Monday, February 28

Virtual Teachers Strike Back

We, the undersigned teachers of the Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA), are writing to express our outrage that our very own teachers union is pursuing a lawsuit that would shut down our public school and eliminate our teaching jobs. For too long we have refrained from speaking, but we can no longer remain silent.


No Pay, No Problem: Send Them Off for Medical Experiments

As long as adoption or other types of long term care are an option, and so long as the parents are not paid for their child we have found an ethical reason to kill human life if it advances medical research.

Well, well, not all human life. Just the smallest and most helpless: 'extra' embryos from child seeking couples in fertility clinics.

And the Sheboygan Press calls this the ethical way in comparing embryonic research to recent legislation in Massachusetts that mirrors the work done in Wisconsin:

Romney [Mass. guv.] said he’s fine on allowing stem cell research on embryos from clinics as long as the couples who created them give written permission, were not paid, and were offered the options of rejecting research in favor of storing the embryos or giving them up for adoption. That is precisely what happens in Wisconsin today.

The Massachusetts governor objects to therapeutic cloning, on the other hand, because he believes “creation for the purpose of destruction is wrong.” His stance would outlaw processes being planned at Harvard University and other Bay State institutions.

If such precautions such as money not being paid to a child's parents and other adoption options being made available before we sent newborns off to be tested on were practiced would we call this ethical?

The smallest life must be devalued or not called a life at all if we are to accept such practices as ethical.

I just disagree and call it not ethical.

Where is the DEBT?

If we were to believe this editorial on the budget we would also believe that money grew on trees. Although Mr. McNelly notes the cuts in the state employees which is a real budget saving action he totally ignored the debt/money shifting that is actually funding the Doyle budget. The Republicans just don't want to saddle our children (me??) with debt in getting the tax freeze. Is that a fair thing to stand for?

STOP! You Can't Hunt That Mouse!

I don't know of any other word except one to describe this law: CRAZY!

My brother was worried that I couldn't pop the .22 at the sparrows outside the front door without a small games license, so he inquired at the DNR website what the status of the law was (here). According to the law, it appeared that you could not hunt "any animal" without a license.

In response to the question: [Is it] legal to hunt rats, mice, sparrows, and starlings without a small games license? Jon M. King a recreational safety warden responded: "Yes you do need a license to hunt Sparrows, Starlings, mice and rats according to the regulations. As a land owner or occupant you are limited to hunting beavers, fox, coyotes, raccoons, woodchucks, rabbits, and squirrels year round."

Now you might wonder about what the definition of the word "hunt" means, but potentially this means that you can't dispose of that pesky little mouse that keeps bothering you in your apartment on main street. That is, unless you have a small games license.

And those sparrows in the trees? Nope. Not legal they say to take a crack at them out here in the country without that license and the hunter's safety course that is required for the license.

The talk at the table this evening was over mouse traps and poison. Do they qualify as "hunting" as well?

I try to be above the law in all areas, but this law could really stretch a person's patience.

Oh Canada!

It grieves me severely to see the slide of my country and neighbor to the north. Canada! Canada!

In the last few days Canada has decided not to assist the United States with a missile defense system. Fighting a war in Iraq is one thing, but not protecting or helping your neighbor protect itself? That is just about treachery. There is evil in this world that will never be content or rest until it is destroyed, or it controls the world. Learn.

As the US Ambassador Paul Cellucci said, ""We simply cannot understand why Canada would, in effect, give up its sovereignty, its seat at the table, to decide what to do about a missile that might be heading toward Canada. It's very perplexing to us..."

On the home front, Canada has legislation on the table to legalize prostitution, as well as an Ontario law the takes out any reference to traditional marriage (words like husband, wife, etc) in an effort to sanitize their laws in their new homosexual promoting era. (Via

Another Dean Scream

Dean once again with his 'soothing' talk. This time in Kansas

"'The issue is not abortion. The issue is whether women can make up their own mind instead of some right-wing pastor, some right-wing politician telling them what to do.

'Moderate Republicans can't stand these people [conservatives], because they're intolerant. They don't think tolerance is a virtue. I'm not going to have these right-wingers throw away our right to be tolerant.

'This is a struggle of good and evil. And we're the good.'"

