Thursday, March 31

Abortion Breast Cancer Link Confirmed in Court

Even while the American Cancer society continues to deny that there is a link between breast cancer and abortion, lawsuits have been successfully won by those who say they got breast cancer because of their abortion and were not properly warned or screened because of their increased risk.


In a recent article, "Legal implications of a link between abortion and breast cancer," appearing in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, an attorney for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) warns doctors that they have a duty to disclose the risks of abortion - including the link between abortion and breast cancer. (Click "Full post")
Andrew Schlafly, Esq., general counsel for the AAPS, warned doctors that two malpractice lawsuits have already been successfully prosecuted in the U.S. for failing to disclose the link. "The most common type of malpractice case in the U.S. is failure to diagnose breast cancer," Schlafly pointed out, as described by Karen Malec, President of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, in a release. "The average payout is $200,000, not counting other related costs. Courts may find doctors have a 'heightened duty to screen' patients for cancer."
Schlafly said that more abortions would result in higher breast cancer rates. He criticized the widely-cited conclusions reached by researchers who claimed there was no link between abortion and breast cancer in a Lancet article in 2004. "The Lancet article relies entirely on a hypothetical comparison," Schlafly emphasized. The Lancet authors compared the effects of having an abortion to not having had that pregnancy.
"Schlafly joined other experts who have criticized the Lancet paper's many flaws," Malec explained. "He observed that most large studies found an independent link, beyond the loss of the protective effect of childbearing. The Lancet's data demonstrated 'a clear correlation,' even after its authors excluded studies showing the highest correlation and added 'dubious studies.'"
"Most abortion-positive women haven't reached the age when they're most likely to develop the disease - 50 years and older," Malec continued. "Schlafly estimated an absolute lifetime risk of 1 in 3 and predicted 'staggering' costs for society. Noting that the tobacco industry had to pay the costs of lung cancer, he wondered who would pay the costs of breast cancer?"
"The cancer fundraising industry is poised to reap a windfall because it failed to warn women about the recognized cancer risk of abortion," Malec asserted. "It hoodwinked journalists, lawmakers, doctors and the public about both cancer risks. The abortion and the cancer fundraising industries should be made to re-pay the costs of breast cancer incurred by society."

Breaking News: Terri Dies

May the Lord use this in the lives of her famliy for good.

PHC Beats Oxford (Again)!

The college that I am attending defeated Oxford college in a moot court debate.

PURCELLVILLE, VA – The moot court team from Patrick Henry College (PHC) has won its second straight tournament against Balliol College of Oxford University. The final round was held last Monday before a panel of three judges in the Virginia Supreme Court. The panel included the Honorable Donald W. Lemons, Virginia Supreme Court Justice, as well as Senior Justices A. Christian Compton and Harry L. Carrico (former Virginia Chief Justice). All three judges selected PHC seniors Matthew du Mee and Rayel Papke as team winners. Papke was also chosen as best individual speaker.

Last fall, PHC President Michael Farris and four of his students traveled to England for their first ever international competition and won their first match against Balliol. This time, four students from Oxford traveled to Virginia for the rematch.

"We are so proud of our students as they continue to exceed our expectations," said PHC President Michael Farris. "We're honored to compete with such a prestigious university."

Moot court is a form of debate competition designed to simulate appellate court proceedings. Teams of two students function as co-counsels and stand before a panel of judges to argue one side of a legal matter. Then, in later rounds, the same teams defend the opposite position.

The two teams from Oxford attend Balliol College, one of the 39 colleges that make up Oxford University. Law students Desmond Ryan and Angela Daly represented Oxford in the final round. David J. Shaw and Kyle Pousson also competed for Patrick Henry in the competition's early rounds.

Crack Thru The Ice. Take a Dip.

It was so warm on Tuesday that I took a dip in the pond with my brothers. After the initial tingling feeling of freezing water touching bare skin wore off, and numbness took over, you could actually enjoy the motions of swimming. You still had to crack through the ice to get in, but it was well worth saying that you went swimming and sledding on the same day. I actually missed the sledding trip in the end but on Tuesday but some of the rest in my family did do it. And you thought it was only in places like California or somthin' that you could go swimming and sledding on the same day. Oh no! Come to Wisconsin where you can enjoy everything you love to do!

(Sorry no pics. I came to the conclusion that I do enough crazy things to make people wonder about my sanity without having to take pictures of everything in order to prove it.)

Sweet Planning

It's time to start thinking of Spring and sweet corn. I decided that I would gulp and shell out triple the amount to get the super sweet corn. That means sugar contents of 30-50%. I will be planting about an acre of sweet corn to sell at the end of my driveway. I can't wait for summer.

I also ordered my watermelons, seedless watermelons which cost about 5 times as much as normal watermelons.

Remember, WW readers get a discount on sweet corn if you mention "Wild Wisconsin" when you pick up corn. I'll keep you posted on when it is ready.

Check out Jordan Seeds

I also love Johnny's seeds.

Wednesday, March 30

Jesse Jackson Supports Terri

I was a bit surprised at this turn of events since Jackson has compromised in his support of democrats who are strongly pro-abortion. It has even been said that he persuaded two (one short of the number needed) Florida senators to support legislation that would save Terri.

This just goes to show again that those who support Terri are a varied bunch. Some who are normally Republican don't some Democrats do. I'm sure Terri is happy for all who support her.

Tuesday, March 29

Adopt A Sniper Group Now Blog

A group of three from the Marquette U. Republicans have started up their own blog. (Remember them? They were the ones that got their adopt a sniper initiative shut down.) Give GOP3 a read. They don't mind taking on the heavy stuff over there, nor have they fainted from posting up a storm.

