition noting specifically the second part of the proposed amendment (emphasis mine).


Douglas III said...

Thanks for the heads up. I read the site and my only thought is "you've got to be kidding."

However, the Bible says, in the final days people will abandon the faith.


Ben Brothers said...

I'm not a Congregationalist, and I have no idea what their theology is. I can only speak for myself, but support for marriage equality does not mean opposition to traditional marriage. It means that the benefits of marriage should be open to everyone. It means a belief that all people, gay or straight, who love one another can consecrate that love with devotion.

You wrote in another post: "If you are married, I want you to look directly at your husband or wife and think for a moment if this is worth defending." Of course a loving marriage is worth defending. But how is any marriage, traditional or otherwise, threatened in any way if a lesbian couple down the street can enjoy hospital visitation rights, or any of the other legal benefits of marriage?

I'm at a loss to explain why so much energy and effort on the right is devoted to prohibiting civil unions. I'd love to know why you feel so strongly about an issue that won't affect you at all, unless for some theological belief in societal sin.

Lucas said...


Your comment in part inspired the post four above this one. Please read and enjoy.