And to use Dean's terms, how tolerant is he to these pastors and Republicans on the other side of the debate?

I bet this went over really well with most of the people in red state Kansas.

Via:Power Line:

Friday, February 25

Personal Interview: Underheim

This last week I was able to have a personal interview with Gregg Underheim, ask him many questions and get a feel on his candidacy.

I must add that the difference in meeting him and the cold response I have experienced from the Burmaster campaign made for a stark contrast. I called upon Underheim unexpectedly while I was down in Madison and with no apparent effort he spoke with me for about an half hour, while after three emails and now three phone calls I have no response from Burmaster although they said I should get a response by the end of next week. I wouldn't hold my breath.

Although I did not have my exact list of questions before me to ask him, I found out where he stood on some very important issues that I had not been able to find info on before.

First, Underheim is very interested in other options in education in the state. When I gave him some of the information I had gathered on tax credits, he did not commit to any direct implementation, but seemed to be genuinely interested in it as an alternative. He also stressed the importance on the some of the new virtual learning systems that have been implemented in the state which save costs and have suffered litigious attacks from Burmaster and WEAC.

Second, he understood and committed to supporting in anyway he could the home schooling’s communities basic desire to be unregulated and left to teach their children in the way that seems best--a system which he acknowledged has worked very well.

Third, Underheim pledged that teaching in the classroom must not be limited to only teaching one side of the debate like has happened with the evolution idea. Part of learning is understanding that there are two sides to the debate and presenting both sides. Hint: keep your eye on this issue throughout the campaign.

Fourth, he was supportive of abstinence education although he reminded me that many of those types of decisions are made on a local level.

From a legislative perspective I was disappointed to find out that he had voted against the constitutional protection of marriage in Wisconsin, but he did agree that the schools are no place to push the anti-marriage agenda, unlike Burmaster.

There was urgency behind him as he explained the W3 plan or what works in Wisconsin plan. Under this idea, he would push for more accountability in the schools and an emphasis on streamlining school administration to provide tax savings and results in schools across the state.

Underheim can be contacted at his website

One more thing to add...Underheim seemed to be quite informed about the blogs that were and were not covering the race. I was actually amazed at how much Madison insiders watch the blogs. They keep an eye on how things are reported.

Thursday, February 24

Voter ID

I never got to listen in on the voter ID bill in the Assembly (I really did want to get to bed before the debate ended at 11:00 that eve.). But that didn't keep me from hearing plenty about it the next morning.

My Assemblyman Andy Lamb noted with dismay that it was one of the first times that he had experienced accusations that stooped to such a low level on the assembly floor: being called racist never feels that great.

Of course, few people it sounded like really touched on the real heart of the issue in protesting the bill. Voting should be as easy AND accurate as possible. When people start using Domino pizza punch cards to register to vote (as I was told happened in Menomonie), the issue must be addressed. Voting is a privilege, but a small level of responsibility it would seem, would be the least a person can do to make sure that every vote is legit.

Think for a minute. We just saw the Iraqis travel miles, and brave terrorists to blue their finger in the name of democracy. Is showing a voter ID too much to ask Americans?

You Decide: Wisconsin Budget

A Bunch of Debt or ignoring it compeltly

Hugh On Supreme Court Justices

A great review on who is on the short list for the High Court. Their past, their strengths, and what the left will use to vilify them. Such info is critical to their support when the day comes.

Voter ID

I never got to listen in on the voter ID bill in the Assembly (I really did want to get to bed before the debate ended at 11:00 that eve.). But that didn't keep me from hearing plenty about it the next morning.

My Assemblyman Andy Lamb noted with dismay that it was one of the first times that he had experienced accusations that stooped to such a low level on the assembly floor: being called racist never feels that great.

Of course, few people it sounded like really touched on the real heart of the issue in protesting the bill. Voting should be as easy AND accurate as possible. When people strat using Domino pizza punch cards to register to vote (as I was told happend in Menomonie), the issue must be addressed. Voting is a privilege, but a small level of responsibility it would seem, would be the least a person can do to make sure that every vote is legit.

Think for a minute. We just saw the Iraqis travel miles, and brave terrorists to blue their finger in the name of democracy. Is showing a voter ID too much to ask Americans?