Why Culvers Wants a Minimum Wage Hike

I could never figure out why Culvers was running around with Doyle in support of the minimum wage increase. Now I know. From the Cato institute:
"....franchised fast-food outlets do not necessarily suffer a competitive disadvantage when the minimum rises for all restaurants, including local pizza and sandwich shops."

It was a light going on in the economic part of my head. Bigger companies have an easier time dealing with added costs. They have several dozen employees; they can easily arrange to let a few go. Your local little sandwich shop does not have such an easy out nor the capital to ride out the change. They face a large threat of going under and dropping all of there employees cold.

Who wins? Big business, and those how have enough skills and productivity to make it worth a company to keep them on.

Who loses? The poor who loose their jobs, the small businessmen who face increased pressure on their small but important endeavor, and the consumer (many of whom are the poor) who must pay more for their products.

Stop the minimum wage increases. It's not fair to the poor, it's not fair to anyone.

HT:Power Line

Monday, March 28

Shot the Earn a Buck

My huntin' brothers will be happy to hear this. Our area was on the verge of becoming an earn a buck area.

The Natural Resources Board killed off the state’s contentious earn-a-buck deer hunting zones Wednesday, bowing to pressure from hunter advocates enraged that the rule forced too many people to pass up big bucks.

The board’s action acknowledged the long-simmering animosity hunters hold for the earn-a-buck zones, where a hunter had to bag a doe or young antlerless buck before killing an adult buck, and their distrust of the state Department of Natural Resources’ deer population estimates.

Via Boots and Sabers

Today's C.S. Lewis

Alvin Plantinga was fetured in this AP report. I had to read some of his works for my Logic class and found him extreamly thought provocing and yes, logical.

Plantinga has beaten down many older cases made in favor of atheism,...which leaves the perennial problem of evil: How can God be all-powerful and all-loving if he allows suffering?

Plantinga says this also poses a problem for atheism, under which it is hard to see how there can really be such a thing as evil if the cosmos lacks a moral structure, besides which everyone believes evil and good are real.

The philosopher also contends that, logically, a good God could have created a world without suffering only by denying the benefit of free will to humans and supernatural demons.

Tooley thinks Plantinga has won that part of the argument, but still finds a benevolent God unlikely when we contemplate the actual extent of suffering, for example in the tsunami. Plantinga considers this atheism's strongest argument ---- and understands the incredible horrors wrought by such disasters and manmade evils like totalitarian regimes ---- but still thinks his logical arguments for God prevail.

Sorry for the Lack of Posts.... internet connection died and I decided to take a break from blogging for the weekend to do some maple syrup tree tapping before starting it up again.

Rover Cloned

Got a dear doggy or kitty that just "passed away"? Now you might be able to clone Rover and bring him back to life--kind of.

It's a rather foolish pursuit. If you think you love your pet enough to spend 50,000 bucks to attempt to get the same pup, then you've got some WROOONG priorities. But unlike human cloning there are far fewer reasons to stop it.

The reason why I don't think it's wrong? Well, you see, I'm so progressive I'm willing to take a good hard look at some of the these ideas instead of calling them off the wall just because they are new *smiles*.

If we had to kill several thousand human babies to get a clone, forget it. But since this is only animals I would never encourage people to throw their money away to make a clone, but I don't think this is something that the state has to legislate.

Could we even clone a Mammoth? Sounds cool to me. I haven't seen any reason to object. How about you?

Via World Blog

No Jury

I failed to get on the jury. I went in today but I knew one of the witnesses so they struck me down.

I was really interested in the case. It touched on a pain and suffering case. That said , even if I had not known one of the witnesses I probably would have never made it to serve on the jury because of my belief that pain and suffering cases jury cases often give outrageous settlements. I believe in caps on pain and suffering It would have come out. I would have gone down.

More Sheila Harsdorf For Lt. Guv

The River Falls Journal picked up on the rumor that Sheila Harsdorf might run for Lt. Guv.

Just like I said:
Republican insiders see Harsdorf as an attractive addition to the ticket of either of the Republican contenders for governor because they are both from eastern Wisconsin and she is from the western part of the state.

How Harsdorf responded:
"The time for a decision is premature," said Harsdorf. "I'm committing my time and resources serving as state senator and working on important issues to western Wisconsin, like combating meth, addressing our state budgetary challenges, and reducing the tax burden on Wisconsin citizens. That's where my focus will be."

Curious statement:
The idea of Harsdorf as lieutenant governor was first brought up during the Republican Third Congressional District caucus held this past weekend in Menomonie, according to the source.

Was Wild Wisconsin the source? I'm trying to find out.

Friday, March 25

A good Good Friday?

How can they call this day good? What happened today seems at the farthest extreme from good. It was the total opposite. Evil was winning. God had turned his back on his own Son. The weight of the sin of the whole world from all the vile centuries of manss wickedness had become centered on a sinless man. We cry about injustice in our land. The guilty being let go, the just being punished. This was the ultimate injustice. The ultimate righteous One was given the death penalty. Why do we call this good? Do we remember the tragic days in the history like the assassinations of JFK or Lincoln and remember them as a national holiday? A good holiday?

Yet Friday is good. Its good for me. Its good for you. It's good for those set free.

The just punishment that we deserved was taken off our record. Someone else paid the debt. Someone else paid the punishment. Thats the good in Good Friday. It is the highest gift of good one could give to us. Good Friday is good...and Sunday is just around the corner. I can't help but shout it early: Alleluia!

Thursday, March 24

Ann Coulter Suggests the National Guard

Just like this blog suggested here. "So how about a Republican governor's sending in the National Guard to stop an innocent American woman from being starved to death in Florida?'"

