Thursday, December 1

"Partial Victory" against RA Bible Ban

In a press release by the UW system, Kevin P. Reilly said that a committee would be formed to look into the issue of RA leading Bible studies. In the mean time, there is a temporary suspension of the Bible study least until there are "specific complaints." Reilly said that these are "serious and complex questions." Yup, the Chinese in their enforcement of their own broader based restriction on Bible studies would agree: 'tis tuff, while the founders would have been able to decide this one in a split second: 'tis free speech; free exercise.

From Cong. Green.

“Today’s announcement by UW-Eau Claire that it would, at least temporarily, reverse its practice of barring RAs from holding voluntary Bible studies in their dorm rooms was a major step in the right direction. However, the issue is by no means put to rest. Rather than eliminate this absurd practice once and for all, the UW System – in typical fashion – has opted to form a committee to evaluate the policy, leaving the matter unresolved, and its students’ constitutional rights still in jeopardy. The system, and its schools, should do what I’ve asked for since this controversy began. It should issue written rules specifically permitting these study groups. They shouldn’t need a commission and months of deliberations to tell them that.”


Steve said...

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Lucas said...

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