Wednesday, February 23

Live From the Capital III

Meth was the big thing today. I know there has been others in the Wisconsin blogosphere that have been against this. If I ever needed persuasion before (I didn't) that we need some sort of legislative help on this I got it today.

What is being proposed is that cold drugs that contain amphetamines will be placed behind the counter of a pharmacy, and the number of doses that can be obtained at one time will be limited so that it will be harder to obtain the critical component in making meth.

Many think that this is too big of a hassle for the protection. When you hear tho from the Sheriff of Chippewa Falls that up to 30% of all crime cases that they deal with are related to meth, that small inconvenience dims. People who take it once are also said to be addicted at once. The addiction is terrible. A miserable destruction of the body comes in almost every case. Teeth rot, heart problems, weak bones, and a detox that takes up to 100 days. This is really something that we can't turn a blind eye to. A little form to sign to get some cold meds is well worth it.

Many down in the southern half of the state don't realize that this is a problem. It wasn't a problem anywhere until only a few years ago since when the use of meth has gone up over 100% in the western half of the state.

There was also an interview with Underheim today which I will blog about later.

Tuesday, February 22

Live From the Capital II

The final debate went much more smoothly then anticipated. It was short but not very sweet.

The Dems called it "a piece of garbage" that had to be dealt with before the "real issues of the budget like Medicare were taken up"

Do you really think that the property tax payers think that a property tax freeze is a piece of garbage that must not be dealt with? I'm afraid not.

Senator Brown said that Doyle was "stealing money from all over the place to fill in the holes."


The only problem is that people wouldn't notice the budget shortfall produced in the attempt to grab the GOP's tax freeze idea. People don't care nearly as much about debt as they do about their pet programs. I guess that means that we will have to live with the problem and wish that we sometime get a boost in the economy in the future.

Let's hope because either it will be that or some big tax increases. Probably both.

What a cop-out Doyle has been.

Live From the Capital

Well almost live blogging. I just got back from Senate debate.

First on the agenda was the school voucher bill. Sen. bill 8 is designed to take away many of the caps on the number of school vouchers.

The Dems in the minority party complained that there was "zero responsibility" and that they wanted some more account ability if the where to raise the number (the classic Doyle spin to shut or at least limit vouchers to the same regulations that will make a private schools mini public ones.)

Next things really began to heat up when the minimum wage bill was brought up. The Republicans wanted to send the bill to committee where they will let it die, and the Dems wanted to keep and make it an issue. Because of the way that the minimum wage is determined I think it will pass in the end (the legislature actually does not decide, but as I understand a commission appointed by the guv. does) but I don't think the Republicans want it to become an issue.

One of the Dems (sorry I missed his name) stood up and said that he was working the minimum wage right now. Someone made the comment that if such was the case wouldn't voting for the minimum wage bill would be a conflict of interest. ;)

I kept wanting to stand up and say that we don't need the minimum wage law! Most biz. already pay much higher than the minimum and enacting this bill will only push biz. who would like to create trial or other arrangements in pay to accept the gov't mandate. I also wanted to say that I am looking for work right now and raising the minimum wage is the last thing that will help me find it since it will lower the number of jobs available. ...But they never asked me to speak.

The Senate is out now until about 2:00 when they will discuss the property tax freeze. That should be even more fun. The barbs even started flying before even the motion was on the floor over if they wanted to end the meeting or not. They did thus this post--the Dems said they needed a cooling off period (oh was that true!). They were just about flying off the handle! Emotions were high and I don't see them going down.

Monday, February 21

A whole $.28!

Oh the benefits of having Google Ads on your site! I see a likely departure in the works.

Urgent News On Terri

Today, the 2nd DCA denied the Schindlers' motion to withhold their mandate, which is expected to be issued tomorrow morning, Tuesday - February 22, 2005.

Upon learning of this, attorney George Felos contacted the Schindlers' attorney to inform him that he intended to instruct the staff at Hospice to remove Terri Schiavo's food and fluids at 1.00pm ET on Tuesday, February 22.

via BlogsforTerri

If you blog please sign up at

Also there is an advertisement that they are placing in a Florida newspaper that they are asking help for.