Via BlogsforTerri:

Wednesday, March 23

Rathergate All Over Again: Talking Points Memo Hoaxes

Powerline has been following the developments of the blog communities expose of a memo that ABC news and the Washington times have been throwing around as evidence that the Republicans passed the law to save Terri only for political gain. By all accounts this memo is false. Senators have not seen it. There are numerous mistakes in the paper. To top it all off ABC news is starting to withdraw support...but will they ever come out and say that they erred in reporting on this paper as true if it is confirmed it is false?

Wait and see.

Tuesday, March 22

Another Thing You Will Find On Your Ballot

You might be surprised to find the following on your ballot when you slide behind the curtain to cast your vote:

# Should the State of Wisconsin, not the county taxpayer, pay for the cost of the state mandated court system?

# Should the State of Wisconsin, not the county taxpayer, pay for the cost of state mandated human services?

This is the work of counties who are feeling the heat over property taxes and are now trying to push the cost of the court system and human services onto the state.

It's a bad idea. The counties should know better.

It all comes down to state vs. local control. It is well known that control always follows the money. Since the local counties foot the bill they have more control, a more local control which is more responsive and responsible to the people. Let the state pay for these responsibilities and we will sacrifice our local control to Madison.

Realistically this ballot initiative is nothing more than a skewed poll. It enacts no law, and yet most people will pass it since they can't see why the state shouldn't pay for what it ask the counties to do. Start saying good-bye to more of your local control.

JS Online has more.

Sheila Harsdorf for Lt. Governor?

It's only a rumor that I heard at the 3rd District caucus but I don't doubt the possibility. Seeing that both of Green and Walker are from the Eastern half of the state it makes sense for them to look at someone from the West.

I Was Going to Write...

..about if suicide is ever right and how state's rights are involved in Terri's case, but the National Review had a better article on just these subjects so I will just link you there.

Saturday, March 19

Senate Acts For Terri

The Senate is acting. They are going to be passing the House version to save Terri. Keep up to date at Hyscience Blog and again Blogsforterri

Update These two brothers are live blogging outside the hospice center where Terri is being held.

I would like to blog more...both about Terri and a 3rd District Republican Caucus that I went to today, but I have a family birthday party to celebrate and must not stay up on my computer all day.

Yes, Happy Birthday Justo and Peter!

Friday, March 18

Peggy Noonan Warns about Political Consequences If Terri Dies

I hope she's right. She does have a good point. Blogs for Terri is going to get up a list of those Senators who helped block legislation for Terri. Mr. Senator's this is not an issue you want to be on the wrong side. Mr. Senator's if you stand up this could be your defineing hour. As Mordecai tells Esther: "...and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"

Terri Fight Continues

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, told reporters in Washington that removal of the tube amounted to ``barbarism'' that the hearings would at least temporarily prevent.

``Terry Schiavo is alive. She's as alive as you and I. As such, we have a moral obligation to protect and defend her,'' DeLay said. ``This is not over.''

Now there we have a real patriot. A man who knows the responsibility of gov't to protect life, a man who is willing to take his job seriously. PTL!

Rep. Henry Waxman of California, senior Democrat on the Government Reform Committee, called the subpoenas a ``flagrant abuse of power'' and amounted to Congress dictating the medical care Terri Schiavo should receive.

Flagrant abuse of power applies to the courts in this case. And who else is going to check the power of the courts but the legislative branch? Link

Keep checking out Blogsforterri through out the day for continued updates.

Around the Web: AuctionSniper

This is for all of you ebay shoppers. Stop sitting by your computer all day to catch the winning bid. Let Auction Sniper do it for you. Set your top bid and how long (like 5 sec.) before the bid closes you want your item "sniped." No need to inflate the price by bidding before you need to. There is a small 1% fee for this service but they let you try it out for with 3 free snipes. If you are interested check it out: - Powerful eBay sniping solutions.

Favorite Blog: La Shawn Barber's Corner

La Shawn Barber's Corner is so refreshing especially when it comes to racial issues. I hate to even perpetrate any stereotypes by saying so--she is a black--but rarely have I heard someone aciculate such a clear way to take down the issue of race in her blogging commentary (e.g., she hates patronizing).

ALERT! US House Takes Action for Terri

From Drudge: **Exclusive Fri Mar 18 2005 00:50:07 ET** The Chairman of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pension (HELP) Committee, Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming) has requested Terri Schiavo to testify before his congressional committee, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. In so doing it triggers legal or statutory protections for the witness, among those protections is that nothing can be done to cause harm or death to this individual.

Members of Congress went to the U.S. Attorney in DC to ask for a temporary restraining order to be issued by a judge, which protects Terri Schiavo from having her life support, including her feeding and hydration tubes, removed... Developing...

Words fail me to complement Congress appropriately on this one! Not only are they taking the protection of Terri seriously, they are finally realizing how they can and should stand up to the courts when they become unconstitutional! I hope this is more than a one time event.

Thursday, March 17

Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families Now Has Website


It's a pretty neat site. Check it out.

Wednesday, March 16

The Taxes Doyle Said he Would Never Raise

Are Here: (Notice above all that one about state sales taxes over the i-net. ouch!)

* People making purchases over the Internet, to which Doyle would now seek to apply the state sales tax. Net result: $3.2 million.

* Medicaid providers and, possible patients, would get hit because the budget calls for more than $88 million in fees for health maintenance organizations that provide care for state Medicaid patients. Doyle’s plan would try to use those funds to get more federal aid but only some of that would go back to the HMOs. The likely end result could be a diminished situation for patients.

