Thursday, December 15


Blogging should be brisk now that I've finished my last school final for the year yesterday.

I also am planning on a trip to Ecuador this next semester. (Let me hear a cheer for the land of my birth!) The initial reason I'm going is to learn Spanish for school but I'm also looking forward to ministering in a private school down there. I have the absolutely splendid opportunity to live with a family from Ecuador so I will be learning my Spanish fast.

What does this mean for Wild Wisconsin? I will not be able to keep up my regular news and commentary postings, but I do hope to post some updates on my time down in Ecuador. I am also looking into possibilities of having a guest blogger on board. If you would like to have my updates on my time in Ecuador sent directly to your inbox please email me and I will add you to my list.

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Jake said...

Lucas I look forward to some on the ground news from Ecuador. Tell a little about this new president. I was in the West Town Mall in Madison over the weekend and met a fellow Ecuadorian of yours. She was selling some beautiful hand-knitted sweaters she and her family made.