Foremost there must be a push upon the executive and legislative branches of gov't to stop this. This is what our constitution is all about. When one branch oversteps its bounds and denies a person their right of life, it is the responsibility of the other branches to step in and protect it. Jeb Bush has tried once, the courts struck back. This is the time for every legislature who's blood recoils at the thought of an innocent life being taken under their watch to stand up and place everything on the line to do what they know is right--Let's also give them some encouragement to do so.

Educational Tax Credits: Good Debate

On the Borderline has an excellent post plus some equally excellent discussion (none of the classic name calling) going on about educational tax credits. If you want to learn more this is a good place to do so. So far I have agreed completely with what bildanielson has said. He has really thought the matter through.

For example:

Q: What about students with special educational needs?

A: Special scholarships will be set up to help out this need as well by the tax credits from businesses or individuals.

Q: Private school teachers are paid far less than public school teachers so do you expect public school teachers to take a pay cut or do you want to pay private school teachers more to level the field?

A: Supply and demand for teachers and their merit is what [will] be the determining factor in pay and benefits

The Right Type of UN Move On Human Cloning

"The United Nations has called on Member States to adopt urgent legislation outlawing all cloning practices "as they are incompatible with human dignity and the protection of human life."

Using the UN to ban humann cloning compromises national sovereignty even tho I think very strongly that human cloning is not right. Urging nations to adopt anti-cloning measures is the right way to stop the problem.

Come on US! It's about time we start pushing for it!

Via lifesitenews

The Chicken Throw: Only In a Wild Wisconsin Town

Try and think of this happening in some big town parade. For the last few years the town of Ridgeland Wisconsin has introduced the chicken toss as apart of its winter festivities and parade. Bantam chickens which are noted for their haughty independent attitudes and flying skill are thrown one at a time from the highest building in town, flying desperately overhead (on occasion dropping a bomb on the unsuspecting head) in an attempt to find a landing spot that will not wet their feet on the snow. Meanwhile, the fowl loving youngsters earnestly are attempting to catch the beast, with the chicken being the prized for the triumphant hunter.

The event has been so successful in recent years that the number of birds has been increased to 100 and I am told that the kids will do anything to capture their living treasure.

And the moms? Well, most of them already probably have a husband who has 100 or so black and white pets in the barn so one more will do no harm, but you can see how the suburban Mom might scuttle the program if it done in the middle of Madison.

Does Europe Only Have A Pseudodemocracy?

Paul Johnson thinks so: "The Germans have had democracy imposed on them twice by the victorious Allies, each time after a world war Germany started. German democracy is a superficial growth, and if the Socialists there continue to mismanage the economy and impoverish the people, who can say whether freedom in Germany will survive?

The French have had 12 written constitutions since 1789. None has given ordinary French people the feeling that they are really in charge of their affairs. If they have a real grievance they take to the streets and block the roads and ports, knowing from bitter experience that force is more likely to get results than arguments or votes.

Italy has had democracy of a sort since 1945, but it is so corrupt that Italians don't put much faith in it. They know that family and business connections--based on favors given and reciprocated--are the only way to obtain justice and their rights."

I would more wonder if they are moving away from a democracy rather than saying that they never have had one. Or another way to put it: They have experienced the some of the worst sides of democracy and have never understood the checks and balances necessary to keep and hold a democracy.

In Iraq the same is true: Just equalizing and letting people have a role in the gov't will never be enough. Protections against an Islamic state and a respect for the rule of law that provides equal protection of natural rights is essential for success to be realized in any democracy.

Democracy is really the only option but that does not always mean success. Hope for the best but never assume it will happen overnight.

Home and Private Schools Save Gov't Millions

A new study shows private and public schools saved tax payers in Nevada up to $34 million. This is what needs to be shown more and more. Way to often when alternatives that assist private and public schools are offered (like tax credits) they are labeled as taking funds away from education. Nothing can be further from the truth. As soon as people realize the vast amount that private schools already save the gov't, and could save if they were used and encouraged more, they would be much less likely to thwart innovation in these areas. Of course WEAC will never tell you that: they live in their own small world of a monopoly education system.

More here.

Friday, February 18

Marriage Covenant and Saving Marriage

Marriage is besieged from all sides. It is the exception rather than the norm these days to have a stable family with a Mom and Dad and their kids. Most obviously marriage is threatened by those who want to define it to mean the attachment between any two people who have some sort of attraction for each other without any regard to their sex, number or commitment. tragic.