* Nursing homes and their patients, as the homes will see a $52 million hike in new fees - a hike from $75 to $125 monthly per bed. Those charges will likely be passed along to their customers.

* Vehicle owners, who will pay increased vehicle registration fees. They will range anywhere from $10 for cars and vans up to $16.50 for trucks, raising more than $70 million over the next two years.

* Day-care centers and their users. The centers would see their licensing fees double under the budget proposal, from $8.47 per child to $16.94. Those costs would undoubtedly be passed along to day-care users.

Hunting and fishing licenses will also be going up, but with the support of the licensees, as long as the money is used to improve the environment.

Pharmacist Bill Basics

By the bill's author Joel Kleefisch:

Pharmacists are intelligent, proficiently trained state licensed professionals tasked with a benevolent mission; to improve other’s life through their intimate knowledge of medication. As medical professionals pharmacists neither require nor deserve a mandate forcing them to act in a manner contrary to their respective moral beliefs....

1. It allows pharmacists – based upon their moral and ethical beliefs— the right to refuse dispensing drugs or devices that could be used for abortion or assisted suicide.

2. Provides measures to protect pharmacists from disciplinary action from state agencies.

3. Expands the technical definition of creed (moral and ethical beliefs) so that to protect pharmacists rights to employment

Judicial Filibusters

With 53 Senators firmly on board to support the "constitutional option" it seems certain that there will be a vote on the issue soon.

Mr. Reid has said he will shut down the gov't. if the GOP do.

The response:
“They are the ones who want to spend money,” said Senator Trent Lott, Republican of Mississippi. “If we don’t get appropriations bills and we wind up spending less money in appropriations, I like that. So who are they punishing here?

There is little to fear if the Democrats try and shut down the government. If polls mean anything they are against shutting down the gov't by up to 82%. Actually I'm glad that they still have that option open to them. Throughout the whole filibuster debate I have always held that I support the ability of a minority to thwart what the majority is doing BUT if they are going to do it they have to exert or sacrifice political capital to do so. I could never stand the silent or passive nature of the Dems filibusters. If they want to talk in the Senate until they are blue in the face and stop all other business from going on, let them, and let the voters hold them accountable for their actions. If they want to do the same now to keep their silent filibuster around, I say fine.

Tuesday, March 15

380,000 Dead, 15,000/ Month Dying: Sudan

Sudan Watch blog brings us this report:

"Building on eleven previous assessments of global mortality in Darfur, this analysis finds that approximately 380,000 human beings have died as a result of the conflict that erupted in February 2003, and that the current conflict-related mortality rate in the larger humanitarian theater is approximately 15,000 deaths per month. This monthly rate is poised to grow rapidly in light of famine conditions now obtaining in various parts of rural Darfur and threatening the entire region."

Schwarzenegger Out to Slay the Big Mander

Schwarzenegger is out to get the gerrymandering in his state And he does it by a ballot initiative. I hope someone is WI takes a good look at this idea. Pols from both sides of the isle have come to embrace bipartisan redistricting as a way to keep themselves (the incumbants) in, and keep any sort of accountability out.

Schwarzenegger is proposing to overturn the ridiculously partisan gerrymandering of the congressional and state legislative seats in California and would give the power to draw new lines to a nonpartisan commission of retired jurists. Patterned after the highly successful nonpolitical reapportionment process in Iowa, Schwarzenegger’s plan would force a dose of democracy down the throats of the state Legislature and the state’s congressional delegation.

After the census of 1980, in the elections of 1982, 41 incumbents lost their seats, as they had to run in their new districts. After the 1990 census, 39 incumbents sought and failed to secure reelection. But after the 2000 census, and the bipartisan deal-making, only 16 members failed to win reelection and eight lost when they were pitted against fellow incumbents as a result of their states’ shrinking population.

Unborn Child Pain Awareness Bill

I forgot one bill that will also be before the Wisconsin legislature this year. The Unborn Child Pain Awareness Bill is a law that requires women who are going to have an abortion to be made aware of the fact that unborn children feel pain. It is being circulated for co-sponsorship at this time. This bill is needed as we understand better what babies feel in the womb. On one side I almost feel like a traitor. It almost feels like I'm advocating a bill that would make the killing of young life easier: like a bill that would require anesthetics for cats and dogs being put to sleep. Yet the bigger picture tells me that this is as much an information campaign as anything. If people find out that babies feel pain they will start to think that it is a baby.

I contacted my Senator Sheila Harsdorf to see if she would co-sponsor the bill. I got a very nice call from her office, but it was to say that she would not. Although I was disappointed that she did not, I was told that she co-sponsor very few bills, and I was assured that she can be counted on to vote for the bill (which I figured). I can understand that a Senator cannot sponsor every bill, and am mighty glad how prolife Harsdorf is, but just as thankful for the Grothmans and Reynolds that put the bills forward.

And You Don't Base Your Public Policy on a Belief?

"[Senator Santorum] seems to believe that it’s perfectly permissible for him to base public policy on his ultra-conservative religious beliefs." Link

--Rob Boston, a spokesman for Americans United for Separation of Church

This just goes to prove again how ignorant this group is. They criticize anyone who is honest enough to agree that their beliefs guide them, while in the very act of criticizing they are expressing a belief no less religious and using it as their base for public policy. Come on, wake up!

This is kinda like the guy running for office who slams the other guy for negative campaigning. Crazy.

On MLK and Civil Disobedience

We are studying Martin Luther King Jr. in one of my classes, and the issue of civil disobedience came up. The following is a post I made on the subject.

There are several reasons why I can not go along with the civil disobedience that King advocated.

First, Romans 13 seems quite clear in declaring that we are to obey those whom God has placed in authority over us. God has placed our government officials and the laws that they make over us and we are commanded to obey them. Disobeying these laws is disobedience to Him.

Second, I don’t see why we should limit our disobedience only to such hot button issues like civil rights or abortion. If I believe that the minimum wage laws are wrong, if I believe that there should not be Social Security, if I believe that the gov’t should not be involved in education, should I stand up and disobey the law to protest against these actions as well? Should I go to a school and stand in the door like George Wallace did and say “Separation of schools from state now, separation of schools from state tomorrow, separation of school and state forever!”???? ;)

I’m just trying to take MLK’s logic to its ultimate end. Each of the positions above I could defend as not “squaring with the moral law of God” so why shouldn’t I be participating in civil disobedience over them as well? Where is the line? Are there some laws that we find wrong that we should participate in civil disobedience over and others that we should not?

Now granted we are commanded in Scripture to “obey God rather than man” if we are commanded to do something that goes against God’s command. If the law of the land said I could not read the Bible, I would disobey. If the law of the land said I had to kill a person, I would disobey. If the law of the land said you had to have an abortion, you should disobey. But I believe there must be a clear line between government commands that FORCE you to disobey God’s law and laws that ALLOW people under its control to disobey God’s law.

In King’s biblical examples, he got this distinction terribly mixed up. He cited Shadrach Meshach and Abednego’s disobedince as an example yet Shad, Mesh, and Abed did not disobey the king because he ALLOWED the worship of idols in his country, they disobeyed because they were FORCED to do so. Can you see the difference?

The same is true with the early Christians. They did not disobey Nero and have unlawful civil protests because he was killing innocent people. No, they disobeyed when Nero asked them to give up their faith.

I don’t want to ignore our responsibility as Christians to work to change laws in our government that do not line up with Scripture. But in our work toward that end, we must always be law-abiding citizens.


Check to the Judicial Branch: Terri's Case

I have had many people suggest that when a judge hands down rulings like they have in Terri's case they should be impeached. Wrong approach. Impeachment has never and should never be used against a judge because of his ruling. It is to be reserved for judges who are involved in fraud, bribes, and other types of illegal activities that disqualify them for their position. Yet there are proper ways for the other branches of government, namely the executive and legislative branches, to check the judicial branch.

Here are some examples.

It would be a rather radical move, but Gov. Bush could order state gaurd troops to surround the place were Terri lives, and not allow anyone to take the feeding tube out. Although radical it has precedent. Prez. Andrew Jackson did somthing like that. Prez. Bush could do a similar thing. The executive branch has authority over the law enforcement officials. It is coming to the point where I would urge them to use them and almost dare the judiciary to try and do something about it.

In many ways I can commend the legislative branch for at least attempting to check the judicial branch. The Florida legislature passed "Terri's Law" some time ago only have it struck down by the courts. Once again tho, Sen. Martinez at the national level is in the process of passing a law that would move the case into federal courts and give Terri another chance. But if the legislature is going to do its job it must not be faint hearted. It must again and again pass laws that will provide for the protection of these constitutional rights in the face of judicial pressure. If this doesn't work, often the legislature can limit the jurisdiction of the judiciary. The key is some legislator who will not relent. The key to getting such a legislator is strong public support. Indeed for either the legislature or executive to take action there almost always must be strong public support. Thus, more than ever it is important to demonstrate that the Florida people and the people of the United States do not approve and will not stand for such murder. Regrettably, it is only when the legislature sees an outpouring of public support will they attempt to curb the unconstitutional actions of the courts.

One final thought. If I remember correctly, it is very easy to pass a constitutional amendment in Florida. This might even present an option for Terri. For example the legislature could pass a law that put a "staying order" on Terri's death until a constitutional amendment could be place before the people. Just a thought.

Hamilton in the federalist papers said the the judiciary was the branch least to be feared because they had neither "force nor will." It's about time that the executive shows that it has constitutional force, the legislature will, the people support.

Judge Says Calif. Can't Ban Gay Marriage

Will we ever be able to stand up to judicial tyranny?

And don't let anyone try and tell you that we don't need a constitutional amendment here in Wisconsin. There is no protection these days that is to high to keep some off the wall judge from imposing on us his personal views as legislation.

Saturday, March 12

Underheim Rejects WEAC's Suit

From Underheim:

“It is mind-boggling that my opponent and WEAC want to block parents from playing an active role in teaching their kids,” Underheim commented. “This is an innovative form of education that uses technology in exciting new ways. We should be encouraging such programs, not throwing up roadblocks by filing ludicrous lawsuits.”

Underheim said the lawsuit proves Burmaster and WEAC are united in defending the status quo and rejecting the development of 21st century teaching techniques that will help control property taxes and allow parents a more active role in the education of their children.

Russ's Reassure

Russ Feingold does his first blog post, trying to calm fears that the FEC will regulate the bloggers in their campaign involvement.

"The FEC must tread carefully in the area of political communications on the Internet. Political news and commentary on the Internet are important, even vital, to our democracy, and becoming more so. For starters, the FEC should provide adequate protection for legitimate online journalists. Online journalists should be treated the same as other legitimate broadcast media, newspapers, etc. and, at this point, I don't see any reason why the FEC shouldn't include legitimate online journalists and bloggers in the "media exemption" rule.

...Certainly linking to campaign websites, quoting from or republishing campaign materials and even providing a link for donations to a candidate, if done without compensation, should not cause a blogger to be deemed to have made a contribution to a campaign or trigger reporting requirements.

The big question is what does legitimate mean? Or better yet what is illegitimate? This is a good start in protecting blogs from his Deform but I will remain skeptical that it will be enough.