In the midst of its attempt to keep its head above water, divorce is probably one of the biggest weights on the success of the family unit in America. Divorce runs rampant just as much in the church as anywhere else. Is there any thing we can do to encourage marriage, to be on the offensive in preserving this institution rather than always being on the defensive?

The Marriage Covenant idea is a good point to start.

Under this proposal, those who wish to get married have two choices. They can either have a traditional marriage, or they can choose a contract marriage. A contract marriage must be proceeded by pastoral or secular marriage counseling. Furthermore, it strengthens the marriage bond by helping marriages that are struggling by requiring marriage counseling and making it less easy to divorce without having real troubles that cannot be dealt with.

For those who have already tied the knot, they can strengthen that knot by committing to a covenant marriage as well.

Starting with Louisianan in 1997and now both Arkansas and Arizona have followed through in implementing this legislation. The main problem has been that not many couples have taken advantage of the covenant marriages.

Covenant Marriages are a good starting point to get a person thinking. If they are to be implemented it appears their needs to be more teaching on the subject first. Are there other ideas? What do you think should be done to save marriage?

Doyle Budget In A Nutshell

The Conservative Digest has one of the best articles on Doyle's new budget. As has been said all along, how can this really be a tax cut if government spending rises faster than inflation? The real fact is that although the attention getting property taxes are getting funded by the state to try and stop people from worry (of all things!) about where THEIR money is going, back-door taxes like fees and licenses are on task for a huge rise.

NOTICE: One of the big hikes is the hunting licenses. They are going up by as much as 50%.

To the Capital

I will be heading down to Madison this next week, and will likely take in some of the tax freeze debate which I hope to if not live blog at least quick blog about.

Thursday, February 17

Blogs are the Hip Thing to Report

Now Peggy Noonan does her own piece on blogs as the old media fall head over heels in reporting the thing that keeps hitting them.

It's groovy, it's chic, it's "in" but see if I care if the old media is finally waking up to the reality of who their readers are and that those readers only want the truth and not spin.

Wednesday, February 16

Jorgensen and Cady Win!

Here is the letter they sent to me with some sobering thoughts of why this
race is important sprinkled in the midst of the good news:

Well, the primary election results are in and Mike and I made the cut.

We would like to THANK all those who voted, and remind you that now the real
battle begins.
We got 303/264 vote respectively, and we believe it will take somewhere
around 1800 votes to win the election on April 5th. We have a long way to
go, and will need your help.

This school board is out of control. It plans to increase the 05/06 budget
by over 10% this coming year. That will mean that in 5 short years they will
have increased the part of the budget we pay for by 50%.
They also want to shut down the smaller schools and then build a new
building which will cost over 10 million dollars.
By the time that referendum comes about the cost will be far greater.
Student population has dropped and is projected to remain steady in the near

To Help My New Coffee Drinking Habit

It may helpprevent liver cancer.

...becuase I just got the neatest coffee maker, grinder, and coffee beans for my birthday.

Burmaster and Underheim Win: Lots of Work Ahead

The results are in::

"Incumbent Elizabeth Burmaster and state Rep. Gregg Underheim will square off in April's general election for superintendent of Public Instruction, setting up a debate over how much Wisconsin spends on schools.

Burmaster and Underheim finished in the top two spots in Tuesday's primary, allowing them to advance to the April 5 election. The winner of that race will run the Department of Public Instruction for a four-year term.

With 3,363 of 3,397 precincts reporting, Burmaster led the four-way primary with 144,789 votes, or 61 percent. Underheim was a distant second with 60,711 votes, or 26 percent.

Black Earth high school teacher Todd Stelzel had 20,720 votes, or 9 percent, while University of Wisconsin-Whitewater professor Paul Yvarra had 11,749 votes, or 5 percent."

Even if you combine the votes of all three of the contestants against Burmaster she still would have won. I don't think people really know the options that are out there for education tho. If they did they support would come in much differently I'm sure. It's time to get to work.