Your Porperty Tax Hike

Cool interactive site to see the rise of property taxes.

Here are some stats for where I live:

Town Lucas: (2004-03) $91,999 (2004-05) $125,000 (Tax increase) $33,001 (Percent) 35.9%

Friday, March 11

Tax Credit Gold Mine

From Home School Legal Defense Association

What Homeschoolers Think of Virtual Education

I can agree. ...for the most part. The question is who is going to use these virtual charter schools? If it is tempting people who are already homeschooling to use this state education system, then it is a poor thing. The best educational choice is always going to be the one that has the parents most involved. The charter virtual education then is a step back from parental involvement in a homeschool situation since it regulates what the parent can teach and replaces the parent with a publicly funded educator as the prime teacher.

If on the other hand, parents who have their kids already in public school use the virtual education system, then it can be a very positive thing--parents are involve MORE in this situation.

So while I still strongly can support virtual education as an innovative renovation of the public school system, I still would never encourage a parent to use the system instead of homeschooling since they restrict themselves in their teaching by receiving the state funds.

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and CHEA are opposed to such virtual education system. I disagree. I think that these virtual education system can be a real positive step toward a better educational system. Just remind homeschoolers that they still have it best--by a long shot.

Thursday, March 10

Where's the Aid?

I have a field. My sweet corn field. It's flooded. It's flooded and the cover crop that I planted in it is probably dead. Quick apply for federal disaster aid! *groans*

(And when I told my neighbor about it in jest he told me that it had to be winter wheat not winter rye if I could hope to get the hand out *more groans*)

WEAC: Close Virtual Schools, Too Much Parental Participation

I'm not making this up. I wish I could say that I were. In an effort to shut down the virtual schools in Wisconsin WEAC with the help of the DPI has charged that parents are too involved with their children's education.

As the families put it:

?This suit is an outrage,. said Coalition member Bob Reber, whose child is a kindergarten student in WIVA. "It's an attempt to shut down a public school that encourages strong partnerships between parents and teachers. something both DPI and WEAC say is a 'key to academic success!'"

The complaint by DPI and WEAC officially questions the .moral character. of parents who participate in public education, a legal maneuver that threatens the right of every parent in Wisconsin who seeks to participate in their child's education.

If such language is stomached by the courts as a rational for dropping these schools this presents a serious situation for any type of parental involvement in a child's education AND ANY type of homeschooling.

This is Unconstitutional. Very.

The Supreme Court (Wisconsin v. Yoder and Peirce v. Society of Sisters) have always upheld the rights of a parents to educate their children as they see fit.

From Pierce: "The fundamental theory of liberty upon which all governments in this Union reposes excludes any general power of the State to standardize its children by forcing them to accept instruction from public teachers only. The child is not the mere creature of the state; those who nurture him and direct his destiny have the right coupled with the high duty, to recognize and prepare him for additional obligations."

Hat tip: Blog General

Prolife Info

Some clean basic info at Abortion Quotes

Wednesday, March 9

A Look at My Future Gov't

"Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid combined 'represent an unsustainable burden on future generations,' said Walker, who heads the Government Accountability Office, a nonpartisan congressional agency."

Thanks. That's my government in a few years

And I'm told "there is no crisiss"?

Tommy Enters Private Sector

Tommy Thompson named president of Logistics Health.

Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, who recently completed four years as
U.S. Health and Human Services secretary, has been named president of
Logistics Health Inc. in La Crosse.

Thompson will be in La Crosse today to meet with LHI officials, company
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Don Weber said Tuesday. Thompson also
is expected to speak to news reporters about his new job.

Tuesday, March 8

An Outlook on Wisconsin Prolife Legislation

Below is a list of the prolife bills that I could find that are before the Wisconsin legislature this year.

Abortion Provider Fund Limitation Bill SB-72 and AB-142 : This bill keeps abortion providers from receiving any public funds. Public funds are already restricted from use in most cases to fund abortions and this bill would further limit abortion committing organizations from receiving any public funds. Since when did most people in Wisconsin really want to fund with tax dollars Planned Barrenhood's every activity except abortion so that they can funnel more of their funds towards abortion? This bill makes a clear distinction between organizations that commit abortions and those that are out there for the health and safety of mother, father, and child.

Conscience Clause Bill -Circulating for Sponsorship: Neil Noesen's case demonstrates all too clearly why we need this bill which enables medical professionals including pharmacists "the right to refuse to perform certain services based on a violation of personal beliefs or values." This last Sunday I was talking to a pharmacist friend of mine who's concern went beyond birth control. Some drugs he just will not carry becuase he feels they are too dangerous. Aren't pharmacist just being responsible when they adhere to such practices?

Wrongful Birth Bill SB-79: "This bill prohibits the recovery of damages from a person in a wrongful birth or wrongful life action if the damages resulted from a condition that existed at the time of the child's birth and the defendants negligence contributed to the mother's decision not to undergo an abortion."

Parental Notification Bill SB-97 "This bill makes various changes to the law that requires an unemancipated minor to obtain parental or other consent or a judicial waiver of that consent requirement before she may have an abortion....This bill eliminates the authority of an adult family member, a foster parent, a treatment foster parent, or a parent who does not have legal custody of an unemancipated minor to consent to an abortion for the minor."

This list I believe comprises an active front in the defense of life. Unfortunately my Reps. Andy Lamb and Sheila Harsdorf have not been apart of the active group. They have assured me they will vote for these measures when they come to the floor (which is always great), but they have not been sponsors or co-sponsors of to my knowledge any of these bills.

Tom Reynolds who is a champion for the preborn is right in the middle of getting these bills put forward. I also noticed that Grothman (who defeated Mary Panzer in a primary) has come through with what he talked about in his race and been very active in these prolife bills. Great going guys!

Doyle Weak for '06

From Wisopinion: "[A] recent story consumed by national insiders rates Wisconsin tied for No. 10 on a list of 11 states vulnerable to partisan takeovers in the 2006 governor's race. Cited by the author: 'Doyle's most recent job rating was only so-so 46 percent in an independent poll in January.'"

Maybe voters are smart enough to see through what some have accurately called Doyle's borrow-tax-and-spend budget plan.

Some more SS stuff

Well said 10 points about why we need the overhaul by Paul Ryan. There is also the contrary view by Gwen Moore but I will not link since it is not worth reading.

A good calculator by Patrick Raffini. Look also at why Ried's calcutator has some purposeful bugs.

Who Would You Like to Help You II

As of today the result from my poll on who people would first like to receive assistance from if they were left destitute are as follows: family 10 (66%); government; 4 (26%); church 1 (6%).

It's nice to see that a healthy majority of those who took the poll saw family as their first choice. For much of the history of America this was the first choice of Americans for their safety net. Around the time of FDR and coming to full fruit under LBJ this has changed. To create this change two things had to be eliminated.

First, voters had to be convinced that individuals and private groups couldn't handle the task; government had to do it. (We have dealt with this in part before.)

Second, they had to persuade those who were in need to take the government hand out.

Americans have been an independent bunch rejecting for many years the necessity of the government to bail them out of their every social problem. People pulled themselves up by their own boot straps and when they fell into dire need, would accept help from their family, maybe their church, and if they really fell into dire straits they could count on other private organizations to fill in the gaps. Originally people felt it an affront to their dignity to accept any sort of assistance from the government. There were other ways. May I also add that they were too patriotic. They were to ones who sacrificed for their country; why should the country be sacrificed (think of all the budget deficits and Medicare and Social Security obligations that are weighing our country down) for them?

This has all changed. Why look to the family or the church? That would only burden the ones we love when we can get the same thing from skimming off of the rest of society. Men believe that they are owed help from the government. Their votes are cast into the government ATM to get cash back. They have invested into the government safety system all their lives. It's about time they figure that they get something back. They now deserve it, society owes it to them; they're cashing in.

Monday, March 7

Votes for Felons

So much for moral voters or states' rights.

The Constitution grants states the authority to determine "the Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections," but Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are pushing a Count Every Vote Act that would, among other things, force states to allow voters to register at the polls and declaring Election Day a federal holiday. And then they want to force every state to let felons vote--even though the 14th Amendment specifically permits states to disfranchise citizens convicted of "participation in rebellion, or other crime."


I wonder if liberals would similarly back restoration of the right to own a gun to felons who had similarly done their time and finished parole.

George Will too on votes for felons

The Founders are rolling in their graves about this law for two reasons: the right of states, and the necessity of voters to be moral if we are to have a country of law and order. If we want to help those felons vote who have demonstrated that they have left their old ways behind and have become an upright citizen why not use the system we already have in place--a governor's pardon. Forcing states to let criminals vote will only make sure criminals get into office across the whole country.

Italian Incident

A trainer of traffic control points for Iraqi bound troops comments on different possibilities and myths of the Ms. Sbrenga stroy.

Sunday, March 6

Life in Michigan Under Attack

The life definition act in Michigan that was passed through the legislature
and a unique over ride of the governors veto pen in a people's override is being challenged in court.

The only difference is that the Michigan measure holds a better chance
holding up to the attacks of court illogic because it says that a baby becomes a person at the moment any part of the child is outside the mother's body thus keeping doctors from doing a partial birth abortion.

Planned Barrenhood insanely thinks that calling a baby a person once any
part of it's body exits the mothers would in some way hurt the mother health
or endanger her life.


Saturday, March 5

Upahead: Big Battle

From NARAL Wisconsin's website:

"Sign up today for your Supreme Court Action Kit and to become a Rapid Responder. You'll be the first to know what’s happening and how to get involved the minute there's a retirement on the Supreme Court. Your Supreme Court Action Kit will include posters, stickers, and petitions.

Like I've always said, this is going to be worse than a classic election year fight.

Bloggers: Not 1st Amendment Press

This is not good.

"A California judge said in a preliminary ruling that bloggers should not have the same protection afforded to journalists under US law.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), representing the sites, said it was disappointed with the ruling.

The case's outcome could be far-reaching for bloggers and writers.

The EFF argued that those writing for blogs, websites which increasingly act as "unofficial" news sources, should get the same First Amendment and California Shield Law protection as journalists.

It is designed to protect journalists from being forced to reveal the names of sources or supply unpublished materials, if the matter reported is in the public's interest. "

From an original understand of the Constitution this is a misguided ruling. The press that the Founder understood in their day is in many ways very similar to the blogs today. De Tocquville in his observations of the US noted how easy it was to set up a newspaper and how many there were. There were thousand of papers written and published with partisan leanings and varying audiences. And just like blogs these papers were not refined and often on spoke what was on their author's mind even if it was less than tactfully.

Sure it might again destroy the systematic establishment of the press as an institution, but I can't see this as a bad thing. The press should be anyone who people care to listen to.

Casey Makes a Comeback

Robert Casey has said he will run for a seat in the U.S. Senate in 2006. This will place him against Rick Santorum in one of the most high profile races this next election. I find the race interesting because Casey is prolife and pro-guns, yet fiscally liberal. I will at least complement the Democrats for learning a bit from the last election. Yet I wish they would have had Casey run against Specter, the liberal Republican instead of Santorum who has done a valiant job standing up for family values. If it would have been Specter v. Casey I think I would have voted Casey if I could have voted in the Penn state.