Terri's Continued Battle

Several things bring the fight for Terri Schiavo's life to the forefront once again. First, Sarah Scantline who was in a worse physical condition then Terri unexpectedly woke up from what the doctors called a vegetative state and has begun to speak and relate how much she understood what was going on around her. Her situation demonstrates that Terri more than likely understands a similar amount.

Second, the noose is tightening as judges are soon expected to deny Terri once again her right to live. Prolifeblogs along with Hyscience blog have announced a blog marathon in an effort to help out in Terri's fight. More info here on and here on protest actions that are planned.

The resemblance of this situation to a documentary on how the Nazis destroyed those who they saw as less then fit that I saw at the holocaust museam strikes a person much to close for comfort. It is called standing up for the helpless.

Tuesday, February 15

Shots at the Flu Shots

Flu vacciens don't help the elderly? Doesn't surprise me.

The Judge Battle Begins

Yesterday President Bush nominated 20 federal judges, good solid judges. Some of these names like Bill Pryor and Priscilla Owens are renominations from last session which the Democrats obstructed through the use of the filibuster. On this go around, Arlen Specter who struggled to get his appointment to the judicial committee, has promised that he has the votes to get through the nominees through the committee. Frist also has said that if he needs to he will change the rules to avoid the Dem. filibuster and that he has the votes to do so.

Monday, February 14

Vote February 15! Official Endorsements

Local School Board:
Bill Rieger
Tom Jorgensen
Mike Cady

Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Gregg Underheim

I need to delay no longer to give my official endorsements. The above people for school board have shown leadership qualities in efforts to control the upward spiraling taxes as they seek educational excellence. They also are sympathetic to homeschoolers, and will fight the intrusion of the liberal agenda into the teaching of our kids.

For SPI the reasons are even heavier. Homeschooling, taxes, abstinence, scientific education freedoms, and school choice shout quite clearly: someone new! I applaud both Yvarra and Stelzel for their innovation and discussion that they infused into the race, yet I must still support Underheim because of his stronger stand on homeschooling and lower taxes.

Please vote February 15.

Burmaster Update: Who's in and Who's Out

Who She Doesn't Talk to:

The Burmaster campaign continues to stonewall my effort to get a response to my questions. I have emailed Elizabeth Burmaster three times, and called twice and I have still received no reply. In my phone conversations they have acknowledged that they have received the request but so far they have returned nothing.

Who She Does talk to (and take money from):
In my search around for info on Ms. Burmaster I found the so called Human Rights League, A PAC that is dedicated to advancing the homosexual agenda in Wisconsin. Not only did they endorse and give money to Elizabeth Burmaster but she openly said that she had and would continue to assist them in advancing their objectives. The whole survey which is really an eye opener is located here. Is advancing an agenda that leaves children without both a Mom and Dad really something that will help our children's education?

Friday, February 11

First CBS then CNN

Eason Jordan has officially resigned as the chief news executive of CNN after he was reported to have claimed that the military had purposely targeted jounalists. The stroy never really broke the MSM barrier, but the US senate was supposidly taking a look and Mr. Jordan left rather than kill CNN's reputation over the deal. Easongate on it all.

Thursday, February 10

Update on Superintendent Race

I have been in contact via phone with both races and feel quite confident I will recieve a reply soon.

Dayton Drops Out for2006

Sen. Dayton from our neighbor state to the west has said that he will not run again in 2006. Powerline has been relentless in hammering the senator on his poor job. First came his cowardly act of shutting down his office when he thought there was a threat but turned out there was not.

Then he went off on a tirade about Dr. Rice's confirmation that did not come off well either. In statements to the press, Sen. Dayton didn't want to invest the money from his own pocket and did not want to raise the 15 million that he thought he would have to raise.

This was a great thing for the Republicans. Now they have an open seat in Minn. I wish them the best in their endeavor to find for themselves are rational senator.

Tuesday, February 8

Moving Tax Freeze

Doyle plays the classic game of moving the $$ around and then borrow a bit to try and make enough gov't money to cover his newest political move.

In an attempt to take away the tax freeze issue from the Republicans, Doyle is suppose to be proposing taking away from the transportation fund and borrowing in order to fund his "tax relief" to the local governments. All this just to place a freeze on the local governments from raising taxes. Don't worry. Your taxes or state debt will still have to go up since Doyle doesn't seem to want to see any spending cut (how could he?). As boots and sabers " target="_blank">notes this is just a shift of taxes from the local to the state not a tax limitation. And to boot, it is coming out of the transportation fund which is suppose to be strictly for roads!