Friday, March 4

Campaign Finance Deform Hits the Blogs

CNet broke the news that the FEC might start to enforce the campaign finance reform law against bloggers. Potentially any link or endorsement of a candidate will be seen as a contribution and limited in the classic way.

"In just a few months, he warns, bloggers and news organizations could risk the wrath of the federal government if they improperly link to a campaign's Web site. Even forwarding a political candidate's press release to a mailing list, depending on the details, could be punished by fines."

Michelle Malkin notes that this is something that that bloggers of all political stripes should unite against. And have.

This just shows again how deformed the whole law was. How do you ever think you are going to keep money out of politics and yet keep your free speech? How are you going to let people speak their peace (which often includes money) and yet not see it as funding a campaign?

It needs to be thrown all out, but in the mean time, the leading edge that blogging creates in free speech should lead the way in any protest to their free speech rights. The MSM won't worry about this since campaign finance deform only increases their power, but let the virtual free speech world of left and right unite! Flood 'em Congressmen's email box with protest!

Feingold can be emailed at his site here.

Poll: Who Would You Like to Help You?

Feel free to leave your reason why you voted the way you did in the comments section below. Please vote. I hope to use the results and your reasons why in a future post.

Thursday, March 3

Rural Roads = More Traffic Deaths

That's what they say. I only hope that they don't decide that this means they should lower the speed limit on these roads. 45 mph on rural roads makes for a real drag.

Wednesday, March 2

More Wal-Mart

evangelical outpost thinks Wal-Mart is OK too.

I Hope MY Doctor and Pharmacist Have Morality

Judge Colleen Baird
ruled against Neil Noesen in a case where Noesen had refused because of his religious convictions to dispensea drug that he felt would harm both the women and any child she was carrying.

Karen Brauer President of Pharmacists for life put it this way: "This is a real problem, we've got judges practicing medicine without a license."

NARAL on the other hand spouted about a person injecting their personal morality into the relationship between doctor and patient.

Let's put this in the proper context. If a doctor in Oregon for religious reasons opposes doctor assisted suicide do they have to do it anyways? No. How about referring for abortions? No.

In this situation, Noesen has a similar religious objection to dispensing some drugs that can causeearly abortions. His employer knows and accepts this position. Should the state prosecute him when he holds to this conviction? May I state the obvious: NO.

State Rep. Carol Owens is working on a conscience clause bill to protect pharmacists from this type of problem. There already is this type of protection for medical professionals, and when I talked to Neil personally about his situation, he thought it was obvious that he was protected under the law. Don't ever trust judges though, to see the obvious these days.

Tuesday, March 1

Where to Find Churchill

Jiblog and The American Mind have all the updates. Thanks guys for keeping us up to date.

I'm also told that Rocky Mountain News is the other place to find info.

Here is my proposed new header for my blog. Any comments?
Click to enlarge

Clearing House for Social Security

Social Security for All has set up a website and blog to be the central location for information on the debate on Bush's Social Security plan.

I got a letter from my Congressman Kind trying to dismiss the whole social security crisis since SS will not totally go broke until 2042.

(Kind also hosted some townhall meetings, but it was glaringly obvious that only the retired people could attend since they happened in the middle of the working day rather then in the evening or week end.)

I'll be 57 in 2042, 67 in 2052. How much comfort does it give me that Social Security will be completely broken right about the time I would start to get back a portion of all I had been forced to give into the program?

If you ask me, I would rather that it was broken right now so that I wouldn't have to be taxed into the whole system at all. That way I wouldn't be forced to be taxed for a program that would only die under my feet. But that is only a very partial judgment based on my age.

Private accounts I will accept as second best, and best for all ages, but I wouldn't mind if they let us put all of our SS monies into a private account instead of just a part of it.

'Simmons' Says

No more death penalty for minors. (In Roper v. Simmons)

Continuing a trend intent on undermining US sovereignty, Justice Kennedy said, "It is proper that we acknowledge the overwhelming weight of international opinion against the juvenile death penalty..."

Continuing a trend of selective polls for judicial decisions Kennedy concluded, "our society views juveniles ... as categorically less culpable than the average criminal."

To his credit, Justice Scalia hammers out the real reason for the decision in his descent: "The Court says in so many words that what our people's laws say about the issue does not, in the last analysis, matter: 'In the end our own judgment will be brought to bear on the question of the acceptability of the death penalty. The Court thus proclaims itself sole arbiter of our nation's moral standards."

So in my last analysis we have decided against juvinile death penalty becasue we have become subjected to the laws of other nations and the application of what a few unelected people perceives as the direction of society.

And this is what the Dems are threatening to shut the gov't over if they can't sustain these types of judges. Great.

Legislate of Course

At least this author doesn't blame Wal-Mart as the source of all evils and traces it's success appropriately to the constant consumer drive for lower prices. Additionally, he is up front enough to acknowledge that gov't regulations to raise wages must increase the price we pay at the cash register.

What he doesn't understand is that the economy is not a zero sum game. I don't think it ever occurred to him that it is possible to increase wages AND decrease the price we get for our products, and the best way to keep this from happening is to stick a dirty government finger into the equation. The exact opposite of his solution.

He says that low-paying wages have gone down. Is that Wal-Mart's fault? The average wage of for Wal-Mart workers that he cites at $9.68 an hour was better than the $6 an hour that I got working for the grocery store that Wal-Mart pushed out of our town.

Couldn't Wal-Mart be increasing the wages of people working in small towns and decreasing their prices? I don't have the stats but from personal experience I can see it being true.