Poor Roemer Poor DNC

Tim Roemer has officially stopped running for the chair of the Democratic National Committee giving it up now to Dean. This just continues the no change liberal status of the Democratic party. Nothing has changed except maybe the way in which they veil their views in rhetoric. Dean finally has something to scream about winning and I'm sure we will be hearing more not less of it in the future.

New Tool

Hey, I got the neatest software to work with my blog! For those of you who are fellow bloggers you should check w.bloggar

Auction Welfare Don't Kill It

There has been much talk recently over all of Bush's programs that he will be asking Congress to take out in order to bring the budget into line. The Liberals will of course holler: "You're deserting the poor!" Does this have to be true?

It's not true. First off many of the programs are not working and just plain fat that has accumulated in the government bureaucracy.

It's true. If we cut out all of the welfare programs or even as many as Bush wants to, the government may be deserting the poor.

No, it is not true. The problem then is not that the government is not caring for the poor, but that it is not encouraging others to take on the responsibility. I propose we auction off the welfare programs. Do I hear a bid for WICK? Bush should look to churches or any other private organization that cares to take up the work to take over where the government has intruded. Sell or give away those HUD houses. Then instead of the liberals being able to say that the poor have been deserted they will have to complain that the private sector is doing it instead of the government. Additionally, this also keeps the absorption of church and private welfare programs from failing to take up the task when government gets out of the business since the government will not get out of it until they get someone to take over the project. Now we've got the motivation of the church as well--the government is offering WICK why don't you take it?

I'm always ready for the government to get out of poor-aid. Let's just make sure the transition goes smoothly.

Monday, February 7


If I can only get some hard facts on his candidacy, it is quite possible that I will support Underheim in the Superintendent election. The excellent correspondence with the other candidate not withstanding, I see Underheim taking the hardest line on taxes; my only question is how he will respond to vouchers, sex-ed, home schooling and tax credits.
Wisconsin bloggers lean his direction. Doyle's negative endorsement of his candidacy also makes me look favorably on him.

I have tried another round of contacts to both Underheim and Burmaster. We'll see if they produce any results.

Podcasting: Doing to Radio What Blogs Did to Print.

My Way News has an article on it. I followed the link to and liked it. You may too.

"Less than a year old, podcasting enables anyone with a PC to become a broadcaster. It has the potential to do to the radio business what Web logs have done to print journalism. By bringing the cost of broadcasting to nearly nothing, it's enabling more voices and messages to be heard than ever before"

Easongate--The Latest Story The MSM is not Covering for Reasons of Bias

Prayer Alert!

Please pray for my friend Jake who was involved in a serious car accident as
of late.

Saturday, February 5


...the number of people groups who do not have the bible in their own language. This was one of the challenging message that I received today when I attended a Wycliffe bible translators information session today. By 2025 Wycliffe hopes to have started translation on everyone of these languages.

I was excited that they were open and ready to challenge me to use my interest and studies in government and public policy in missions. My studies are only a tool that I find God calling to refine as I seek to serve His kingdom.

Will assisting bible translators or other overseas missionary work be apart of that plan? I don't know. I try and shut no door to God.

Second Possible Political Revolution

My last post described one way that the political make-up could change to favor the Democrats. The other prominate way that the democrats could pick up votes would be to woe away the libertarians from the Republicans. This is far easier than you might think since most libertarians agree with the Democrats already on moral license and only vote Republican becasue of their fiscal conservatism--something that has been lacking in recent years.

The Left In Sheeps Clothing

Here you will find one of the biggest and most important ideological political battles of the future. In brief, it is a rewrap of every far left political stand as a moral Christian value. Rev. Jim Wallis is anti-life, anit-marriage, big government, disagrees with a government protecting itself, and is in love with big government intervention. The way in which these arguments are refuted or not refuted will change the whole political landscape of the future. I can't over emphasize how important this is. Please read the article and discern for error. I have addressed in the past many of his arguments, but this only motivates me all the more to precisely and completely finish the task.

Thursday, February 3

Boots & Sabers For Fighting Election Fraud

Boots & Sabers has asked for an open records request to access the voter registration forms that were filed on November 2nd and were considered unreadable. This is in an attempt to get to the bottom of the voter fraud here in Wisconsin. Doing so will require money and time. Thanks to those at B&S and co. that are tackling the task.

Voter Fruad Continues...

Stand in the Trenches wonders how and if a Ward could really vote 99% for Kerry.

Marquette University College Republicans Ask and Wait

Here is the response of the MU Republicans after school officials stopped their Adopt a Sniper program:

"The MUCRs have consistently butted heads with the university in regards to expressing anything they deem "not Catholic" or "in line with their mission" as a “Catholic University” such as our Animal Right BBQ to protest animal rights extremists such as PETA or, most recently, our Support the Troops, Adopt a Sniper campaign. This week is the school's mission week themed, “Constructing Peace”. Our group merely wanted to present the opportunity for fellow students to construct peace through supporting the troops through provides snipers with the specialized supplies they need to stop terrorists before they do damage to innocent Iraqi or US Citizens.

However, as of today, the university has confiscated our signs and supplies deeming them contrary to the values of mission week and stated that the Adopt A Sniper program is not an acceptable way of supporting the troops and cannot be promoted on campus. We are working to overturn the universities decision on this however, I would ask that you convey your discontent with the university by calling Pam Peters at 414-288-0588 and stating that the university needs to allow students to construct peace in many diverse ways including directly supporting troops. Time is limited so please act as soon as possible."

Thank you for your time,
Brandon Henak
Chairman, MU Republicans

Wednesday, February 2

Social Security: Who Charged It?

Tonight as Bush lays out his plan for privatizing parts of the Social Security program you will hear the replying moans of how much it will cost. "Millions and millions" they will cry. "Look at how much this Bush initiative will cost the government!" The only problem with this blame is that it is placed in the wrong place. The real cost of the Social Security that we are trying to fix today was incurred in the beginning when the program first burst into existence--we are paying their debt. The first participant of Social Security payed only $24.50 into the system and got $22,888.92 back. Because of the 'pay as you go' system that Social Security is, we will have to pay the $22864.42 debt of past generations plus inflation interest if we are going to privatize the system. Yes, it will cost to privatize Social Security, but FDR and past generations incurred those costs not Bush, you, and me.

Tuesday, February 1

State Superintendent Election II

(First interview here)
Todd Stelzel has responded to my questions on his run for superintendent of public instruction. Like Paul Yvarre, comparing him to our present superintendent of public instruction's pattern of initiatives and lack of initiatives he looks very favorable. Stelzel answers much more knowledgably, but he is inferior to Yvarre in his answer to the question on abstinence education. I will withhold official endorsement until I am sure that none of the other candidates will respond.

WW: Parental involvement and support has often been shown to be critical to the success of a child's education. How will you work to activate parents in the education of their children?

Todd Stelzel: Research does show that parental involvement and support is critical to the success of a student's education. As State Superintendent, I would encourage school leaders to strengthen the working relationship between parents and the school, since this is critical and necessary. Strong Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO's) can be an effective tool, if the school leader makes this priority number one. Recognition of parents is essential before asking them for more help.

WW:Arizona has implemented successfully a system that enables individuals to receive tax credits for contributions to organizations that give students scholarships. Would you support a similar system in our schools?

TS: Yes, I would support tax credits to individuals who contribute to organizations that give student scholarships. There are already some scholarship foundations in our local Wisconsin School Districts that can be used as a tax credit. Tax credits should also be given to those individuals who want to donate cash or equipment to a particular school program.

WW: How would you support the home schooling trend in our state?

TS: I am in favor of school choice. Home schooling is one of those choices. It is another option for parents and students. However, guidelines for home schooling need to be improved. For example, accurate records of student progress must be maintained and evidence of curriculum development demonstrated by the home school instructor, since this is what is required of the public school teacher.

WW:Would you seek to restrict the teaching of all scientific theories that contradict evolution? If so, why?

TS: I would not seek to restrict the teaching of all scientific theories that contradict evolution.

WW: Would you support abstinence based sexual education. If so, how?

TS: I do support abstinence. However, school districts must also teach students about protection.